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1990-2004: "L'Affaire Brando", Drames familiaux et fin de l'acteur
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Antécédents de l'affaire: Khadija Ismayilova | Front Line Defenders Bao Longjun also remains in detention at an unknown location and his lawyers have similarly been denied access to him. After being detained briefly, Bao Zhuoxuan was released but in the following weeks was called in for questioning a number of times by police.

The whereabouts of at least 18 defenders remain unknown following their detention by police in July. It is thought that at least nine others are also detained.

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Many of those missing or detained are lawyers who have been at the forefront of the human rights movement in China over the past number of years. Beginning on 9 July , scores of human rights defenders, mostly involved in legal activism, were taken in for questioning by police in a number of cities across China.

While many were released shortly after, it is reported that at least 27 remain in police custody. The families and lawyers of at least 18 of those detained have not been informed of where they are being held, nor have their lawyers been permitted to meet with them.

Un vieil ami des Baazov au coeur de l’affaire Amaya

No information has been received about their physical or mental well-being. All but one of those detained have been refused access to their lawyers, with some legal representatives informed that this is because their clients' cases involve 'national security'. On 9 July , human rights lawyer Ms Wang Yu and her husband Mr Bao Longjun, a legal activist, were detained and subsequently placed under 'residential surveillance' in an unknown location.

They are being held on charges of 'inciting subversion of state power' and Bao Longjun also faces the charge of 'picking quarrels and provoking troubles'. Their whereabouts are currently unknown, as are the whereabouts of Ms Wang Fang, an accountant at a law firm where some of the detained lawyers work, and Mr Hu Shigen, a human rights defender and writer who previously spent 16 years in prison as a result of his human rights activities.

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Three further human rights defenders, namely Messrs Gou Hongguo, Liu Yongping and Lin Bin, were also detained on 10 July and remain under 'residential surveillance' at an unknown location. That same day, lawyer Mr Sui Muqing was detained in Guangzhou and has also been placed under 'residential surveillance' at an unknown location on charges of 'inciting subversion of state power'.

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On 12 July lawyer Mr Xie Yanyi was also detained in Beijing and subsequently placed under 'residential surveillance' at an unknown location on charges of 'disrupting court order' and 'inciting subversion of state power'. On 20 July Ms Gao Yue, an assistant to lawyer Li Heping, was detained and subsequently placed under 'residential surveillance' at an unknown location on charges of 'picking quarrels and provoking troubles' and 'inciting subversion of state power'.

He has not been heard from since. Ils acceptent que, nous les amis de Vincent nous la rendions publique :.

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Enfin trois experts le disent. Il y a des choses, a minima, qui ne sont pas faites comme le sortir de son lit ou de sa chambre. Il faut que cela change. Ce rapport est un tournant. Lire la tribune entier. Prions pour lui, pour ses proches et pour tous ceux qui prennent soin de lui. Pourtant, Vincent se trouve dans une situation de maltraitance par omission de soins. Vous connaissez le regard de Vincent. The charge has since been discredited following the denial by journalist Mr Tural Mustafayev of previous statements he had made accusing Khadija Ismail of driving him to attempt suicide by firing him from Radio Azadliq in March The extension of Khadija Ismail's detention follows the conviction to long prison terms of two other human rights defenders who were also targeted in the crackdown started by the Azeri Government in A number of other human rights defenders remain in detention pending trial.

When she arrived at the Prosecutor's office, she was detained and informed that the Prosecutor had issued an order for her arrest on charges of causing a person to attempt suicide article of Azerbaijan's Criminal Code. That evening, Sabail District Court ruled to arrest and detain the human rights defender for two months pending trial. The following day, on 6 December , she was transferred to Kurdakhany pre-trial detention centre in the outskirts of Baku.

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Her lawyer appealed her pre-trial detention, and the appeal hearing is scheduled for 11 December in Baku Appeals Court. On 5 December , Khadija Ismail's lawyer had been forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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According to the General Prosecutor's office, on 20 October , Tural Mustafaev attempted to take his own life. However, according to the people who knew Tural Mustafaev personally, Khadija Ismail had no connection to his attempted suicide.

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On 6 December , the day after Khadija Ismail's arrest, about fifteen law enforcement officers from the police and the General Prosecutor's office carried out a search of her home, seizing 58 DVD-disks, a modem and business cards. If found guilty of causing a person to attempt suicide, the human rights defender could face up to seven years of imprisonment.

Khadija Ismail stated in court that the document that she published on Facebook did not mention the name of the plaintiff and there is no evidence to the contrary. At the time of writing, the trial has not been concluded.

On 10 June , Binagadi District Court ordered Khadija Ismail to carry out hours of public service for allegedly organising an unauthorised protest in Baku. The peaceful demonstration, which had been held on 26 January , was dispersed by police who used rubber truncheons to control the crowds. Three protesters were arrested and fifteen others were fined.