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Create, edit, or delete Yahoo Groups

If you wish to add your local Yahoo group to this site, then please submit an enquiry via the Enquire page. Read lots more about Yahoo groups on Wikipedia. To join a Mensa Yahoo!

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Group simply attempt to visit one. You may be able to request admission there; or, ask your Local Organizer.

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If there is no local group and you would like to have one, start one of your own — but ask your Local Organizer first! To perform as a Local Organizer or any other volunteer role, up to Regional Officer, you need to register with Yahoo!

How To Create A Yahoo Group

I know it is simply user error, but even giving them direction, they still have trouble. And then there are the cell phone users who find attachments difficult as well. This results in replies that should be personal end up on the list and that irritates a lot of people who then complain by writing me.

What should you use instead? Well, check out our post about alternatives to Yahoo groups for some ideas. Have a story about your problems with Yahoo groups?

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Pour out your tale of woe to us! Report abusive images: Keep your group owners and moderators in the know.

Do You Have to Have a Yahoo Account to Access Yahoo Groups?

How to report abusive images. Moderate responsibly: If you are a group owner or moderator, you can influence the community you build.

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Be aware of both the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Some general moderation tools include:.

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The Conversations area is where most group activity happens. After you have done that, and so registered at Yahoo! If you want a little break at this point, you can also edit your group later by going to its address and clicking on Management. Show less We suggest you don't invite members yet--explore your group a little first.

Any group member can post messages, and they'll appear immediately in your group. This is best for groups in which all members know each other or the moderator knows everyone.

Any group member can still post messages, but new messages require approval before they are posted. This is best for groups in which it's important for members to stay on topic or where there's a history of spam. New members. Groups can also be moderated just for new members and later be adjusted if a group moderator manually changes the member's moderation settings.

For more information about Yahoo Groups, visit Yahoo Help.