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The Colony by Andrew Herlan Action, Adventure - A collection of planets that millions of earthlings colonize, accessed through a wormhole. After aliens attack Earth, the colony is cut off from their home when the wormhole is destroyed, leaving them hundreds of travel years away. Ten years later, a cop who lost his family in the invasion investigates a mysterious death that leads to a strange conspiracy involving the invasion and the prophecy of a new religion.

Cantrell puts his hands on a mysterious black case, bringing danger to his forgotten penal colony. Along with an alien bartender, it's up to them to discover it's contents and stop a vengeful gang of renegades of getting to it first. Con by D. Stewart Action - After a New York City newspaper reporter does a report on up and coming business men in the city, she soon discovers that one of them is literally printing money.

Connections by Aldonnius Carter movieman Action - Scarface is a classic and Connections is the awakening. The Cool Kidz by Jamal Macon Action, Adventure - A boy draws three original superheroes for his absentee father who never tells him that he used the drawing to create high-tech costumes that he'll one day need to fight the world's most vicious terrorist with a secret agenda.

The Cosmic by Pete Barry Action, Adventure - A superhero, left insane from a cataclysmic battle, discovers himself relegated to an asylum with the very villains he once fought. However as he is settling in, he is confronted by a figure from the past who is now a big time local businessman. But after witnessing an act of terrorism, his plan of action becomes more than personal. As he wages a one-man war against his adversary's criminal empire and for making his life a living hell. The Joker escapes from prison to start a new reign of terror while Harvey Dent appears to be alive and well, while planning to kill The Joker and Batman as revenge.

It gets more complicated for Batman when Catwoman begins her crime spree. Dark Matter by Kushith A. Dark Sector by Brian Wareham Action, Adventure - A CIA operative, recruited for possible admittance into a covert kill unit, deals with the ethical lines that must be adjusted and crossed to enter, work in, and survive. Dark Side Rising by Michael Banno Action, Adventure - A group of supernatural law enforcers find themselves involved in a plot to bring back a horror legacy concerning werewolves.

Dawn of the extinction: Jurassic park by Josh Clair Action - After alomst 9 years the dinosaurs have made it of thier land, and into our land! But he has to make a few stops along the way. He enlists the help of his old partner, Willie, his hound dog, to sniff out his targets. Willie used to be on point, but he's looking to change his ways. So it's one last big trip for the both of them. But not everything goes as predicted, especially the unexpected fourth hit, a seductive beauty found crooning at a karaoke bar. She's just the incentive Marvin needs to change his ways. Through the heartland of America, the journey of one hitman, his buddy Willie, his love Courtney, an excess of the criminal lifestyle, Marvin has one fundamental goal: to collect his money and retire in peace.

As if it were that simple. Dead Connection by Gary Howell hawkeye Action - A world famous deep sea explorer of sunken ships leaves a Last Will containing a code that could lead to a vast inheritance to the first person who can decode the message, but for his attorney son, the secret to breaking the code may lie not only in a mysterious satellite phone he receives after his father's disappearance, but whether he can evade the assassins sent by a Mexican drug lord to recover the phone.

Dead Man's Stone by Marian Ignar Action, Adventure - When a gambler, Johhny Berns, tries to rip-off the mob, gets dropped off in the middle of a Desert to die, he stumbles upon a Magic stone that can change or destroy the world. Johhny and his friends are now on the run from A Nazi, who is bent on stealing the power and creating his own country, while killing everyone who stands in the way. To avenge them, and save the world, James Bond must train to withstand the evil artistry of the world's greatest torturer and her army of fanatics.

Deputy Marshal Jessica Houston, and her fugitive task force follow a trail of dead bodies through Texas as an escaped convict and his young lover make their way towards Mexico one step ahead of the law. Deadly Deal by Ashley Ali Action - A ragged young urchin from the rough streets of Hong Kong flees to the treacherous dangers of the mountains, after he is convinced he has killed a police officer. High up in the peak of the mountains, he encounters a semi retired Triad boss who is well versed in the ancient art of kung fu. It is here he seeks sanctuary, whilst being taught the way of the assassin.

At first, Tony tries to earn a living the honest way, but when that fails he is drawn into the dark circles of the criminal underworld.

He emerges a ruthless hitman, chillingly skilled with a variety of weapons, working for a notorious gangster named JACK. The Whitechapel Murders of finally told in this unrelenting television drama. Deadly Risk was Excavation Risk by Rubale Rabson Action - A son risks to steal from an illegal company due to his desire of home well-being that his father fail to fulfill.

Defection by Leo Birchley Action, Adventure - A spy action film about a top secret agent who turns against, and must stop, the espionage and law enforcement agency that he had long worked for when it is revealed to him that they have decided to forcefully take control of the world's political powers. Delayed Justice by Marvin K. Perkins and Veronica R. Frank Desio and his company are on routine patrol in the bush of Vietnam in They enter a small village in search of V.

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The whole thing goes terribly wrong and Frank's men end up killing numerous villagers before Frank is able to stop them by killing five of his own Marines. Now forty years later after a failed attempt on Frank's life someone is systematically killing the men who participated in the massacre. Delta Dog by Tony Dionisio Action, Adventure, Cop, War - A cop and his K-9 companion unintentionally hijack a billion dollar drug shipment from a ruthless cartel that will stop at nothing to get it back.

Demon-X by Jason Seamone demon-x Action - A demon from hell becomes kankinds hero and fights the dark powers of hell. The Descent of the Gods by Jacob Mooney Action, Adventure - The Bible and our oldest myths tell of a primal age before the great flood, when heavenly beings passed from the unseen world into our own, and walked among mankind as gods. Their deeds changed our world forever. This is their story. Two thousand years later, Sparda's twin sons, born from a human mother, will need to fight the Demons once again and decide if the Humans are truly worth saving.

This continues what was started in Numero Uno with Gino Violente and his ensemble of assassins. In this one the guys are off on their own doing their own things taking out the people on their own personal lists. Stay tuned for Numero Treis. He calls on the help of his brother Topher and six other trustworthy companions in order to bring down the badness in the world. It's an action epic with a vast ensemble of characters, and more to come in Dos and Treis. Dice and Ice by Michael J. Don Juan by Patrick Andrew O'Connor Action, Adventure - Don Juan, the self-proclaimed greatest lover in the world, becomes infatuted with a woman who can actually resist his charms.

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Unfortunately she is also the daughter of his mortal enemy. This script beat out 4, others to win the prestigious Scriptapalooza International Screenwriting Competition in Down and Dirty by Tyler Hawkins Tanthony Action - An aging gangster and his buddy go on a manhunt to kill the person who murdered their friend.

Sequel to Loud and Nasty. Down South Blues by Quentin Congress Action, Comedy - With all travel booked for 4th of July weekend, a bounty hunter is forced to bring his jewel thief bail jumper to his family reunion in Atlanta, and eludes the FBI and thief's dangerous ex-partner as he returns him to Chicago for his biggest payday to pay off the back taxes on his house. The Dragon Never Dies by Farzin Youabian Action, Adventure - The gold gets stolen from Chinese government along with drug dealers introductions with police officers and after all the killings assassinations with the help of police gets returned to Chinese government.

Dragonball Z by Ben Action - A sequel to the recent dragonball evolution movie, but taken back to be more like the original story. Dragon's Mouth by Charles W Mitchell Action, Adventure, Crime - On vacation in Hong Kong, a young Asian detective and her sister get more than they bargain when a hotel employee is murdered at their door. They've got only three things in mind, invasion, kidnap, and experimentation. Driving Over the Redline by Chris Armisen Action, Adventure - A stage magician is forced to sign for murder of a crowd participant when their criminal date forces a confession in exchange for safety of the stage magician's daughter, leaving little time to free him before his execution.

Drop Point Knife by Peter Unger Action, Drama - Drop Point Knife is the story of a lobster fisherman who after the death of his wife, finds comfort in the arms of a prostitute. Her journey parallels his and the potential for a legitimate relationship does not solve their problems, but instead shatters everything they know leaving carnage in their wake. Drunken Warrior by Simon K. Parker skp Action, Adventure, Kung Fu - A Karate master and owner of his own kung-fu school he is also the father of James Huth, and has been attempting to teach his son his own style of karate for his whole life but has only ever found him to be disobedient and lazy, so in his last hope to teach him the life lessons he needs to know he sends him off to his uncle, a jobless drunk to act as his helper.

But his uncle is much more than he first thought, in truth he is the last drunken master left and decides to teach James all he knows. After much training James comes back to rescue his father from an assassin who he himself was previously humiliated by. Conflict arises as a conniving deputy sheriff Doyle Stieber, tries to sabotage a task force assigned to rid the area of a gigantic prehistoric predator fish called "Dunkleosteus". There are chases captures and escapes and 3 love stories. There is also a strong message about the earth and the environment.

Easter Island by Chip Casner Action, Adventure - During the discovery of Easter Island by Dutch Explorers in , a young linguist is left for dead by his captain and must learn to survive among the natives. Enter by Barry Haims dreamer Action, Adventure - A woman inherits an old house and discovers a time machine, a new life, a family, and love. Eragon by Christopher L.

Harris Action, Adventure, Fantasy - When Eragon finds a polished blue stone in the forest, he thinks it is the lucky discovery of a poor farm boy; perhaps it will buy his family meat for the winter. But when the stone brings a dragon hatchling, Eragon realizes he has stumbled upon a legacy nearly as old as the Empire itself. Overnight his simple life is shattered, and he is thrust into a perilous new world of destiny, magic, and power. With only an ancient sword and the advice of an old storyteller for guidance, Eragon and the fledgling dragon must navigate the dangerous terrain and dark enemies of an Empire ruled by a king whose evil knows no bounds.

Can Eragon take up the mantle of the legendary Dragon Riders? The fate of the Empire may rest in his hands. Disillusioned with the new regime Flynn turns spy but his subterfuge is discovered and he has to skip the country fast. Escapist by Lewis Hiigel Action - Emerson thought he couldn't help being dumped, disrespected and overworked. Sometimes it takes a computer simulation killing your co-workers to show you what you're capable of. The Experts by Brian Wareham Action, Adventure, Comedy - Two mismatched operatives employed by a private intelligence company team with a one man army CIA agent to take down a snobby, elitist, America-hating British arms dealer.

Eyes of Mara, The by Joseph Calabrese Action, Adventure, Fantasy - Swords and rifles rage in Colonial India when British soldiers join peasant rebels to battle an undead army, rescue a love, and stop an ancient she-demon from being unleashed onto the British Empire. Fair Warning by Mark A Spencer Action - Fair Warning is the story of a very successful business executive who owns one of the top brokerage firms in the state.

He has groomed his son to step into the firm after college and run the business he has built. However his son has a change of heart after his best friends little brother overdoses.

He vows to become a DEA agent with his best friend to stop the drugs. His father is furious and will not let it happen. Despite his father wishes, he becomes an agent, and excels through the ranks. He then is assigned the biggest case of his young career, bringing down the largest drug operation in the state and the top man. His father However the agency does not know what he looks like or who he is.

The movie goes on a rollercoaster ride until the last chase scene where he corners has father and they are face to face. He then finds out his father is the top drug dealer. Quinzelle Action, Adventure - Excelling as a psychiatrist, Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel has transferred to Arkham Asylum to closer study the criminal mind, knowing of a master manipulator and mass murderer housed in Arkham, and Dr. Quinzel has a certain fascination for him, leading her down a path of madness and crime.

Family Honor by Lewis Ritter Action, Adventure - After the death of an army captain, his reclusive brother travels to the Mexican border to the clear the family's name. He then comes across Hauser a newspaper reporter who comes to interview one last time. Through this interview Don realizes about the crimes he has done and the people he has hurt. Fidai by Aldonnius Carter movieman Action, Adventure - Fear not might and a boy not a man shall win our war!

First Blood: Vendetta by Gary Patrick Lukas hickslv Action, Adventure - In his fifth action packed installment, Rambo finally goes home, only to find his father isn't the only one glad to see him back, but for different reasons of course. Instead, she is whisked from the deck of a chartered yacht and forced to embark upon an odyssey of steel-enclosed, high-speed terror. Her Navy SEAL uncle and his mysterious partner attempt rescues, yet find themselves swept into a hurtling collision between the worlds of Topsiders and 'Neathers.

Footprint by Andrew Hartley Action, Adventure - After a poison gas attack on a subway train in Washington DC, a young FBI agent and an ageing botanist are sent to a remote location in Northern Australia to try and find the perpetrators. What they find is a deadly enemy in a hostile environment and only a local aboriginal tracker to help them defeat their foe - in America. Who is behind this madness. Jun calls upon Connie Sun, an old friend from Hong Kong, to assist.

How can peace be restored? Getting the job done will take all the skills these two can bring to bear. Foreign Jail by Paul Hubbard Action, Adventure - After all else fails, a woman must find the courage to go break her husband out of a foreign prison. Formula Rise by Jesse M.

Benedick Action - An impatient rookie is thrust into the driver's seat in a battle against experience for the indy car circuit. The Fountain of Youth by David Von Kotzebue Action, Adventure - A shy teenaged girl's gift of healing makes people young again, but makes her the goose that laid the golden egg to unscrupulous TV evangelists. Fraction by Mahyar Rasi Action, Adventure, Sci Fi - A psychic who predicts the future for Miami's crime families must capture a ruthless killer and hand them over to the city's most powerful mobster or pay with his life.

Fracture by Lee Cordner leegion Action, Thriller, Sci Fi, Conspiracy - Two men race against time to stop an event that threatens to wipe out all organic life. From Afghanistan with Peace by Jahongir Action, War, Adventure - A young and spoiled man joins the army and goes to Afghanistan in the pursuit of some changes in his life, but the change doesn't come until he is captured by a ruthless Taliban leader who threatens to behead him unless the Americans meet his demands. Games of '98 by Jerry Hansen hansenmv Action, Adventure - A jaded sportswriter at the First Martian Olympics notices most of the games are off the field.

Gang Warefare by Randy James White Action, Adventure - Violent gang members are abducted from the street and dropped into the Middle East to assist the military in fighting rebel guerrilla fighters. Ghost of Thalassa by Ian J. Courter Action, Adventure - Three men scour modern Istanbul to retrieve a lost icon while contending against man and spirit. Their struggle threatens to restart an ancient war that could inflame the Balkans yet again. Go Home by ZhongHua Xue "Alex" Action, Adventure - A young pilot on a way back to his homeland, along this way, he finds friendship, love, and most of all: courage to conger his nightmare.

Godzilla: Rebirth by Adam Baker Action, Adventure - Rebirth follows a father and his young children attempting to escape a city under siege by the giant radioactive monster, Godzilla. It's a thrilling, action-packed, reimagining of Godzilla in a gritty and realistic portrayal of an actual monster attack on modern American soil. The Fratelli's are back. More rich stuff. Action, adventure, fun.

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Goonies 2: Never Say Die! The story revolves around a small group of misfit kids and their parents who discover a new secret hidden within a very old treasure MAP that once belonged to a pirate named One-Eyed Willy. Who wins? There are no winners in this game. Goonies never say die His kidnappers, turned assassins, try to eliminate him but, except for his younger brother Jeremy, kill all his family and a police guard.

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He is shielded by a tough detective Felix, who fosters him with his family at a remote cabin. Felix pays a terrible price when the villains kill his wife, nearly kill him, and take his 2 kids as hostages. With the help of Gordon and Jeremy, he tracks the villains down to a deadly confrontation in the woods. Gravedigger's Wife, The by Ash Quadir Action - When their daughter is seriously hurt and there is a miscarriage of justice, a couple from a small town must come to terms with their grief, faith and the desire for revenge. Grid-Lock by Gage Eggleston asteroidjuice Action, Adventure - After their muggings prove unprofitable, two talentless crooks hatch a plan to purloin the very celebrities of their field: the bank robbers.

Through a series of robberies, betrayals, and killings, the two men find themselves in a greed-fueled blitzkrieg against an underground ring of bandits. Batman is still on the run from Gotham cities' finest. His job gets a lot tougher when crime bosses start disappearing and a new industrial giant takes over Gotham. Batman will be tested with his biggest, most daring and ruthless opponent yet, The Riddler.

Guy Named Joe, A by W. Machin witwriter Action, Adventure - Joe and Christina were an item, the ideal couple. Then one day she was gone and he got the engagement ring in the mail. Unkown to Joe, she's being held hostage by a jealous Arab Prince, diamnd smuggler, who plots to kill Joe and get him out of the way. Hallow Knights by Timothy F.

Betts souter fell Action, Adventure - When teenager Jamie Casey develops an incredible power he is recruited by Hallow City's veteran vigilante, the Citadel. The Hard Goodbye by Keenan Bedenfield Action, Adventure - Well on their road to manhood, and leading totally different lives, two childhood friends raised in the same foster home experience life changing events. Hard Luck by Marc Tyler Jr MarcT Action, Adventure - Victor Bailey's normal boring world takes a disastrous turn, after he accidentally kills a hit-man, which forces him to complete a deadly hit list before his family dies next.

Hard To Remember by Jeffrey Sirdashney Action, Adventure - A teenage girl named Alex has gone through some horrible events in here life which she has repressed over the years in the depths of her mind. But the memories slowly begin to creep back and become strong flashbacks which cause Alex and her family to struggle to stick together and find out what is so hard to remember.

Hartley's War by Michael Faunce-Brown Action, Adventure - A determined young American soldier plus three mates and two pretty girls, one a killing machine, escape fallen Singapore in to get vital Japanese war plans to Australia through 3, miles of jungle and stormy seas causing mayhem en route, chased by relentless Saito.

Writer: Consider. Improved since then. Hate by Andrew Herlan Action, Adventure - A young, naive racist Jim, 20, is hid out in South Central by a black FBI agent where Jim must face down his prejudice and defeat dangerous racial terrorists before people are killed. This is a battle worth fighting and seeing as the Devil and one of his twin son try to take over Heaven and Earth while the Devils other son twin brother fights to stop them.

This is End of Days meets The Rapture. Heavenly Sword, The by Guy Jackson Action, Adventure, Fantasy - Since the beginning of time, the first born son of every generation of the Roshan Clan has been given the task of protecting The Heavenly Sword, a sword created by the gods that is so powerful a mortal cannont wield it without dying. When Nariko, a girl, is born as the next protector, the Roshan Clan feels the gods have taken against them.

Nariko is shunned by everyone in her clan, except for her father who harshly trains her to be the next protector. When the evil King Bohan invades the Roshan Village in search of the Heavenly Sword, Nariko must fulfill her duty as the protector of the Sword and her people, but Bohan may be only one of many enemies she must defend the Heavenly Sword against. Heaven's Mistake by Brandon Montgomery Action, Adventure - After a technical error sends a woman to hell, she must form an alliance with a woman who would rather see her rot, or have her soul trapped in hell for eternity pages pdf - Discuss this script.

Heels by Christopher Brown Action, Adventure - A group of low level criminals are hunted down by vicious supervillains after interfering with their plans to overthrow the city. Adventure - Nathan, a Soldier who was born to serve, discovers leading Soldiers in war time sometimes requires great sacrifice. He must go above and beyond to bring his people home alive.

Heroes Reborn by Michael Collins Action, Adventure - After a war between human and superhuman, Douglas Hartford is the last surviving superhero, living in exile in a city clouded with fear and violence. When a neighbor is brutally killed, Doug vows to find the killer and clean up the city at long last.

As a police detective and emergency room nurse join him in unraveling the mystery, they discover that Doug may not be the last survivor after all High Speed Pursuit by John C Action - A local traffic reporter becomes the story when he winds up in a high-speed pursuit of his own and leads police on the longest chase in L. Hit and Miss by Brandon Vega Action, Adventure - Desperate to impress the girl of his dreams, an insecure loser becomes a hitman but shoots the wrong man on the first day of the job, jeopardizing his newfound relationship.

His real purpose is to save an orphan who needs an organ transplant. Hospital of the Dead by Matthew Ruby mattydlite Action, Adventure - An experiment goes horribly wrong and leaves a group of people fighting for their lives from the undead in a hospital. Hour Glass by Lindell Gross Action, Thriller - A group of psycho-religious madmen take control of a century old hospital in order to find an ancient biblical relic of immense power. But two terminally ill patients, a street thug and the First Lady of the United States, decide to stop them. What he finds is beyond anything he's seen before.

The Hybrid by Jamal Macon Action, Adventure, Thriller - A former Marine helps an escaped hybrid teen by protecting her from a facility's hired gunmen that want her dead. I Dream of America by Al. I Hate Trips by Rubale Rabson Action, Adventure - A cheerful teenager trip turns into tears, suffering,and death after a misinterpretation of a map as a guide.

They are given an assignment which involves one of Robinson's past lovers -- who is possibly a traitor leaking classified information to a Triad leader. IF by Andrey andre Action, Adventure, Drama - Young prospective guys anyhow involved in drug business live their lives till the time when a new gang intervenes in the strictly forbidden common business.

Life is interesting but too shot for all of them. Because no one knows whom they deal with.

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In the Boneyard by Charles Meine Action, Adventure - A disturbed Yellowstone Park ranger and a bohemian smuggler clash over the course of a bizarre summer. Indiana Jones and the Macedonian Empire by R. The dying man delivers a cryptic message that means nothing at first to our heroes, but places them directly between power-mad Nazis and a group of Greek assassins in a race to uncover the lost secret to Alexander the Great's dominion.

The Initiate by Michael Nelson Action, Adventure - Three young Southerners are unwittingly transformed into bloodthirsty vampires by a soldier returning from war; while they are enthusiastic about the prospect of immortality, they soon find themselves on the brink of starvation when too much sympathy for their potential victims prevents them from murdering for food.

Interstate Juggernaut by C. Walley hosted by C. Walley Action, Adventure - In a post-WWIII Los Angeles, a drifter helps a farm girl search for medicine, but they find themselves caught up in an action packed feud between a crazed ex-colonel at the helm of a massive traveling war machine and what remains of the city's military defenses.

Little does he know that this will take him on a motorcycle trip alongside his psychiatrist to the North Pole. Jack must get the sleigh back to Santa who has been stuck in a hospital for observation. One day Danger got its own back pages pdf - Discuss this script. The self-enamoured brother of reigning king of Xukpi, an ambitious prince of neighbouring kingdom and young Xukpian warrior are pretended to hand and heart of Xukpian princess Ishtakal.

Their struggle leads to unpredictable and tragical consequences both for protagonists, and for all kingdom. Some of characters and the events are based on the real historical facts. Island by Rhcp Action, Adventure, Drama - Jack and Matt are two best friends, going on a trip when their plane goes down. They are stranded on an island in the deep pacific with three other plane passengers, and are forced to find ways to survive, with the small hope that they will one day be rescued. We were talking in my truck on the way to Taco Bell when we realized how funny it could be if McGuyver was chosen by Jigsaw by accident.

This is what we came up. Two high school friends find a mysterious board game and begin to play. Greg wants to run the other way, until Van divulges his surefire plan to jump it across the border, make millions, and buy the restaurant where they work.

Now they have to convince matt, who unbeknownst to them, has a history of supernatural, bad luck. Despite have some fun action scenes, decent performances and a pretty cool looking park, the film suffered from a weak story with pointless subplots, motiveless characters, a stereotypical villain, and way too much CGI in scenes that could've used practical effects. So, after having recently re-watched Jurassic World, I decided to fix its plot and characters by doing a rewrite of the screenplay. Justice League: Origins by Chad Handley Action, Adventure - The world's greatest superheroes meet for the first time, and must overcome their differences to stop a global invasion led by Darkseid.

When he is transported back in time, he finds the West isn't all he expected. Key, The by Jerry W. Hawkins Action - Brandi Woods was ready to spend another holiday season with her greatest love; her job. Then she starts to hear a voice that warns her of impending danger. Soon she is pursued by a Satanist who won't stay dead and is hell bent on ending her life, and aided by a man known only as Patronus.

To save her life and discover her remarkable destiny, Brandi will have to face the forces of evil and her own doubts about the existence of a higher power. Kidnap Adventure by Rion Martell Action, Adventure - Four wealthy siblings are forced to survive in the wild after escaping from their kidnappers. Kidnapped by Boaz Asaasira Action, Crime, Thriller - Kidnapped is a character driven action crime thriller about RICHARD a man with a perfect family, beautiful wife, two adorable kids and perfect job, nothing could go wrong until his kids have been kidnapped for ransom by ruthless killers, It's a nick of time for Richard to pay them as he hides his own secrets from the police.

King John's Treasure by Laurie Titman Action, Adventure - When a mysterious knight kills his mother, an aimless Saxon lad embarks on a quest for revenge only to get caught up in King John's war with the barons. Kingbreaker by Brian Wareham Action, Crime, Drama - A high-level syndicate crime boss finds himself dealing with his actions from the past when a presumed dead crime partner returns. The King's Court by Brandon Montgomery Action, Adventure - After a loyal and magic wielding assassin is framed for the murder of the king, he becomes an enemy of the state as he moves to exact vengeance on the true killer while attempting to seat the reluctant heir on the throne.

The King's Court by Brandon Montgomery Action, Adventure - Framed for the king's murder, a loyal assassin must battle former allies to place the kingdom's reluctant heir on the throne, or fall to the darkness of the treacherous prince. Knight of the Dark Cross by Jerry W. Hawkins Action - A Knight battles demonic vampires for the future of mankind. Knights of the Zodiac: Part One by Luis Filipe Araujo Action, Adventure, Fantasy - Five young warriors must protect Saori Kido, who is said to be the reincarnation of the goddess Athena, from enemies in the Sanctuary and embark on a journey to discover the truth behind it all.

Knowles Crossing by C. Albrecht pplepic Action, Family - Who needs a rainbow to find the pot of gold? He is huddled and afraid in the Midwest. But something otherworldly is out for justice. Latent Guilt by Marvin Reid silentknight64 Action - It opens with a beautiful young woman, who calls herself 'Raina,' dancing in a strip club. She is being ogled by a professional-appearing man named Lawrence, who has been observing her for some time.

By the end of the evening, she accompanies him to his apartment. However, this is where the story takes a sharp turn to the right. Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time, The by Adam Johnson Action, Adventure - Link, a young Kokiri boy in the magical land of Hyrule, must unite the races of his world and do what no other Kokiri has done - become a man to defeat true evil.

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Leveling by Vatican Kelevra Action - An enforcer tries to solve the murder of the news anchor he met the night before, while he is infuriatingly harassed by a detective who thinks he committed the crime. He ends up having trouble adapting to a civilized life after war. Skip to content. Facebook Twitter Instagram Mail. Jacky A. Category: Uncategorized. About the Author Jacky Rom grew up in Romford, Essex, where she trained as a Hairdresser and Makeup Artiste and tried to fulfill one of her very first dreams of becoming a Director.

Like Reply Delete. Reply to username. ErikBaade 2 months ago.

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I had also questioned if the free books would count in the sales volume which you answered. Since then, I wrote and published a few books, but my sales only now are starting to go up. I am currently in a Free trial with a steady download of about per day from every country except Italy and whatever BR is. Self magazine poll on investigating comics — Wars are waged as other country try take over each other as superior ones live higher than primitive ones with super powers. Like 4 Reply Delete. The English serialization of Shirow's award-winning graphic novel continues!

As long as his last name was Whopper! Cpucoder 2 months ago. In the end, things didn't work out too badly for Starr. He continued to write until the 80's and created 2 future classic sitcoms, Facts of Life and Silver Spoons! Pilaf 2 months ago. All these years later, I still love Perry Mason. What a cast! And the photography was amazing. Lots of close ups of those interesting faces.

Some of the storylines and actors were not up to par, but it's still "much watch TV! Like 1 Reply Delete. MrsPhilHarris Pilaf 2 months ago. A different producer would have allowed Starr's changes, and the show would have been canceled after one season. People who were most likely to tune in would be those who had read the books and listened to the series on radio, and when they heard Perry order a martini, they would have said "Perry doesn't drink martinis!

Those who were still watching would have tuned out when George Burger introduced himself. Sure, the show would have gotten some viewers, but it would have alienated the ones that really counted, the people who read the books and listened to the show on radio. Details do matter. Like 2 Reply Delete. Yes, and isn't it interesting that if the writer had said Hamilton should be his middle name, Perry's arch rival would have been George Hamilton Burger! Sounds like a great name for a celebrity restaurant Anish 2 months ago.

I have been reading and rereading the books for so many years now, and never read the name as Ham Burger though. As you said, what's in a name.! I'd be happy if they removed the slightly racist and sexist probably because of the time it was written connotations in the books though. You're right, the books were a product of their time.

Race relations were much different in the 's and 's when the books were written. MrsPhilHarris jholton 2 months ago. I'm reading one now. Perry keeps calling the defendant Sister. CharlesKnox Anish 2 months ago. That would be censorship! So we can't go back and erase the past to appease those who find themselves always so easily offended.

Like 4 Reply Delete. When you say Sister, I assume you don't mean an nun Fun Facts: Perry defended a nun in the second TV movie and the new series features the "Orphan Black" actress [can't remember her name] as a nun as well! Beta6 CharlesKnox 1 month ago. I think revisionism is something we see nowadays in the re-boots of popular shows we loved back in the day.