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A free Bible Translation and Commentary on Paul's First Letter to Timothy in EasyEnglish. The record in the book of Acts ends with the *apostle Paul in prison in *Rome. .. Jesus himself said, 'The Son of Man came to find and to save what was lost' (Luke Verse 16 Paul was so bad but the *Lord still had pity on him. 1 Timothy 1 Commentary, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this Paul thought of himself as a man holding the king's commission. .. To the Jews there was no book in the world like the Old Testament. when my soul had been cold and dry, for the lack of prayer during the week, a turn up and down in.

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Wokeness and Legalism. George Yancey. Religion's Hypocrisy: Descent and Overthrow - Matthew Workshop on Isaiah 6. Psalm God As King - Psalm The God Who Helps - Psalm Part 5: Nehemiah And we ask him to help us to know what we should do. We ask God for his general blessing and care for the people. We talk to God about them. The third word means to have a conversation with God and to make an appeal to him. We can be like the agents for other people and come to God with an appeal on their behalf.

We ask God to help and bless them. The last word means to thank God. We must always thank God. We thank him for all people. We thank him for all that he has done. Thank him for each of those for whom we have prayed. They should pray in this manner for all people. He is not asking them to pray for everyone in the world. That would not be possible for them to do. He means that they should pray for all kinds of people. They should pray for the people that they know. And they should pray for the people about whom they know. Verse 2 They should pray for all who lead in their society.

Christians should pray for all those who govern them. They should pray for them, whether they are good or bad. What the rulers do and say will affect the lives of all the people. The purpose in praying for them is that they will rule well. The prayer is that all that they do will be for the good of the people. They want to be able to live good and honest lives. They want to be able to share what they believe with other people.

Verses It is a good thing to pray for the people and for the rulers. It is right for Christians to care enough to pray to God for them. More than that, such prayers are pleasing to God.

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Then it is for those who kill their fathers and mothers or who murder. And he should urge him to change and to do what is right. The church can honor them by meeting their spiritual needs. Timothy should live like this. But thou, O man of God — Whatever all the world else do; a man of God is either a prophet, a messenger of God, or a man devoted to God, a man of another world; flee — As from a serpent, instead of coveting these things, and follow after righteousness — Truth, justice, mercy, with all their proper fruits; godliness — Sincere and fervent piety, implying devotedness to God, in heart and life, and a conformity to his image; faith — In all its branches, especially as having the perfections of God, and the truths and promises of his word for its object, implying an evidence of things not seen, and an earnest of things hoped for, with fidelity as to every trust committed to thee. The issue is woman teaching and having authority. They should be to each other as brothers and sisters.

He desires that all people should come to him. He desires that they would come to know the truth. The truth of God will deliver them from all error. He is Jesus Christ who became a man for this purpose. I am telling the truth; I am not lying. Verse 5 People may believe in many gods but there is only one real God. Many believe that there is only one God. But they do not know him. To do this he had to be the agent for both God and people. Jesus Christ is God. And he came to show us what God was like. He became a man so that he could take us to God. Verse 6 All people have done what is wrong.

He suffered instead of and on behalf of us all. God sent his Son Jesus Christ at the time that he appointed. This is what he has shown us. Therefore, he insists that he is not lying. He explained to them what is true. He taught them what Christians believe. And he taught them how they should live. Let them lift up their hands to God. They should not do their hair in odd styles. They should not put on much gold and precious stones, or wear expensive clothes.

This is right for women who say that they believe in God. And I would not allow them to tell men what to do. They should be calm and quiet. And then he made Eve. That is if women trust and love him and are holy and modest. The women had to keep quiet in the church meetings. So he urges the men to pray. In every place where the Christians meet, the men should pray.

When they pray in the church meeting, they should lift up their hands. They lift them up to God. But this act and their prayers have no value if they are not clean morally good in their minds. They cannot really pray unless their lives are good. There must be a unity in the church. There can be no anger between the members. They must settle all such problems before they pray. They must not argue among themselves.

And they must believe that God will hear their prayers. Verse 9 Paul now talks about how the women should behave in the church meetings. They too should pray but they should not pray aloud. Women should be modest in both their attitude and in their dress. They should not dress or wear things to attract attention to them. So they should be modest in their appearance.

This does not mean that the women should be dull and not attractive. But they should not display their wealth or beauty. Paul is writing about the excess and the effect of these things. Verse 10 The women should make themselves attractive by what they do. Not by what they wear. Their lives are more important than the clothes that they put on. Christian women should do good things because they trust in God. Paul ruled that the women should be quiet. When they came to the meetings, they should be under the authority of the men who taught. They had to listen to them and learn from them.

Verse 12 Paul would not permit a woman to teach in the public meetings of the church. He is not saying that there is no place for a woman to teach. But the task of teaching in the church belonged to the men. For a woman to teach men would be to take the authority from them. The women should keep quiet in the church meetings. Verses The reason why the man should be the leader over the woman is that God made the man first. After this, he made the woman to be a helper for the man Genesis It is not that men are superior to women.

They are equal before God. But they are not the same and they have different roles in society. Men and women are equal partners but one must take the lead. The man should take that role for the benefit of both of them. She believed what he said. And so she did not obey God. She took and ate of the fruit. But God had said they must not eat that fruit. She gave some of it to the man and he ate it. This is an example of Eve taking the role that Adam had. He was wrong because he listened to the voice of his wife Genesis There is a danger when men or women take on the wrong roles.

Verse 15 Women should not try to take the role that God has given to men. The role that he talks about here is to teach in the church meeting. They have other roles that men cannot have. One of those roles is to have children. Eve is the subject of the first part of this verse. So, through the birth of Jesus to Mary, God kept his promise. God will save women if they continue to trust in him and love him. They should be pure, holy and modest. Some people take this verse as a promise that women will be safe as they give birth. But they must have the right attitude toward God.

They must trust him and love him. They must be pure, holy and modest. This verse does not mean that having children is the method by which God will save women. God will not save women because they give birth to children. That is true. He must not have more than one wife. He must not drink too much but he should be sensible and well organised. He should be ready to give a welcome to strangers and he must be able to teach. Instead, he must be kind and gentle and he must not love money.

And his children must obey him and respect him. If he is, he might be proud. And then he could fall into the punishment of the devil. Then the devil will not be able to trap him and cause him shame. Verse 1 The task of the leaders is to look after the affairs of the church. It is their job to take care of all the members, to teach them and to lead them. It is not an easy task but it is a noble one. The desire must be for the good of the church and not for selfish reasons.

Verse 2 In verses 2 to 7, Paul lists the qualities that a man must have to be a church leader. Paul taught here that the work of a leader in the church was for men rather than women. When Paul was writing, the leaders were always men. The local churches each had a group of men who were the leaders. It was a title for a leader. It just meant one of the leaders. A leader must be a good man. No one should be able to accuse him of doing wrong things. His life must be a good model for the church members to follow. If he is a married man, he must have only one wife.

He must be a loyal husband to his wife. He needs to be able to think clearly so that he can make wise decisions. He must always be in control of himself. Those who drink too much tend to lose that control. He should earn the respect of both Christians and those who are not Christians. When strangers come to the church or to his home, he should greet them. He will make sure that they are looked after and helped. If they need it, he will invite them to stay with him or with one of the Christians.

The leaders should be ready and able to teach. What they and other teachers teach to the Christians must be true. The leaders must make sure that it is. They must be able to argue for the truth against all that is false. Verse 3 A leader must not be a man who drinks a lot. He must never suffer the effects of too much strong drink. Some of these effects can be to argue and to fight. He must not quarrel or fight. He must try to understand people and be kind to them. He should not be too severe with them. He should not be a leader for what he can get from it.

His desire should be to serve and give himself for the church members. His aim must not be to gain money or goods for himself. The love of money is the cause of much evil. Verses To be a leader of the church a man must lead his own family well. This means that his children must have a good attitude. Their parents will have taught them how to behave. So, they respect and obey those who look after them. It is easier for a man to control his own family than to lead the church.

So, if he does not control his family, he will not be able to take care of the church. It is the church of God. And those who lead it should be qualified to do so. Verse 6 A person who has just become a Christian should not be a leader in the church. He should first prove that he has the right qualities for the task. It would take some time and experience to show that he is ready for this work.

There is a danger that a new Christian in this job would be proud. Those who are proud will fall as the devil did. The devil was once good but because of his pride, he became evil. God opposes the devil and all who are proud. One day God will destroy the devil Revelation The proud will share the same punishment as the devil. Verse 7 A leader must have a very good character. Then those who do not come to the church will respect him. He will not have success if the people do not trust him. Where the people do not respect the church leaders, it will spoil the work of the church.

It could be a cause and a reason for them to oppose the church. He will use anything that he can to do this. If there is anything in a leader of the church that he can attack, he will. As a hunter makes a trap to catch an animal, so he tries to catch the church leaders.

He tempts them to do what he wants. If they do this, it will have a bad effect on the church. They must not drink too much wine or be greedy for money.

They should not find fault with people. They should be sensible and honest in all that they do. He must manage his children and all who live in his house well. But it became a job in the church. In the time of Paul, these would usually be men. They must always speak the truth. They will not vary what they say. And people will be able to depend on their word. They must be careful how they live. And they must not drink too much strong drink.

They must be honest in all that they do. The desire for gain for themselves must not be their aim or the reason for what they do. Their purpose in this work must be to serve God and the church members. Verse 9 From the beginning of time, God planned to send Jesus. But none of the people seemed to understand what he said.

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But he was humble like a servant and died on a cross. Now God showed to the people what they could not know. As they maintain this truth, they must have clean consciences. And they must ask God to forgive them. What they believe must show in how they live. They must show that they possess these qualities. The other people need to be sure about that. Then the church members or the leaders can appoint them to do this work. Some of them could have been women that the church members had appointed to do this work. They must not gossip or find fault with other people. They will know about things that should be kept private.

They must not talk about these things. People must be able to trust them. They must not drink too much strong drink. They must be steady and honest in all their work. He must be in control of his own family. It is not that he manages the church. But it shows the character that any who work in the church must have. Verse 13 Those who serve well in their duties in the church gain honour for themselves. They can be bolder as they speak about what they believe to other people. This house is the church of the living God. And it supports and defends the truth.

And we must say that what God has shown us of our religion is very great. He came and showed himself to us as a human being. The Spirit declared that he was without fault. People all over the world believed in him. Verses Paul was hoping to visit Timothy soon. But he wrote this letter just in case there was a delay in his plans. He wanted the church members to know how they should live.

So, he gave these rules for the leaders and for the members. He wanted them to behave well when they came together as the church. The church is not the building in which they meet. They are the house of God. God is with them. They are the church of the living God. The strength and the foundation of that church are in God. God has trusted Christians with his truth. Each local church of Christians has a duty to protect that truth from all that is false. And those people taught wrong things.

Timothy had to tell them to stop doing so. The church members must not accept what these people taught. They must hold on to and spread the truth that is from God. Verse 16 The secret of true religion that God has shown to us is great. All must agree with this because there can be no doubt about it. And it is about what he has done. When he came, the Christ had to suffer and die for us. But nobody understood that. He has done all that God had said that he would do. The rest of the verse seems to be from a statement of belief in the church. It may have been part of a Christian song.

There are six lines, each of which is about Christ or his work on the earth. God, in the person of Christ, came to us as a man. Christ was always God. But he came to us as a human being so that we may know him. He said that he was the Son of God. He said that he was one with and equal to the Father. He was God. The Spirit agrees that these claims are true. He declares that Jesus is the Son of God and that he is perfect. He proved it in that Jesus Christ rose again from the dead. One of them came to those who looked after the sheep to tell them about his birth Luke They came to Jesus after the devil had tempted him Matthew Some women had come.

Later, Jesus left the earth and went up to heaven. And they told the friends of Jesus that he would come again Acts He sends them to help those who believe in Jesus Hebrews They look to him as the ruler in heaven. From that day, Christians have gone to the nations with the good news of Christ. Where the Christians have told people the good news of Christ, some have believed it. They have put their trust in him and become Christians too. He entered into the bright light of heaven where God lives.

There he enjoys honour and praise. God has given to him all power to rule in heaven and over the earth. Their consciences, which decide between right and wrong, are dead as if burnt with a hot iron. And they teach that it is wrong to eat certain kinds of food. But God created these foods for those who believe in him to eat.

They thank God for what they eat. Those who believe in him know the truth. We are not to refuse anything that God has made. But we should thank him and receive it. Verse 1 Paul turns from instructions to Timothy and the church members, to give a warning.

These people said that they trusted in God.

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But then they changed their minds. The Holy Spirit had said that this would happen in future times. The last days here means some time after the Spirit had spoken. It is not just the final period, which is still to come. The last days here refer to the present, which began with the coming of Christ.

Since the church started, there have been those who said that they believed. The Bible does say that there will be a time when a large number will turn away. This is because they act on lies. They turn away from the truth and believe lies. They listen to what false teachers say. They will do all that they can to stop people from trusting in Christ. They also try to turn Christians from their belief in him. But they speak lies. They teach things that do not agree with the truth from God. It may sound good but it is false. These teachers should have known the truth but they chose to deny it.

They have decided to follow and to teach what is false. This has damaged their consciences. It is as if they have burned them with a hot iron. They can no longer know what is right or what is wrong. Verse 3 Paul mentions two of the wrong things that these people taught. They forbade people to marry. And they told them that they must not eat certain foods. The Bible teaches that marriage is a good thing. And it is from God. As for the foods, God created them for us to eat. Christians should know that they can eat all kinds of food. But they should always thank God for what they eat. They should be grateful to God for all that he has given to them.

Verses God is good and therefore all that he does is good. He created all things. He gave all kinds of plants and fruit for food Genesis He told Noah that every moving thing that lives should be food for him Genesis So, we should not forbid any kind of food. God is not pleased with us just because we do not eat certain foods. We should receive all things as from God and thank him for them.

What God has said and our prayer of thanks to him make all food fit for us to eat. This teaches us that Christians should pray before they eat. Rather, work hard to be what God wants you to be.

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But it is better to train to be what God wants you to be. That will benefit you in every way. That has the promise of life now and of the life that is to come. And you should accept and believe them. He is the one who can save all people. And he will save all those who believe in him.

But you must be a good example to those who believe. By the time Paul wrote his second letter to Timothy, the young pastor had been ministering to the church at Ephesus for four years, and it had been almost that long since he had received his first letter from Paul. Timothy had been a faithful servant to Paul since he had left home with the apostle more than a decade earlier. Since then, Timothy had ministered alongside Paul for the duration of both the second and third missionary journeys, in places such as Troas, Philippi, and Corinth.

Paul wrote again to this young leader in the church at Ephesus to provide him encouragement and fortitude in the face of difficulties and trials. Paul wrote 2 Timothy from a dark and damp Roman prison cell, just before his death in AD The Roman emperor Nero had been slowly descending into madness since his ascent to the throne in AD 54, a process exacerbated by the great fire of Rome in AD 64 that burned half the city.

Paul was one of those caught up in this persecution and was beheaded by Roman officials soon after writing this letter. The second letter to Timothy offers a picture of Paul at the end of his ministry, just before his death. Certain personal details in the letter reveal a man settling his accounts and preparing for the inevitable.