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https://ciascapcorwyns.tk/science-for-kids/gun-digests-concealed-carry-quick-draw-eshort.pdf It has ready-made optin funnel templates that you can customize without any coding knowledge. You can signup for Clickfunnels 14 Days free Trial to see how easily you can build your optin funnel with it. Although a repetition, I want to discuss once more this mistake of sending direct traffic to affiliate product sales page which breaks many aspiring dreams of newbie affiliate marketers. In simple words, if a visitor decides not to buy the affiliate product the very first time you send him to product sales page, he is lost.

You cannot give him more product details or promote other affiliate products without spending money in re-marketing with paid ads. But only collecting email address is not enough, you also need to send your email subscribers regular targeted emails to build a trusting relationship. Email marketing autoresponders are your best tools to build this trusting relationship and win the battle of affiliate marketing. In fact, Email marketing is the single most important factor that makes the difference between a struggling affiliate marketer and a 6 to 7-figure income generating affiliate marketer.

Once a website visitor subscribe to their email list, a super affiliate sends him series of targeted emails focused on bring sales. These targeted email series aka autoresponders help to keep a consistent communication with subscribers and build trust.

What I Did When I First Started My Blog

Remember people will only buy on your recommendations, when they trust you. Hope this background clarifies your doubts about importance of Email marketing and autoresponders. First thing first, you need to choose a reliable email service provider ESP who offers email features that help you sell more products.

Because you want to record our subscriber email address directly to your email marketing software without needing to do transfer them manually. This automatic process also help you trigger email autoresponders as soon as people subscribe to your email list. Clickfunnels has ready-made email integration feature with all leading ESP to link up accounts in minutes. But if you are building an optin funnel on wordpress, you can go for Thrive leads and OptinMonster like premium optin plugins.

A typical Autoresponder series begins with your introduction to new subscriber discussing the benefits of subscribing your list. You can also discuss how many weekly emails they may expect from you and also deliver your lead magnet with it. In next few emails, focus on building rapport and authority with your audience by offering them valuable actionable information--Information that they can use and see that your advice works. After building rapport with your subscribers, you can now pitch them affiliate products that align with subscriber goals.

To increase conversion rate, you can create helpful content like how-to-do style emails, step-by-step guide around affiliate products and share them with your subscribers. These guides act like pre-sell pages and warm subscriber for product sales page. You can create separate autoresponder series for each affiliate product you want to promote where each autoresponder series has targeted emails promoting a single affiliate product.

It is also a good idea to insert your best content between two autorepsonder series to give psychological break your email subscribers. When one product autoresponder series ends, you send subscribers emails without any product promotion and then next product autoresponder series begins. Here are a few tips to get most out of your email autoresponder series:. Before directing affiliate products to our subscribers, it is better to build some brand image with your personal introduction and why they should listen to you.

Sharing a quick winning tip which gets a subscriber sure little benefit is also a good idea. For example, if you are promoting a memory enhancement program, you can share a quick memory tip that subscriber can implement immediately and see results. You can even convince them for product benefits by showing case studies of other customers who got desired results with your products. Write email headline that induce fear, curiosity or profit emotions. Fear, gain and curiosity are the psychological trigger that induce people to take action.

You can use them in our headline, copy and call-to-actions to improve our open rate and conversion. Segment the email list with tags based on action people take on your emails. Segmenting people based on their behavior decreases the unsubscribe rate and increases engagement. In simple words you get more sales and profit when you segment your audience and delivers them specific content as per their interest. When you have a segmented list with tags , you can send different emails to different group of subscribers based on their interest and engagement with your past email.

It also means that rather than trying to sell everyone the same affiliate products, we can sell people different products based on what they like and need. We must put our affiliate links in emails times in different part of email to allow a reader multiple opportunity to take action and visit affiliate sales page. Thus it is important that we send them emails regularly. If a subscriber didn't buy product from one email autoresponder series. Switch his subscription to another autoresponder series with a different product.

The last thing required to make our optin funnel functional is to drive traffic to it.

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint

We can use both free and paid mediums to drive traffic. Free Traffic: F ree traffic generally refers to organic traffic from Search engines like Google and bing, but with changing traffic landscape now there are many other free traffic sources that we can use to drive free traffic to optin funnel But still search engine traffic is considered as the best free traffic sources for Affiliate marketing simply because it converts best. Blogging and SEO techniques are your best friends to increase search engine traffic to your optin funnels.

You can write blog posts on topics directly related to the affiliate products and offer your lead magnet in between blog content to direct traffic to the optin funnel. If somebody is interested to read a blog post relating to a affiliate product, he is likely to be interested in the Affiliate product itself. If you have not started blogging because of technical issues of not knowing how to install a blog, you can avail our Free Blog Installation service. For details visit Free Blog Installation. But you should always remember one thing about the Search engine traffic: It takes time.

You won't see the results of our hard-work immediately. You have to post good quality content regularly that our target audience want to read and benefits from. A post frequency of post per week is a good starting point; However, the more frequently you post, the better. Let's warn you about one mistake that many new bloggers and affiliate marketers make:. In their drive to write more content, they sometimes copy the content from other websites and blogs which creates duplicate content problem.

Search Engine like Google hates duplicate content and impose ranking penalty on websites that indulge in publishing duplicate content. Paid Traffic: Paid traffic is best option to get started quickly with affiliate marketing and find a winner product. Your affiliate product will be the base of all marketing efforts. It is recommended to find a winning product by testing different affiliate products with paid ads before long term commitment with SEO and blogging.

You can also use paid ads to build an email list by bringing targeted traffic to our sales funnel. However, stay clear that if you decide to use paid ads to build your email list, you may not recover your full investment immediately. Any email list will become fruitful over time when more and more readers join the list.

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As a rule of thumb, your affiliate learning will be directly related to list size of engaged subscribers. Pay attention to the engaged word here, not any email subscriber, but email subscribers who are engaged--who open, read and click link in our emails. Below are some popular traffic sources that you can use to drive paid traffic to optin funnel and testing products. Google Ads: Google ads offer range of ad format to bring targeted traffic to your optin funnels like Search ads, Display ads, Youtube Ads. The choice of ad format depends on advertising objective and affiliate products you want to promote.

Search ads is a good option for products that already cater to a larger established target audience like health niche where people are already searching about their health problems and products that solve them. Display ads are more geared towards brand awareness and remarketing, while YouTube ads are great for building authority with your audience and explain a complex concept, product and its benefits like a software. In fact, Facebook offers a complete advertising medium for ads in awareness, consideration and decision stage in buyer's journey.

Facebook let's us decide your advertising object for ads. As Affiliate marketers, traffic and Conversion are two important objective in Facebook Ads. Solo Ads : Solo ads mean buying traffic from someone else's email list; mostly from the same niche as you are in. Solo ads is a quick way to build an email list with paid traffic. The problem with buying solo ads for driving traffic is to find reliable Solo Ads vendors. There are many scammers in the Solo ads industry who cheat their customers us by sending bot traffic in name of solo ads.

If you don't do our proper research for a vendor before buying solo ads, you should be ready for cheating. That's the reason, it is always a good idea to buy solo ads from a trusted source like UDIMI , a marketplace for Solo ads, which filters bot traffic from real traffic and keep on blocking scammers.

To keep their blacklist database robust, Udimi even buys regular ads from suspicious vendors themselves for testing. When they find a scam seller, Udimi block them from offering solo ads on their platform to save buyers on their platform. These formats are good for product testing and initial product promotion before switching to more popular paid advertising networks like Google ads.

Popup ads appear above the browsing window when someone visit a web page configured to show popup ads. Because of its upfront intrusive nature, popup ads have higher CTR as compared to its counterpart Pop-under ads. As clear from the image, pop-under ads appear under the current browser window in a separate window. It appears only when a visitor closes his current window. Now you can even take advantage of artificial intelligence for auto-optimization with these two networks.

Native Advertising: Whether it be a sponsored Quora and reddit question or a related post on outbrain and taboola like content discovery platforms, native advertising is in-demand advertising concept these days. With native advertising, the advertisers get the chance to create ads that look and feel almost like the original advertising-free content that a visitor is consuming. The success of native advertising depends on how closely your ads relates to original content a visitor is consuming. Below are some suggestions that will help you to improve ROI on your native advertising campaign.

The cost of online advertising is increasing everyday as more and more businesses realize the importance of online marketing for business growth. From optin page designs to lead magnet to Call-to-action, ad creatives, ad texts, email sequences etc you have to test everything one at a time to see what is working and what is not.

To begin with optimizing your marketing strategy, you first need to implement the first 4 steps we discussed in this Affiliate marketing blueprint and get some initial data for testing. Setup up analytics tools like Google Analytics, Smartlook, Crazy Eggs, Kissmetrics etc in your optin funnel pages and website pages to collect marketing data. So next you need to validate your hypothesis based on existing analytics data. You can check analytics data from tools like google analytics, smartlook , crazy eggs , kissmetrics etc to verify your hypothesis.

It is easy to get strayed in the jungle of Analytics with so many metrics available. Thus before reaching to any judgement, it is imperative to link KPI with your hypothesis. Link each of your hypothesis to a KPI before delving into any analytics dashboard and make informed decisions regarding validity of your hypothesis. Remove the hypothesis that are already proven wrong and shorten your hypothesis list to those that seems true based on existing analytics data.

Even if you improve performance with multiple changes in your affiliate marketing funnel, you cannot say with surety what actually enhanced performance. Thus it is important that you only test one hypothesis at a time, make changes in your optin funnel, analyze results and only then move on to the next hypothesis. If you are wondering, which hypothesis should you first test and what should be the sequence of testing your hypothesis?

I have a suggestion for you. Begin with a hypothesis that takes least amount of time to implement, but will impact the performance most. For example, if you are confusing between testing call-to-action text and content copy, go for call-to-action text first because it will take least time to implement and has significant impact on sales process. Use this same principle to decide the sequence in which you will test you list of hypothesis. Step 4: After testing every hypothesis from the list, create a new list of hypothesis and test them:. I know so many details can look daunting and difficult to implement.

I just moved recently to a better neighborhood and a new home to raise our two little boys If you're feeling a little hesitant and nervous about coming to an event like this, I know how you feel. Don't worry, it's normal. Before coming to one myself, I had not been on a plane in 8 years.

That one trip changed my life and I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to do it. That "something" impacted my whole family in the most amazing way. DO IT. My take home profit is well over 6-figures and I'm only just getting started! No systems to take my idea to market, no concept of online marketing or how to turn my big idea into a product or business that would afford me the freedom to live my life on my own terms.

After attending a one-day workshop with Bedros and Craig I left feeling confident and empowered with my marching orders my plan in hand. I had a detailed list of the action steps I needed to follow in order to create my online product. I knew that if I got stuck my mentors were only an email or text message away. I knew I was playing small and not living up to my potential, which was devastating but I had no idea how to turn it around.

Yes, the money I now make is wonderful but what's more important is the personal transformation I've undergone. I am a different person now I've learned how to create money out of thin air when I need it, and that's a skill that will serve me and my family for life. When I first started with Craig and Bedros, I was looking for a way to use the internet as a tool to reach a wider audience as a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine expert.

My initial 5 year goal was to help 1 million people improve their health. I reached 1 million in less than 18 months. My email list size was originally people when I first met Bedros and Craig. Since working with them I have grown it to over , In addition, I have created a social media fan base of about , people. The tools and techniques I have learned have allowed me to multiply my online info sales 11 times over. Bottom line — if you are looking for an inexpensive way to grow your online business and accelerate your success, then Bedros and Craig should be on top of your short list of experts to work with.

Before I started working with Bedros and Craig, I was really frustrated with my online business.

How to Start a Blog: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide (12222)

I was even losing money with all the "shiny new objects" that I was chasing. I needed the expertise, direction and accountability that I knew Bedros and Craig could provide. It was a no-brainer. They also showed me how to consistently create killer content and how I could easily track what really mattered so that I knew what was working. The results?

If you're serious about your online business, attend any event, meeting, or coaching group with Bedros and Craig. They will save you a lot of money and hardship and it will dramatically shorten the learning curve.

You won't get caught making mistakes that people have already made because you'll be given a direct blueprint that works. Take the plunge and do it. Before getting coaching with Bedros and Craig, I was getting nowhere in my online business. It was frustrating. I was tired of working long hours with no results. Their coaching helped me develop a clear action plan and deadline so I could get my new products finished and launched in half the time.

They gave me new ideas to launch 4 info products over the last year, and now I've grown to FIVE thousand dollars per month. Follow the plan from Bedros and CB and you'll succeed. You have nothing to lose. Stop wondering and get it out there. I know I waited way too long to take action and regret not starting sooner. If anyone can help you make it happen for you, it's Bedros and CB. I didn't have an online business before I got coaching from Craig and Bedros. I had tried making money online through article writing and SEO in the past and it failed miserably.

There were so many wasted hours and I couldn't find anyone who could help me. I knew I didn't have a shot without a mentor, so I started getting coaching from them. I had followed their work for a few years and knew they could help me. I knew I wanted to learn from the best. My biggest takeaway from the coaching was that selling must be your number one priority every day.

I knew how to create great products but I knew nothing about writing sales copy, how to sell my product, or how to market my product. You have a product that can help change people's lives, so you have an obligation to sell it. There are so many people out there who are frustrated and losing hope. You must save them by selling! Craig and Bedros helped me make my first sales fast. If you want to have an info business, then you have to go to this seminar.

Otherwise you'll waste a lot of time doing things that don't matter, you'll spin your wheels and probably end up giving up like so many others have. Every success story lists coaching as one of their keys to success. It's not a coincidence. I took a week off of work to attend my first seminar with Craig and Bedros instead of going on vacation. Do whatever is necessary to make it there. Being coached by Craig was one of the best business decisions I have made. I wanted to know what works and Craig gave me that in spades.

I was also fortunate enough to be part of Craig and Bedros mastermind and they gave me more actionable advice that you can use right away in 10 minutes then you'll get from a dozen books. If you want to grow a profitable, sustainable online info business you need to go to a seminar with these guys. They gave me clear directions on how to execute and deadlines to push me harder for success. Their coaching led to more connections with all the right people. I went from training clients for hours per week to taking my expertise online and making 6-figures in my first year.

Five months into my 2nd year online, I'm already on track to double last year's profits. Their help has been priceless! If this can happen for me, it CAN happen for you too. You've found the ONLY coaches you need. I'm living proof. I signed up for business coaching with Craig when I didn't really have a business yet and with money I didn't really have. Now, some folks may call that "dumb" but all I knew is that I had a burning desire to be successful in the fitness industry and this guy had already been there and done that.

In every other area of my life where I was successful, I did it by following a foolproof step-by-step plan created by someone who had already done what I wanted to do. That, combined with relentless persistence, is pretty much the recipe for success write that down. That was 5 years ago. Today, I give more than 10xs that amount to various charities each year. I want for nothing. I have a beautiful family that I can spend as much time with as I please because I work from home and create my own schedule.

I don't answer to a boss, I don't set an alarm clock and I don't deal with winter anymore. I live what anyone would consider to be the ideal life and it all started with making the decision to hire Craig as my coach and my mentor. Craig has a unique ability to coach, to motivate, to teach, and most importantly, to show you, step-by-step, how to build a successful internet business. Beyond that, he is your fast-pass ticket to a network of colleagues in the fitness industry that you MUST establish to be successful.

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If you are wired with same burning desire to be successful that I was, and if you're willing to be relentlessly persistent to achieve that success, then your next no-brainer move is to tap into Craig, his knowledge, his coaching, and his network. There is only one possible outcome if you do: radical, accelerated realization of your dreams becoming reality.

Prior to working with Craig and Bedros, I was on the rise, but that wasn't good enough for me. I wanted to be one of the great ones and set myself apart from the pack. I didn't want to be a big fish in a small pond so I decided to surround myself with leaders and coaches like Craig and Bedros who were ahead of me in business development and crushing their competitors. I didn't want to get left behind fighting for the scraps or end up like one of those guys on YouTube chasing clicks for AdSense. One thing I learned from these guys is if you can achieve your goals alone than you simply didn't aim high enough.

Nothing great is achieved alone so I looked to the "movers and shakers" to help me identify the dollar bills in my business and not waste time picking up the pennies.

Aside from gaining unique marketing strategies, the biggest thing I got from them was holding me accountable, believing in me and challenging me to raise the bar and go after my Big Goals. Plus, these guys don't just give you "tips" and "tricks" you can get those anywhere they plant vision and forecast your future and you better believe this lights a fire under your ass.

Let me say, if you can't build a 7 figure business after working with these guys for a few years, you did something very wrong. Today I get dozens of emails from guys wanting to get into the online fitness world and my simple reply is, 'Go to one of Craig and Bedros' seminars. If that doesn't work for you then you weren't cut out for this. I decided to coach with Craig after watching his first seminar about how to sell information products online.

It was obvious that he knew exactly how to teach me to use the internet and free myself from my 14 hour day personal training schedule. I also had a website where I was trying - unsuccessfully - to sell an e-book. After my first meeting with Craig, I realized it was all wrong.

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Craig helped restructure the website and it started to bring in sales, eventually helping us build a multi-million dollar business. Craig not only showed me how to master the world of internet marketing, but also how to master my schedule so that I had the time to create a multi-million dollar business while being a mom to two young boys. You don't learn these skills in school and I find many entrepreneurs struggle with this critical component.

Craig taught me how to structure my day so that my priorities always get done and I am now more productive than ever. This information has been priceless. Going to the RIGHT seminar can literally save you years of trying to figure out how to create a profitable business on your own. I would have never been able to create a successful online business in 6 months without Craig's guidance every step of the way.

Freeing yourself from your current job is easier than you think and Craig can show you how. You will be required to do the work, but it will be much easier once he gives you the exact blueprint to follow. Today I earned my former annual teacher's salary in just 60 days with my online business. But before working with Bedros and Craig, I had no product or no knowledge of online marketing.

One of the biggest bonuses of working with these guys and building my online business has been the personal growth I've experienced. I'm more confident in all aspects of my life. I'm thrilled that I get to help SO many more people with an online presence. As well, I get to give back to those that are just starting in the business. This is VERY satisfying to me.

Of course there is financial benefit to this as well. I now have several income streams and a stable income from doing business that I love.