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ras.boxed-rocket.com/tales-of-the-babysitter-volume.php Hold each group accountable. One of the biggest questions I get asked about escape rooms is, "What if groups see each other finding clues? For the close reading escape rooms, students who rush through clues are at a disadvantage at the end when they have to answer questions about the article. Groups who rushed end up retracing their steps and doing the close read. In my poetry and literary devices escape rooms, I created worksheets that had to be filled out and handed in for groups to win.

There was a question on the worksheet that corresponded to each clue groups had to work through. Overall, planning an escape room is the hardest, most time consuming part of the process. Executing the escape room is by far the most rewarding. I'm pretty sure my students want weekly escape rooms now, which I would totally do if there were hours in the day! I will definitely be planning more. Escape rooms are the perfect combination of fun and meaningful learning. I recently added a new escape room to the mix: a literary devices escape room.

My students love Ray Bradbury's "All Summer in a Day" and this escape room is based on his short story. Finally, I put all of my escape rooms in a bundle so teachers have several escape rooms to implement throughout the school year. I know once my students experienced one escape room, they kept on asking for more! Students were told to find the first paper clue in the classroom and that would lead them to the first of five lock boxes.

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The first clue, Keep your books close, keep your reading closer, led students to the book shelves. The bookshelf lock box had an article on Amelia Earhart that students were told to read closely enough to find the next clue. Within the article, the words empty, box, of, books were all in bold. When students figured that out, they were led to an empty box among all of my book boxes. In the empty box, students found their multiple choice questions and the multiple choice task cards. When the task cards were put in order identifying each type of multiple choice questions, the small letters at the bottom of the task cards spelled FILES when students answered this one wrong, they searched for flies!

It didn't take them long to correct it! The filing cabinet clue told students to look back in the passage to identify where the answers for each question could be found. This activity teaches them to look back in the text! For one of the questions, they had to add the question number to the paragraph number, which equaled The only place the number 28 exists in my classroom is on my calendar, where they found the next clue: recycling bin! When they broke the code, this clue spelled DOOR. The final lock box was behind a closet door in my classroom. The fifth and final clue told students to finally answer the questions.

If there is one solid lesson the students in my class have learned, it's where the sweets are! The first group to crack the clue ran to my sweets jar! The final congratulatory clue was in the candy bin. After all the excitement died down, I called students back to their seats and they completed a reflection, sharing what they learned from the experience. They were so quiet working on their reflections! Reading through them this afternoon confirmed what a rich and meaningful learning experience the escape room had been for students.

They truly experienced close reading in a hands-on way--not an easy task in an English Language Arts classroom! Short on time? Close Reading and Multiple Choice escape room by clicking here. Did you find this post helpful? Follow, share, pin, and subscribe for more great tips. Thanks for visiting! Proudly created with Wix. ELA Escape Room.

March 17, Students were told to find the first paper clue in the classroom and that the paper clue would lead them to the first of five lock boxes. Escape Room. Close Reading. Test Prep. Active Learning. Middle School. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Featured Posts. January 29, Gatz skillfully connects all three stories with a satisfying, realistic conclusion.

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There, she discovers a magical book, a sinister couple, a family mystery, and a new friend who loves puzzles as much as she does. The writing is mesmerizing, the mystery fascinating, and the characters, enchanting. This is a delightful, atmospheric read. Escape from Mr. The silly Mr. Lemoncello devises a fun way to get OUT of the library — you can only get out if you solve the puzzles around the entire library. Will the kids work together or will it be every child for himself? It was a murder mystery on the moon.

I can never turn down a good, realistic sci-fi PLUS murder mystery. It has it all! It was placed in and their second-in-command had died. Everyone thought he had gone crazy, but Dashiel Givson suspected differently. The first book is almost mirrored in the second —the base commander this time disappears. With just enough breaking the rules, they can figure out where she is and who did it.

The only thing that feels right is soccer.

Written in free verse, this is a lyrical, fast-paced story that feels honest and relatable. The narrator, a strong, quirky voice, warns us of the bloody things to come. I loved the suspense, the fascinating world, the characters, and the happily ever after. Miri and the other girls in her mountain village are ordered to attend a newly created school to learn enough to be considered wife material for the prince.

But the prince, when he does appear, sees cold and unfriendly making Miri reconsider what she wants. Then, when bandits take over the school and hold the girls hostage, Miri finds her inner strength and clarity of purpose. Illustrations throughout make this even more appealing to read and imagine. Who would have thought?! What is going on in this strictly controlled community? When his foster baby brother is up to be killed, Jonas must decide how he will save them both. Throughout their travels, the two develop a complicated friendship and Drest learns uncomfortable truths about her family.

I love when a girl rescues boys from death! What an excellent story — I highly recommend it. Cole, a regular kid, is trick-or-treating with his friends when they all get kidnapped.

Our Guide To 2017’s Great Reads

Cole manages to hide but follows the kidnappers — to another world — a world of five kingdoms, slavery, and magic. Cole is found and sold to slavers on the Outskirts. In , we follow the harrowing journey of a young boy who, after his village was attacked, walks miles and miles to a refugee camp. In , we learn about a girl who must walk two hours morning and night to get fresh water. A must read! Now Sky and her fellow humans live below ground in safety with Noah as their supreme ruler. Sky discovers that her missing maybe traitor?

She decides to leave the underground city in order to find her dad. LOVED it! All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Perry is well-loved by his mother and her friends; they all live in prison. This story will stay with you long after you read the last page.

Doug is a boy who is struggling to read with no support from his home life. Not only are his dad and older brother abusive but they all live in abject poverty. This eventually leads to reading and hope. Impyrium by Henry H. Neff FANTASY Hazel is the third granddaughter, a princess who resembles no one else in the family except the most dangerous magician ruler the kingdom ever knew. Hazel will face a choice to follow in the dark magic footsteps of her ancestor.

Plots within plots, twists and turns, make this an enthralling new fantasy adventure. And if they do escape, what will they next? Twelve-year-old Sophie has never quite fit into her life. Her only hope is to regain the memories about her past. This was always one of my fifth graders favorite read-alouds. Even though she gets her dream to work in the faire as a squire, she also just wants to be like the other girls at her school, too.

Her journey is painful and honest as she figures out who she wants to be. Smile is a funny, relatable story about braces, friends, boys, and life in middle school. She dreams of leaving Mississippi for the north like her mom and aunt, especially after the white men who killed Emmett Till are found not-guilty in a real-life historical trial. One Crime. Sanity is a brilliant inventor — but her newest illegal creation, a three-headed kitten named Princess Destroyer of Worlds has escaped and is living up to her name — destroyer.

While the station is evacuated, the friends work hard to stop the duct weasels and the engine from overheating. I love the space station setting, the super-smart problem-solving main characters, and the non-stop action. Together they find kindness and hope with a Quaker family. Never like new, but all of a piece and good enough to last a life. Granny drags Louisiana out of bed in the middle of the night, insisting that they leave their home to confront the family curse. Not only does Louisiana not want to leave her friends and home, but things get even worse when Granny abandons Louisiana at a motel along the way.

Year Two: Peaking Early

Forced to fend for herself, Louisiana figures out how to survive miles from home while worrying that the family curse has destined her for an unhappy life. While on a class trip to Washington D. This well-done graphic novel tackles the issues of friendships and confidence , among other things. We highly recommend this graphic novel. Except for she kind of does — because her mother used to tell her about witches and magic. The Ghost Network: Activate by I. Not only are the kids in danger but there also seems to be a computer implanted inside their brains telling them what to do!

The story intrigued me from the get-go but after about the middle, the action was so fast-paced and suspenseful, I was totally hooked. Captain Superlative by J. T he big lesson our main character, Janey, learns is about not standing by when injustice is happening. She learns this from a girl dressed in a swimsuit, wig, mask, and high tops who arrives at her middle school and changes everything. But after Cole almost dies, he decides to give the year-long process a chance.

The writing, the story, the characters, and the themes all pack a big punch adding up to a compelling novel that will make you think deeply and leave you changed. Sensitive readers: there are a few swear words and two scenes with a lot of blood. You can imagine how his plan will go, right? It will take months to prove the video is falsified and by then Jackson will have missed the robot contest due to his punishment. This is a great adventure filled with twists and turns. Beetle Boy by M. Very well-written. Until he discovers a chilling plot of men named Chamberlain who work under the control of The Warden.

Now, he must use all his skills to save the world from a racist threat. I loved Mr. I also loved that the story had a realistic ending. In a lovely turn of events, the community, including her friend Soojin, support the mosque with a place to gather and rebuilding efforts. Trouble comes to the bayou when the big rig spills oil and makes it way towards them. Maddy calls upon her magical connection with the river goddess to stop the spill and save the Bon Temps bayou. Only Mike hates math and when he gets sent to a small town for the summer with distant relatives, Mike learns is true value.

He surprises himself in a battle when he saves the life of his enemy, a Ranger of Justice girl named Kirbie. They secretly become friends making Alex question his entire life and the next big mission to wipe out all of the Rangers. Very adventurous and interesting! Ben longs for the father he has never known.

Rose dreams of a mysterious actress whose life she chronicles in a scrapbook. I mean, talk about heartbreaking! Peter feels just as awful and sets off, on foot, to find his fox.

Fortunately, Pax is adopted by a leash of foxes who teach him to survive in the wild and Peter is helped by a grumpy war-veteran hermit. In fact, those enemies have killed him many times in past versions of the world. But with the help of a wise Native American healer, a Native American priest, the two personality-filled snakes that have become his arms! Devastated, Manami stops speaking. Her story is painful, sprinkled with hope, and all too real. And why is she trying to contact Molly?

This is a great action-adventure-mystery series with a zombie focus. At the hospital, the bats lively conversations help the little brown bat learn more about bats — what they eat, how they fly, different species, echolocation, and where they live. SO well done! This is a story that rings true with a pitch-perfect ending.

When his mistress gives birth to triplets of a prophecy, the three children are spirited away and hidden separately. Now that the children are older, each of them face challenges and adventures that lead them to the truth of who they really are — the foretold saviors of the empire. The story takes place during different years around the second world war. The thread that ties the characters together is a most magical harmonica. Lovely and very well-written.

The three accompany their inventor boss to the Arctic for a science competition where they discover one of the researchers has gone missing. A decent read for science and mystery enthusiasts but be ready for sluggish pacing. The words stay about two weeks and the negative words itch badly. Anonymous notes encourage Elyse to try new things, and grow out of her comfort zone.

She does and is surprised with the positive results including a self-acceptance. This would be an interesting book to discuss with a book group. But their friendship is becoming dangerous with the KKK, phone threats, and a police force that does nothing. But is that really what the school does? Another hit for the talented Gordon Korman! Very relatable to middle school students. A hard task to be sure! When the Wordsmith disappears, Letta asks her dangerous outsider friend to help her find out what happened. Six: A Devastating Call. An Impossible Journey.

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And No Turning Back. The School for Good and Evil trains kids to be one or the other — heroes or villains. Now Sophie spends all her time trying to get into the School for Evil and manipulates Agatha to do so. Save Save. Way to go! I can't wait to share with you books that your kids will love. An email to confirm is heading to your in box right now.

Try the next list up! Thank you.

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What a great list! Here you go. Hope this helps!

Read this very comprehensive reading list you put together a while ago. That was the time my year old was going through a no-reading phase at home. He was either reading books below his reading level or just not reading at all. Then I got him Refugee and Insignificant Events…. The latter revived his interest in reading and the former brought joy back into his reading. He is making connections and asking questions, taking sides as he jostles along Josef, Mahmoud and Isabel. Grade 5 will be reading it from July onwards.

My oldest son is 10, just starting grade 5. He was an advanced reader at a young age, reading the Harry Potter series when he was in grade 2 and 3 at his instigation. We have struggled to find reading material that is on his level, but with age appropriate themes. Your booklists contain some wonderful suggestions. I will print out your lists and give them to him to read through by himself, as he currently rejects any book I propose directly.

All THE PEople here are just mothers but I am a kid and I was looking for some books to read once i saw space case one of my favorite books i just kept scrolling down. He always says the books are boring. Your list however has given me some great options. Almost all of these books I have never heard of before. I love to read. Your reviews of these books were written so well.

Please email me anytime if you think I could be of more help! I hope it takes the right book to get your son reading. I love your list, especially how comprehensive and up to date it is. I just wanted to add some information about Crossing the Line by Meghan Rogers. Just an FYI. Thanks so much for this truly remarkable list! I have four boys, 16, 13 and 10 year old twins. I love finding good reading options for them. Thank you for sharing! I have a few of these! My 8 and 11 year olds love it!