Berenstain Bears Good Deed Scouts to the Rescue (Berenstain Bears/Living Lights)

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This catalog of storybooks, coloring books, and related ephemera has been an ongoing project for nearly 15 years. It is my desire to help fans and collectors have a complete and accurate Berenstain Bears book list that is easily accessible at all times. The list is updated annually last update: October to reflect additions to the series the books are still being published!

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There are two ways to view the catalog:. I hope this list will help you grow your collection and learn more about the Berenstain Bears. Thanks for visiting! Copyright c Bradley Mariska Last updated on 28 December Baby Bears Series Random House. Comes to Life Books Yes! Book [compilation] [reprint of First Time Do-It series]. Go to School [Deluxe Edition] [reprint of edition]. Meet Santa Bear [Deluxe Edition] [reprint of edition]. Trick or Treat [Deluxe Edition] [reprint of edition].

Be Your Best Bear! They include. Goldibear and the 3 People; 3. The Gingerbread Bear; 4. The Little Red Hen; 6. We Love Soccer! God Loves You! Jobs Around Town Where Is It? Storybook, Yes! Entertainment, Go Shopping [attached to plush Berenstain Bears toys made by Chosun]. I Love You All Ways! Hallmark, [personalized recorded storybook].

Whenever the teenagers in the video got angry or upset, they often used adult words that Sister had never heard. Sister assumes that the words are like "phooey" or "fudge", but more mature. After a few more hours with Lizzy, Sister goes home for dinner. At dinner, Sister tells her family about the video. Brother who had also seen the video with Barry questions whether or not Sister was old enough to be watching the video.

Offended, Sister says that she liked the video a lot, but, accidentally knocks over her glass of milk. Intending to say "Oh, phooey! Everyone at the table is shocked, and Sister tells Mama all about the adult words.

Q: Did Stan and Jan have a favorite Berenstain Bear book?

Mama tells Sister that the words she heard from the video are not nice words, and should never be used by any cub, regardless of how angry or upset they are. When Sister asks whether grown-ups use those words, Mama sternly turns her attention to Papa. Papa starts to tell Sister about situations when grown-ups do use bad words E. G hitting their thumb with a hammer, or when wrong moves occur in sports , only to be cut off by Mama. Mama then reiterates her point to Sister, that no one, Cubs or adults, should ever use swear words, since they just aren't nice.

Berenstain Bears Book Collection

That night, as Sister is being tucked into bed, she asks Mama why Cubs and adults use swear, even though it isn't nice. Mama sighs, and answers that it just becomes a habit. At the mall, some bears go up and down on the escalators. But they go too far when they go up the down escalator, and some go down the up escalator. The mall owner calls the police and the kids get back to their school.

At a hat store, Momma discards her old hat and shops for a new one. She finds a reason to reject each hat that is brought to her, until she happens upon her old hat, declares it perfect, and leaves the store with it. During her first day at the school, she ends up befriending Brother, who has developed a crush on her and vice versa.

Meanwhile, a school rendition of Romeo and Juliet helps both clans realize what could happen if they continue to feud with one another. In the end, Brother and Bonnie are able to continue with their friendship. Instead of buying one from Grizzly Gus, they go out into the forest, despite the cold and snow, and find various trees that appear to be homes to all kinds of animals. When they come upon their last tree, Papa looks into a tiny window of the trunk and sees a family of snowbirds spending Christmas together and realizes that Christmas is the time to be thinking of family and friends.

They head back to the Christmas tree lot, only to find that Gus has sold every last tree. They are disappointed until they see their own tree decorated with help from the animals who returned the kindess to them. Professor Actual Factual sends his nephew to school, Ferdinand "Ferdy" Factual, who is very smart but socially awkward. Queenie approaches Ferdy, who teaches her how to play chess. Brother, Freddie and Sister try to tell him that Queenie is only pretending to be his friend to get homework answers, but Ferdy doesn't believe this and ignores them.

After school, Brother invites Ferdy to come to his place to play video games, but Ferdy declines the offer, as he agreed to meet Queenie to help her with schoolwork. The next day, when Ferdy plays chess by himself again, he sees Brother playing with the ball. He asks him to pass the ball, but Brother refuses as he looks like he is pretending he does not want it.

Eventually Brother throws the ball, but Ferdy is talking to Queenie and does not see the ball coming, so hits him on the stomach. Queenie laughs and Ferdy runs away. Brother chases after him and tells Ferdy that he was showing off and apologizes. Brother also admits that he is concerned about an upcoming football game against a tough team, so Ferdy offers to help out by using his chess skills to look at play patterns. Brother's team manages to outwit their opponents thanks to Ferdy knowing which play patterns work best. The school cheers Brother and the players, and the coach says Ferdy is the best team manager he has ever had.

At the Bear Country School, the cubs help Mr. Bob set up a TV station. The cubs become very involved and forget their schoolwork. When the cubs of the Journalism Club find that Miss Glitch runs the school newspaper with an iron fist, they create an underground newspaper in protest. However, things quickly get out of hand when their first story allowing students to grade teachers leads to a lot of hate comments, and things get worse when Queenie prints a libelous story about Teacher Bob.

Brother and his friends are going camping by themselves, but Papa decides to come along bragging that he knows better than the guide book. Trouble occurs when Papa tries to prove himself smarter than the guide book; he makes a spaghetti knot to swing across a collapsed bridge, but it unties and Papa almost falls down a gorge and the cubs are forced to rescue him; When they come to a fork on the trail, the guide book says to go the long way, but Papa goes the short way and when he refuses to obey the guide book map, he finds a group of crocodiles on the short way and is forced to go up the long way; when the cubs are forced to go down a river, they build a canoe to travel down with, but Papa grows impatient and tries to use a log to go down the river and gets trapped into a whirlpool and the cubs are forced to rescue him again; Papa tries to make stew for dinner, but the cubs go fishing and Papa finds that his stew tastes horrible and he dumps it down a cliff; he then tries to sleep in a cave that night rather than tents, but is chased away by a group of bats and he injures himself as he falls down the cliff.

The cubs bandage him and take him home to a displeased Mama. Based on the story of the Tortoise and the Hare , Brother Bear participates in a road race under the name "Little Red", driving the Bears' family car, which is slower and less aerodynamic than the other racers. Brother keeps putting along while the other racers, identified by other colors speed off.

One racer known as Blue hits a tree speeding through a hairpin turn while Brother rounds the curve carefully. Another one, known as Green who is "quite mean" uses tacks to flatten the tires of Orange and Yellow while he is unconcerned about Little Red. An overconfident Green stops at a fast food joint, but "it turns out the food was not fast enough" as Brother comes along to get the checkered flag.

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The Bear family proudly celebrates Brother with his gold cup as the final line is what was recited for much of the story: When Mama and the cubs are at the store, Brother buys a toy airplane and Sister buys a teddy bear, but when Brother wants a toy truck too, Mama buys a piggy bank for the cubs, saying it will teach them to save wisely. Brother and Sister earn lots of money by doing chores, but Mama is shocked to find the piggy bank broken one day. She thinks the cubs will spend the money on such purchases as candy , comic books and rides at the Fun Park.

She is shocked again when she realized that she misjudged the cubs, because they spent the money on Mama's birthday present. When Sister sees a teddy bear at the mall, she loves it and wants it. That night, Mama teaches Sister the rhyme of the wishing star. Sister wishes for the teddy bear. When the wish comes true, she wishes for an "A" on her work at school. When that wish comes true, she sees a pony on TV.

She wishes for the pony, but the wish doesn't come true. Sister is very sad, so Brother tells her that she has to be careful of being greedy, because the wishing star doesn't listen to greedy requests. However Sister who apparently didn't learn a thing from the experience, and what Brother tells her, then says, "Well, two out of three isn't bad! Papa and the Bear Scouts Brother, Sister, Lizzy, and Cousin Freddy explore a cave, but, when they take many wrong curves, they get lost.

Before long, they find a river that they think is another branch that could lead out of the cave. They go down the river and see a mini waterfall. When they go down it, Sister says the waterfall was a scary water ride at "Fun Park". The cubs want to do it again, but Papa says "NO! In this story the cubs are told that they are going to Doctor Grizzly's for a checkup.

The cubs get nervous because Mama and Papa tell them that they are most likely going to get booster shots of medicine. After several tests by Dr.

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Grizzly, she helps them conquer their fears of booster shots; and learns that Papa is overweight, prescribing a diet for him until he gets into shape. Told with words and pictures in the beloved Berenstain style, this padded board book is based on the bestselling the Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible and features eight stories from the Old and New Testaments. Perfect for little ones just learning about the Bible.

The Berenstain Bear series helps children learn how God wants them to live every day.

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When the Bear family practices going to church, praying, and being kind, plus remembering how much God loves them, their lives are much more joyful. In God Loves You! This book helps children appreciate the many ways God shows his love to them.

Should Sister Bear ignore the new girl at school just because her friends do? The Berenstain Bears and the Golden Rule shows children how choosing to be kind may not always be the easy choice. But it is always the right one. Coach Papa Bear wants his team to play fair. But the other coach just wants to win. The Berenstain cubs act out the first Thanksgiving—complete with costumes, props and a full Thanksgiving feast.

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Sort order. Shelves: juvenile-fiction , religious , christianfiction , children-s , zondervan , early-readers , i-can-read , level-1 , 1st-grade. Now as we are finding more and more fabulous I Can Read! The Living Lights Series is full of moral and Christian values that I am delighted to share with my kids. This specific book with the Good Deed Scouts is a stage 1 with simple sentences for eager new readers and from page one through the end is about hope and perseve The Berenstain Bears' Kitten Rescue: I love the Berenstain Bears and have since my own childhood.

This specific book with the Good Deed Scouts is a stage 1 with simple sentences for eager new readers and from page one through the end is about hope and perseverance. I am delighted to have it on our shelf. It is super silly. Starting out on the search for a good deed to accomplish the scouts end up caring for Mrs.

Grizzle's yard and are in turn paid by her magic tricks. That twist in the story was a little odd but perhaps will remind the reader of someone and bring a smile. In their search for a good deed to do they come across a little lost cub. They see to it he is taken to the police station and then get flyers and search for the mother.

Its an interesting reader to prompt discussion on what to do in lost situations. As for the 3-in-1 book itself is fabulous.

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I love this idea and it is made pretty well. On toyed last one I had to add that. Hefty hardcover with no jacket that is built to last. This is a title containing three individual titles from the Christian Living Lights Berenstain Bears series and I'm glad to add it to our early readers options. Thanks to Z. Typed on KF. Aug 16, Katie added it Shelves: books. Lizzie rated it it was amazing Jun 20, Liane Worthington rated it it was amazing Dec 15, Bethanym rated it really liked it Feb 08,