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And it happened. It's all on the news. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Taymor McIntyre. Diesel ". Retrieved July 21, Retrieved May 14, Retrieved XXL Mag. The Race's long unified history meant that they had difficulty absorbing the concept of government without empire, but they adopted the term " not-empire " to describe the polities they found on Earth.

They lacked political sophistication when compared with the humans they encountered on Earth. Atvar's attempts to exploit the humans' internal divisions were failures. The Race believe in imposing their culture on planets they annex. They apparently teach their subjects the superiority of the Race culture, and encourage their vanquished subjects to be "grateful" that the Race stopped wars and infighting at least in the case of the Rabotev's. Also the discovery of the biology of the two discovered species, the Rabotev and the Hallessi to be so similar to the Race gave the Race reason to believe that its biology was universal, and so another justification of the conquest and annexation of other planets.

However, with the discovery of Earth, the Race's ideology was proven wrong. The Emperor is elevated to a god-like status in Race society. Members of The Race are taught at birth to lower their eyes in reverence at any evocation of the Emperor in conversation. The Race afterlife consists of eternal servitude to past Emperors. Emperor-worship is so deeply ingrained into Race culture that the concept of " impericide " is virtually unthinkable, though there were a few instances of such in the Race's history. Dead past Emperors are perceived as watching over members of the Race, and wishing an enemy "an Emperorless afterlife" is a particularly strong curse.

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I-I-I'm Lil Tay-K, I don't think you want no action (Gang, gang) Fu-fu-fuck a beat, I was tryna beat a case (Gang, gang) But I ain't beat that case, bitch, I did the race (Skrrt, skrrt). "The Race" is the debut single by American rapper Tay-K. It was originally released on SoundCloud on June 30, , but was released for digital download.

The Race on Earth view and dismisses human religions as "superstitions" based entirely on blind faith, in which many of the dogmatic humans including Christians , Muslims , and Jews were hastily offended by their behavior, such as in the Race's perception of God as a "giant Big Ugly " as absolutely ridiculous, and especially when the Race started taxing "superstitions" in Race-held territories.

Their derisiveness toward human religions result in riots and unrest in Race-territories, particularly in the Middle East. Both planets' indigenous dominant lifeforms, the Rabotevs and the Hallessi , are similar to the Race in biology as well as evolutionary pace. Little is revealed of their history before their subjugation to the Empire, other than that the Hallessi had an identical form of government, while the Rabotevs were divided among competing mini-empires. At least one of these races practiced slavery, though it is unspecified which. The Rabotevs and Hallessi species are equal in law to members of the Race, but are nonetheless restricted from certain roles in the Race empire.

Most notably, conquered subjects are not allowed in the Race military for reasons of tradition.

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In virtually all other ways they have assimilated more-or-less totally into the culture of the Empire. The military system of the Race is strictly hierarchical, and the Race military is traditionally composed of the Race species only, mostly due to ensuring the security of the Race empire. The military is exclusive to males; the reasons is to avoid having problems when females enter their mating season. However, despite having a technologically powerful military, the Race is not nearly as warlike as humanity, having fought only twice their previous planetary conquests in the millennia since Home was unified.

Furthermore, much of their knowledge of military techniques and tactics in their military history was completely forgotten or never conceived of, such as the practice of brutal interrogation being replaced by "truth" serums , hand-to-hand combat such as martial arts and especially chemical warfare poison gas used on the battlefield. Thus, without any preexisting threats, the Race never needed an active standing military and only needed it during a "Soldier's Time" declared by the Emperor; in which the military is formed and mainly prepared for planetary conquest.

Following an end to a Soldier's Time, all soldiers are pensioned and are returned to civilian life. Because of their reliance on theory and lack of experience they are tactically inflexible, which causes their forces to take casualties after their human opponents learn and exploit their preferred methods of operation. The Race, being a slow-evolving species, is more often at peace than in conquest, result in having their language in lacking of specific words for all things military.

The following is a list of various terms in the language of the Race and their equivalent, as well as other new concepts that the Race has had to learn:. The Race also have the habit of referring to individual Earth "not-empires" in the native language of the "Tosevites" living there. The exception is that of Nippon Nippon , which survived as an independent empire following the war. Their peoples are rendered as simple rewordings of such. For example, Nazi Germany is "Deutschland" and its people are the "Deutsche," and in comparison, Britain remains "Britain" but the British are instead the "Britainish.

Despite interstellar travel, cryogenics , and various other technological advances beyond Earth's most advanced powers, much of their technology was only a few decades ahead of Earth's most advanced powers in Their conservative nature insured that their technology did not change, even while on Earth.

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Gave it 9 and I see an overwhelming majority agreeing with me, these are the totals at the time of my comment:. Tom Huckstep tomhuckstep 30th June , Nesbitt Ian Beattie We have exciting junior drivers that merit to be in F1, Esteban being the one who fell through the chairs last year. The Race discovered that their orbital atomic detonations had little if any effect on the human militaries because they did not yet possess integrated circuits or the sophisticated electronics derived therefrom. The Race Club provides facilities, swim coaching, training, technical instruction, video, fitness and health programs for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

By the s, human military technology was nearing parity on the ground, and beginning to make an impact in space. By the s, the Race was outmatched and searching for a way to escape the disaster they found themselves in. The Race's military technology had frozen a hundred thousand years before, when Home was politically unified and warfare ended. Subsequently the Race chose to reuse its old war machines only for conquest of other planets, and since these presented no military challenge, the Race's war technology stopped advancing.

Under their unified government, the Race progressed extremely slowly, both technologically and socially. Upon invading Earth, they were amazed by humanity's rapid progress over a few hundred years. As a result, they were unprepared for the tenacity and skill that humans used in defending their respective territories,and the quick victory they expected did not come to pass.

Although the Race was able to conquer most of the Southern Hemisphere of Earth in the initial invasion, the United States , the Soviet Union , and Germany remained Earth's greatest free powers once they developed and deployed atomic weapons , as did a number of countries under their hegemony. The Race had previously conquered two other species, the Rabotevs and the Hallessi.

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These were extremely similar to the Race biologically, though ginger was not narcotic to them. The social differences between the three species were also very slight, although the two cultures in question were much more primitive than the Race when their planets were conquered. As of the s, the Race's technology had fallen behind that of humans, and with the human discovery of FTL , the Race was being forced to catch up.

Various theories have been advanced as to why the Race progresses more slowly than humanity. One is that the lack of large bodies of water on the Race's homeworld meant that all empires before the unification of Home were land-based, and so lacked the rapid expansion that sea-empires could create. Another theory is based on the fact that the Race does not have sexual selection, as they breed only in periodic orgies where the patriarchial line cannot be known except for the Emperor.

The Race are therefore not motivated by their sex drive, at least not in the same way humans are, and perhaps this lack of sex drive is related to their lack of innovation. Little is known of the Race's history before the establishment of the Empire.

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It is known that 75, years ago Earth years, EY , Home was circumnavigated by a male of the Race named Sherran , who would later become a folk hero. The Race learned how to harness nuclear energy at roughly the same period. We recommend following the athletes on Live Tracking to estimate when your favorite athlete will touch down in Aschau — then getting to the Turnpoint early just in case the athletes get the chance to start moving fast. It can be tough to catch a paraglider! After Aschau — Chiemsee, the contest aims south, towards the first BIG challenge: crossing the main alpine ridge on their way to Kronplatz, Italy.

Then the athletes have to avoid the airspace restricted zone around Innsbruck — meaning a diversion no matter what.

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The good news: if conditions are good, they can do the whole route up until the signboard in the air, meaning it could go quickly. For spectators, another prime location — easy access to the signboard and great visibility as the athletes approach.

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The home of the World Economic Forum gets a little more adventurous with the arrival of some of the best adventure athletes in the world. When will the athletes actually arrive in Davos? At this point, it starts to get really difficult to predict their timing — it all depends on the weather.

Another nasty one: if you reach it flying — you can just touch down, and take off again. Upon arriving here, the athletes will have covered just over half of the straight line distance of the race. The next Turnpoint: the infamous Eiger. The Eiger — a name grabs the attention of adventurers everywhere.

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The highest peak in Europe at m, presiding over the Chamonix valley, on the border between France and Italy.