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click here A quick shower followed and then some intensive moisturising — to stimulate blood flow, I was told — all I knew was it felt great. After cleansing and toning, seaweed strips were placed on my skin and although they felt a little unusual at first, I was soon sensing them soothe and hydrate. Judging by how my skin felt afterwards and the unusually high number of compliments I received , I am an absolute convert to the power of seaweed.

Pampering has never felt so ethical. But that short journey will take you into another world, discovers Emily Westbrooks. From the rugged, heather-ridden Wicklow mountains to the sloping sheep-filled pastures and the stunning lakes, this county offers unparalleled scenery and a slew of options for adventure. For sheer dramatic impact, make sure to take the scenic route through the Sally Gap, winding your way through seat-gripping hairpin turns before ending up in the charming little town of Laragh.

If you need a pit stop here, The Wicklow Heather thewicklowheather. Looking for a little more action? Try your hand at fly fishing on the Annamoe River on the outskirts of the Glendalough Valley, which is a wonderful way to spend a day. But if all that hillwalking and hiking sounds like too much effort, you might prefer to soak up the scenery in a more refined setting. Namely Powerscourt House and Gardens in Enniskerry 01 ; powerscourt. Built in , Powerscourt House sits on grounds where the original castle stood since the s. Beyond the house, take a stroll through the extensive gardens, visiting the rose garden in bloom or the water lily-filled pond.

In the summer months, Powerscourt Gardens is the backdrop for theatrical productions including stagings of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Visit powerscourt. But the Avoca Mill in County Wicklow is worth a special visit as it is the original mill, dating from and still running today. For something memorably different, book a day out at Falconry Ireland ; falconryofireland.

Another equally fascinating, and slightly chilling, experience can be found at Wicklow Gaol ; wicklowshistoricgaol. Come and experience first-hand what it was like for the hordes of notorious prisoners who served their time here in the 18th century, before being shipped out to the penal colonies. With its rolling sand dunes it has to be one the most beautiful beaches in Ireland. I only wish I had a dog! Another top spot is The Glenmalure Lodge, owned by the Dowling family. But word to the wise: bring a spare set s of clothes per person — not just per child claralara.

The club dates back to and is set in the stunning vale of Avoca. A beautiful spot woodenbridge. Powerscourt House, Enniskerry, Co. Illustrations by Rachel Corcoran. There are a couple of factors that make this city great for going out. For one, Dublin is a compact capital, made for bouncing between places, so if you end up somewhere that feels a bit off, you can easily move on to the next hotspot without any hassle.

Downstairs generally has a more rock and indie vibe and hosts live bands on the stage several nights a week. Dress coDe Wear whatever you like, besides tracksuit pants. No need to leave or, on a busy night, queue. Despite being in the centre of Temple Bar, this cocktail club is a class act. The door is very subtly marked and you need to knock or buzz to enter. Inside, displays of taxidermy animals, curtained roomdividers and s Art Deco paraphernalia combine to create a mood of retro indulgence. You can get dinner here from 6pm and brunch on weekends from 12pm; however, the real reason to come is, naturally, the cocktails.

Try a bowl of punch you might want to share or a Lucien Gaudin cocktail, named after the famous French fencer. The Garden although, truthfully, it is more of a grown-up playground is overlooked by a balcony, Romeo and Juliet style, where resident DJs do their dance-music thing. Dress coDe Competitive - think glossy hair, high heels for the girls, and men in shirts and loafers.

Drink Their signature drink is served in a colourful watering can with a long straw! Top Tip Tables can be reserved out in the garden. The Dice Bar has a happy relationship with the Block T studios across the road, sponsoring their events and welcoming the large overspilling crowds after an opening. As a result this is a good spot to meet both young and established artists and creatives. The DJs spin vinyl, generally old soul 45s.

Top Tip Make friends with the owner and you could be invited upstairs for drinks in the back sitting room. For the best drag in town, head to Panti Bar on Capel Street.

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She always puts on a great show; pantibar. THE Bernard Shaw. This lively pub venue on Richmond Street is known for its great beer garden out back, complete with Big Blue Bus. Grab a seat on the top floor of the Bus which also serves fresh pizza and shisha and look down at the cool kids. In the know Its sister venue is a gallery across town on Little Green Street, hence the name. The restaurant upstairs quickly turns into a dancefloor on busy weekend nights so arrive early to nab a place.

MusIc Upstairs, expect upbeat funky tunes, while downstairs, all your favourite anthems and ballads sung by yours truly. The club is situated over four floors, with a restaurant on the bottom floor and two bar floors and a cool roof terrace up top. You will find this pub just off Grafton Street, right beside the statue of Phil Lynott the late lead singer of Thin Lizzy.

All exist happily side-by-side over pints of Guinness and glasses of Stella Artois. The Odeon has recently re-opened its doors to reveal a deliciously decadent nouvelle Hollywood look. The cocktails are delicious and the attendant in the ladies-room has been known to host her own little party on occasion, pumping tunes from her phone. With its fringed lampshades, great swathes of velvet curtain and jewel-coloured seating, there is more than a dash of The Great Gatsby swagger to the place.

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A 01 ; odeon. Ad hoc armchairs, bar stools and comfy couches make this upstairs bar, off Fade Street, an inviting place to end up as daylight fades to dusk. The mood is always funky but friendly. It can get really busy on the weekends though so for the best experience Sunday afternoons or school nights are better. The atmosphere is relaxed and not too loud.

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From Bridal flowers to thank you boquets, civil ceremony to Church, and from buffer to banquet whatever your requirmnents, our wedding floral consultats will ensure that your wedding flowers are designed to the highest standards. All weddings are based on a wedding consultation. Terms and Conditions apply. With 45 years of cumulative experience, our team of florists will create a bespoke array of floral designs for your wedding. Classic style meets modern technology with the new Fujifilm XS camera. Perfect for travelling by car or airplane, this super-snug pillow offers great support for the head and neck, helping you catch some shut-eye onboard.

This gramophone speaker is pocket-sized and portable, making it ideal for taking on your travels. Opens 10am on Sunday with a live Jazz band. Early bird menu served every Thursday with live traditional Irish music from 5pm. Thank the lord, then, for the Packing Pro app. Power off Instead of trying to cram your laptop, tablet, mobile and lumpy chargers into your already overstuffed hand-luggage, take the time when travelling to switch off.

Make it a no-tech zone and settle back with a good book. We all need time out from the ubiquitous blinking cursor.


Hydration station Drink up. Water, that is. Air travel is hugely dehydrating so try and be good and avoid caffeine and alcohol and keep sipping the water bottle instead. A spritz of spring water for the face is also a very handy little friend to have, particularly if you have slept on the plane and are in need of a little freshen-up on arrival.

Walk around the plane every now and again to. And now, the all-natural remedy is available in relatively tasty pastille form. Make sure to pack good cleansing face wipes to take said mascara off again. When on long flights, I would advise using a moisturising mask to keep skin hydrated, and really massaging it into the skin.

Layer on eye cream and lip balm and keep drinking water. You can also do some gentle rotation exercises while seated — gently moving your head, neck and ankles in slow, easy circles will help alleviate aches and pains. Phone: 01 Web: www. One which still stands proud today — and is home to the boutique Dylan hotel. Back in , however, its purpose was more practical, as it was built to house the trainee nurses employed in the hospital around the corner on Baggot Street.

Almost 90 years later, when the building was being redeveloped, the. Often, buildings that were destined for very practical purposes were furnished with ornate exteriors that seemed at odds with the enterprise. In fact, the workshop that operated alongside this mine was capable of mass-producing a wide variety of essentially interchangeable parts that Murray used in other projects.

The Immortal Roman Empress: "Is this still an AAR if it's over 100k words?" Edition

This again was not an uncommon practice of the era: the ornamentation was the responsibility of master craftsmen who worked on the project alongside the architect, though they rarely — if ever — got the credit to the extent they perhaps deserved. His Dublin buildings are a shining example of Victorian architecture, with the Dylan hotel standing today as one of his finest.

Above The Dylan hotel building today. How did you get into comedy? All the wise-cracking I did driving him to and from the Lyric FM studios paid off when he suggested I give comedy a go. What is your favourite city in the world and why? Also, it has a Butter Museum. What are you working on at the moment? The drawers stick and my dad said to rub them with a candle. Tomorrow, I will begin sanding. What do you love about Dublin? I love the canals. I was dressed as a bright stick that day and I did get stuck and a certain bearded poet did nothing to free me, just made some notes as I struggled.

Artists can be brazenly selfish, you know.

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My ex was big on family stuff in a dysfunctional sort of way. I am not a man. TLDR: Lied about being vegetarian instead of just politely declining nasty looking meat like a normal person. Amy will be rich, and buy back her house. However I am suddenly single without people to socialize with.

Where is your favourite place in Dublin to hang out? Sometimes my friend. Tom has parties on his roof top and I love them. Have I made it? What do people talk about at parties? I take my beau and we go to a little place I like to call Maui. Where is the coolest place you have ever been?

Front seat, I swear. Where would you go to listen to live comedy in Dublin? Fill your boots with laughter. What has been the most memorable moment in your career to date? What is most important to you? My virginity. What was the last item of clothing you bought? I just collected it from the tailors, does that count?

Dark Mode. Contact us. What's new New posts New resources New products Latest activity. Search forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter ohthatguy8 Start date Sep 23, Tagged users None. First Prev 2 of 14 Go to page. These are lights off pics with a cell phone.

I looked at my notes on when they began to flower and we are at the end of week 6 on the right side and end of week 5 on the left. I forgot that this closet had some hermie issues and a super lemon haze was taking a little long to finish and the 1 valley ghash was slower and smaller so I let it veg and the slh finish.

Having 3 flower rooms it all blends together. Tenative harvest plans NO sooner than november 10th for 1 and the 15th for 2. That gives me 9 weeks with each plant but i will check with my scope. I wont be smoking cured valley ghash for rifle season, but i will be sampling some bottoms while up north. Loving this thread, been looking for exactly this kinda info. I was really lucky to get into a sweet seed stock Good luck with the run man.

Thanks for stopping in. Right now they are packing on crystals and getting dense.

I only flush for the last 5 days I have done up to 14 days in the past and have cut down 1 or 2 with no flush and to be honest I can not notice a diff between any method as long as its dried and cured right. Paraphrasing a nevil post from mms forums. The year he swept he cup all entries were indoor hydro. He had 10 rooms so all rooms got same nutes veg or bloom no change and never flushed. He also only picked off big fan leafs and hung the whole plant in an attic for 3 months I don't have that type of patients or 10 rooms lol. Lights on shot. I have no idea why but the first lights off pic always comes out clear and the rest are fuzzy.

Either way they're still chuggin water 1 still holding her lemon tones and 2 is spicy and reminds me of a potent herb I had access to for a while that was coming in from Cali. It was an old school ghash supposedly and it was fire. It started me looking for ghash strains and thus lead me to finding mota. I hate when I'm impressed by plants that I have not smoked. Cody deals with sex and sex bombs, and Olivia finds her own life is a battleground. When Brad gets surprising news, Britta confronts the green eyed monster. And Kevin gets an offer that could ace his quest.

John Laing. Kevin has family!

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory - "The Candy Man Can"

But this particular cat causes havoc among the pigeons, and Cody needs cash for a good cause. Kevin is facing the big , but Olivia raises bigger problems. And will Britta and Cody ever get rid of the cuckoo in the nest? Cody and Britta test their mettle when Gwen has a child go missing, and Brad has a child that is all too present. When it comes to love, a lot can change in a month — as Kevin, Cody, Olivia, Brad and Britta all discover Amy is back and determined to help, as Britta takes on an enemy of gargantuan proportions.

Does Kevin have a rival, or just a case of cold feet? Kevin takes charge! But there are only so many things a man can control, especially when it comes to love Kevin is back in town with bombshell news, as Britta has big news for Kevin. But when bombs go off, someone is bound to get hurt Amy battles with a nemesis from her past; as Cody and Olivia find love and war closer to home. Kevin needs a lot of looking after - but how far should a caregiver go? As Olivia gets judgement from beyond the grave Kevin faces up to a failure and gets help from unlikely quarters, as Leo tries to be a better man for his love [16].

Brad gets an offer he wants to refuse, but when the McManns are on a crime spree and Britta is in crisis can he stay uninvolved? Note: This is the first episode that Brad narrates instead of Kevin. Life can go in very different directions as Cody and Amy both discover, when visitors rock their world. But can a frock sale really make that much difference? As Olivia gets serious when the past returns to haunt her. Olivia, Britta and Cody are single gals, looking to move on. But when it comes to an ex — should you ever go back?

Olivia wants to do good, but is a bad boy about to take advantage? As a childcare crisis leads Britta to an unlikely guru. Amy faces the ultimate showdown with Rupert the Perve.

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But will she have to sacrifice her career? When Gwen goes missing, Cody reaches crunch point. And Britta battles the green eyed monster — with unexpected results. Britta Hawkins.

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Ted wants to protect his friends from the witch that is Candy McMann. But an angel also needs his protection…. Levi has big schemes for parties, awards and a new love interest for Ted. As Candy and Bennie both run into the hottest man on the Shore…. Ted gets help from the most unlikely suspect; as Bennie investigates crimes of the heart. Katherine McRae.

Angeline Loo and Rachel Lang.