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Non-incorporated organizations are no legal persons but nevertheless able to engage in civil activities in their own name. The investors or founders of non-incorporated organizations shall generally assume unlimited liability for the liabilities and debts of non-incorporated organizations. The last point is an important difference to limited liability companies, where the liability of the investors or founders is generally limited to the amount of their contribution to the registered capital of the limited liability company. Civil Rights The GRCL now expressly deal with the protection of the personal data of individuals and stipulate that the personal information of a natural person is protected by the law.

Any organization or individual obtaining personal information of others must ensure the safety of such personal information, and shall not illegally collect, use, process or transmit such personal information, or illegally buy or sell, provide or make public such personal information. The GRCL also refer to general data protection and online virtual property, however, details in this regard are left to special laws and regulations. While the GPCL provided that a party may request a People's Court or an arbitration institution to alter or revoke civil acts which are obviously unfair, according to the GRCL, a People's Court or an arbitration institution shall now only be entitled to revoke such an act.

The GRCL shorten the one year period for revocation in case of a substantial misunderstanding as stated in the PRC Contract Law to 3 months, starting from the date when the party concerned knows or should have known the cause for revocation. This produces legal certainty faster. The GRCL further provide that if the party concerned has not exercised the right of revocation within five years from the date when the civil legal act was performed, the right of revocation shall, in any case, be forfeited.

Article of the GRCL deals with self-dealings of an agent. An agent shall not perform a civil legal act in the name of the principal with himself or herself, unless such act is consented or acknowledged by the principal. The same applies for the performance of a civil legal act in the name of the principal with another party who entrusted the same agent simultaneously. In practice, it is advisable that the representative of an entity obtains the prior written consent of such entity s competent authority if he or she intends to perform a civil legal act with himself or herself or with another principle he or she acts for.

Any restrictions imposed by the legal person on the scope of functions and powers of persons performing work tasks for the legal person are no valid defense against bona fide third parties. The same applies for persons acting for non incorporated organizations. Article of the GRCL deals with apparent agency. Nearly identical to Article 49 of the PRC Contract Law, it is stipulated that if any act of agency continually performed by an actor without the power of agency, beyond the scope of his or her power of agency or after his or her power of agency has expired, such act of agency shall be valid if the other party is in good faith, i.

In order to avoid cases of Articles and of the GRCL, companies should implement respective corporate governance rules such as management by-laws and rules on the use of company seals, and make sure that powers of attorneys are appropriately limited and revoked, if necessary together with notifying business partners or the public. Further, companies should make sure that the respective information on their directors and managers as visible from the online database of the company s registration authority are always correct and up-to-date.

Civil Liability Articles et seq. Article of the GRCL stipulates that a person who causes harm in exercising a justifiable defense shall not bear civil liability. However, civil liability on a reasonable basis shall be borne if such justifiable defense exceeds the limit of necessity and undue harm is caused. Article of the GRCL which is sometimes referred to as the Good Samaritan Provision by the media and legal commentators, provides that a person who causes harm to someone in volunteering to provide emergency assistance shall not bear any civil liability.

This stipulation has been introduced in order to strengthen civil courage in the PRC. There have been multiple incidents in the past years where by-standers did not help in emergency situations due to their fear of being held responsible and being sued by the victims they had provided aid to. Previous draft versions of this clause contained the reservation that the helper could be held liable for gross negligence.

However, such reservation has not made it into the final version of the GRCL. Whether this means that helpers shall indeed not be liable for obvious cases of gross negligence or even intent is doubtful.

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It is to be expected that future judicial practice or guidance brings clarity in this regard. Article of the GRCL now stipulates that a person who damages the social and public interests by infringing the name, portrait, reputation and honor of a hero or a martyr shall bear civil liability. Maybe the vagueness of this stipulation is deliberate in order to have a general, rather political statement in the GRCL and a broad catch-it-all clause. However, it is to be hoped that future judicial practice or interpretations bring further guidance on various issues regarding this clause.

Who are heroes or martyrs? Under which circumstances are the social and public interests damaged?

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Organizations have adopted co-working in a variety of ways, adapting the style to suit their particular needs, while other companies have launched satellite offices or incubators at existing co-working spaces, enabling employees to collaborate with outside partners, researchers and customers on a consistent basis. Die Hasenburg ist Dienstag bis Samstag von 9. Guiyu is widely known as the largest e-waste recycling destination in the world. As mentioned before, a diagnosis tool is both an analysis of the starting point as well as a reflector of the new state. This is not about the corporate address and mailing addresses. Then, we can forecast future values of the time series. And the fast changes in the industrial landscape in China have become a strain for the employment market with experts and specialists in several industries becoming very scarce.

How are damages measured and who shall be entitled to sue? Statute of Limitation One of the most important changes compared to the GPCL which will have a major practical impact on all contractual claims which are governed by PRC law is the extension of the general limitation of action from two to three years.

According to Article of the GRCL, such newly introduced three years period applies, unless otherwise provided by law. Same as already now according to the respective provisions of the PRC Supreme People s Court, the stipulations regarding a limitation of action under the GRCL are mandatory and not subject to agreement between the parties. Also a prior waiver of the benefits derived from a limitation of action is invalid. However, e. Thus, it is possible to effectively stipulate a warranty period which is shorter than the general statute of limitation period. The GRCL also introduce some important amendments, such as for limitation of actions.

Thus, any entity operating or engaging in business activities in the PRC should take note of the new regulation. They have been active in China for more than 30 years. Keeping you ahead of the race. These factors together bring many challenges for employers. This is one of the main reasons the number of labor dispute cases have increased over the last decade.

Complex situations require sophisticated professionals. However, HR in China is still in its early stage and the main issue is that many HR professionals make mistakes in handling disagreements arising between employer and employees. This problem can be easily handled by optimizing daily HR management processes. HR specialists should know the flaws in their management processes and improve them before they lose their cases in court. There are three easy processes to prevent labor law risks between employers and their employees. The three ways should be deployed in different stages of labor relationship - from hiring to separation.

Quality Control Over HR Work by Authoritative Information Often, HR departments propose wrong processes to handle crisis with their manager including wrong staff management, formulas or variations to calculate compensations. This is understandable as that HR staff are usually not trained legal experts and labor law is complex.

Another reason is that a lot of Chinese HR professionals do not have time to access proper legal resources. So, they ask people they know or people in online communities. Research was conducted on how Chinese HR solve their daily issues. The study found that Chinese HR professional are nice and willing to help: when a HR representative asks a question on how to handle labor law crisis in the community, many will step in to counsel. However, the counseling activity usually results in answers such as we do this this way or I think the problem can be solved this way.

Very few will point out the legal basis for their advice. Surely, this is not a professional way to work on legal labor issues. International companies should not allow this method of information gathering to happen. Solutions to legal issues should not be based on advice given by a person with uncertain expertise. Managers of international companies should be aware of this culture in the infant stage of Chinese HR and find a way to manage it.

The way to manage it is to have a process to control the quality over the HR department s proposal - to make sure that proposed solutions are in line with China s labor laws. The quality control process doesn t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be very simple: the HR department should always tell the manager the source of the information a judgment, a law, checklist prepared by an expert, etc.

If you have legal counsel, ask your HR to talk with them. If you do not have legal counsel, they can go to specialized databases to get the legal information they need. Moderated Negotiation Current Chinese law has put negotiation and mediation as a formal solution to solve labor disputes.

Then it is put before the arbitration and litigation process. That means negotiation is a favored solution to labor disputes from the law s point of view, because this will save cost to the company. Employers should consider negotiation against arbitration and litigation as labor disputes resolution because this will save time and cost for employer and save brand reputation. However, in reality, few employers have seriously considered this solution.

When asked why, the answer is usually that it s hard to reach an agreement or employees usually ask for more than the law does. This is a trust issue: an employee is often concerned that his employer is cheating them. This mindset is understandable, given that the employee and the employer are in disagreement. The solution to this trust crisis is to have a mutually trusted party to moderate the negotiation with the employee in question.

So, who could be considered a mutually trusted party? Certainly, not the HR department because HR is hired by the employer. Some may think of a lawyer. This is arguably better than in-house HR even if cost is not considered, but here often the problem is that the lawyer is paid by the employer as well. Then, who can be trusted by both employee and employer? In other words, who can be a neutral party during the negotiation process? Another one, thanks to today s technology, are online virtual labor law counsel services. Laws and judgments published on these services can demonstrate how the law is determined in similar cases from a neutral perspective.

Usually on these platforms, there are tools to calculate compensations on a case by case basis. They Grow Happily with Us By doing the aforementioned, the employee and employer can reach an agreement before going to court. So, the employer will just pay what they should. Generous employers will pay slightly more than they should which will make the employee happy because they know they were treated more fairly than if they went to court.

Companies should not forget to include that negotiation is required in the resolution process before arbitration into the company s written policy or labor contract. With this clause, your employee s case will not be accepted by the court before you finish the negotiation process. Written Agreements via Communication Channels What is meant by communication channels? Does this mean address, mailing address, etc.? One may murmur We have these, so this is not an interesting topic. But, this is a necessary topic. This is not about the corporate address and mailing addresses.

This is not about the emergency contact that an international company usually has that is driven by their headquarter protocols. This is about a private contact an employee formally registers with the company and clearly agreed to as a default contact. Why this is important? In recent years, a phenomenon of young, unhappy staff simply disappearing without notice to the employer to complete the procedure of separating has been occurring. The HR department has many methods of handling cases such as this one. However, before these methods are deployed, the HR department has to reach the employee with the statement, please clarify your situation, or your absence will be seen as your resignation.

To prevent risks, the employee must be contacted by their default private communication channel. By default, it means that employee and employer have agreed in written format that a letter that arrives to this address is regarded as received. Otherwise a simple excuse by the former employee stating the company did not notify me in a timely manner, will put the company in an awkward situation before the court. It is located in northern part of Changzhou and bordering the Yangtze River on the north.

CND is now ranking among the most dynamic zones, which receive the foreign investment in highest density in mainland china. Changzhou National Hi-Tech District has obtained the certificate of ISO So, it s important for an employer to keep a default communication channel to contact employees. Private address is always the best channel because an address makes it easier for you to prove that an was sent at a specific time to a specific person. Lastly, while this method should only be used with an extremely unhappy employee, the channel should be set up when the employee is hired.

It is easy to do, but it s also an important risk-preventing process that many employers forget to do. Companies constantly have challenges during their day to day activities. By implementing these three processes in your HR department, labor law risks can relatively be diminished before they start. This law has been published as Presidential Order No.

The PDF has the status of a local levy and the application of PDF highly depends on the respective location of a company while it may have less relevance for companies up to now. Given this change, companies will likely be facing a new quarterly tax filing requirement based on monthly emission of pollutants under the strict supervision of the in-charge Chinese tax authorities. The EPT law affects enterprises, public institutions and other business operators which discharge pollutants directly within the territory of China.

Individuals and other non-business operators are not affected by the EPT law. Which Pollutants are Covered? The EPT law covers four different categories of pollution: air pollution, water pollution, solid waste and noise. Within these four categories, only pollutants mentioned in the annex of the EPT law are considered as taxable pollutants. Taxable pollutants discharged to the centralized sewage and domestic waste treatment facilities established by law or solid waste disposed to facilities that meet national and local standards for environmental protection are explicitly excluded.

While all pollution categories have in common that the emission is taxed at certain tax amounts per emission quantity, the differences are how the emission is measured and weighed as well as what tax amount is applied. Pollutants, tax base, pollution equivalent value and tax amounts are defined in annexes to the EPT law. Table 1 and 2 in this article give you a flavor of how some of these annexes look like.

Air and water pollutant emissions are measured in kg. Table 2 contains a selection of pollutants in the category of air and water pollution for illustration purpose. You may note that each pollutant is weighted with a pollution equivalent value which indicates the harmfulness of the pollutant whereas a lower value stands for a higher harmfulness of the pollutant. The mathematics is that the emission quantity of each pollutant emitted in an emission location shall be divided by the respective pollution equivalent value, resulting in the pollution equivalent for that pollutant.

This pollution equivalent shall be put into a ranking for each individual emission location. For air pollutants, the pollutants with the highest three results of this calculation for an emission location are the individual Top 3 and taxable under the EPT law. For water pollutants, the Top 5 for Class 1 water pollutants and the Top 3 for pollutants in other water pollutant classes are taxable.

In a first step, only the pollutants listed in the tables will be considered. In a second step, the Top pollutants of an emission location shall be identified which are then subject to EPT. Solid waste is divided into the types of gangue waste rock in coal mining , tailings waste remaining after processing ore , hazardous waste and various other solid waste.

Solid waste is measured in tons. Noise is measured in decibel and will lead to EPT if exceeding certain standard noise levels. It is worth noting that carbon dioxide will not trigger EPT as it is not mentioned in the respective annexes. However, given this has been part of an earlier draft of the EPT law already, one may not exclude that this pollutant may also be re-added to the list at a later stage.

How the Emission of Pollution Could be Measured?

Hengeler Mueller - India Desk Newsletter – February (Kopie 1)

There are different methods in the EPT law to measure the quantity of taxable air pollutants, water pollutants, solid waste and noise. If 36 June - July If such equipment is not installed, the discharge quantity could be calculated according to monitoring data and specifications issued by monitoring agencies. If monitoring conditions are unavailable, the calculation could be done based on pollution discharge coefficient and material balances specified by environmental protection authorities. If none of the above method is available, the discharge quantity shall be calculated using sampling methods specified by environmental protection authorities.

For water and air pollution ranked as Top pollutants at an emission location, EPT will be calculated based on the quantity of the pollutants discharged divided by the pollution equivalent value, multiplied by the applicable tax amount. For this, a taxpayer has to follow the steps below: 1.

Identify measure the quantity of all relevant pollutants discharged in an emission location. Divide this quantity for each pollutant by the respective pollution equivalent value. Multiply the Top pollutants equivalent with the respective water or air pollution tax amount. For water pollution, the range will be from RMB 1. Example: Let s assume that a company pollutes the water by emitting benzene while no other pollutants are emitted. The quantity of the pollution with benzene is kg in January, kg in February and kg in March.

Benzene is displayed in the annex as water pollutant no. For the first time in there is a China round as well. The winners of the award receive an invaluable boost of brand reputation, rave reviews, and praise and recognition for their hard working team. Just try "Industry 4. Application for the China round is open until 28th of July. For noise, the emission is measured in decibel and is only taxable to the extent the national standard is exceeded. WeChat June - July.

Mercury 0. Suspension SS 4 Zinc 0. For some special defined activities, there are exemptions. For example, pollutant emission of agricultural production, motor vehicles, ships, air planes or urban sewage treatments are not affected by the new EPT law. Apart, there are tax incentives available for EPT taxpayers.

Styrene 25 Carbon Monoxide This means that in particular manufacturing companies operating with potentially polluting material should expect a new regular tax filing requirement on quarterly basis subject to the stringent rules and supervision of tax filings in China. Where in the past and still for PDF has been levied by local authorities in a relatively lenient way or potentially even been omitted , going forward, companies will very likely have to consider things like filing deadlines, late payment surcharges, tax audits, penalties, etc.

The new EPT law leaves still many uncertainties. As usual in China, further clarification should be expected from upcoming implementation rules. However, per experience, such implementation rules would usually only be issued shortly before or even after the law has become effective. Therefore, companies should not wait for that but already review potential impacts of the new EPT at a relatively early stage to leave more time for the analysis.

Given the technical nature of the whole topic, it may well be that the new tax filing will involve colleagues from finance department as well as technical departments. Therefore, it will be key to find a common language between the departments to avoid inefficiencies and delays in the cooperation. In a first step, both departments may work together to analyse and assess the potential impact of the EPT on the company. The results of this analysis should heavily deviate between different companies, but should presumably more heavily impact manufacturing plants handling chemical materials.

From a technical perspective, it should be considered which method is applied to measure or identify the appropriate quantity of pollutants. Savings on the quantity or concentration side for taxable pollutants would result in an immediate reduction of the respective tax burden. Knowing the impact, a company could consider what measures of improvement would be available and how the cost-benefit ratio would look like considering potential tax savings. In any case, going forward, a reliable compliance process will be required between the involved departments to ensure proper and timely tax filings.

Companies should be aware that the EPT law requires the environmental protection authorities to establish an information sharing platform to facilitate the information sharing between the different involved authorities and make it easier to identify any deviation or miss-reporting. In view of all the above, companies should rather earlier than later start to prepare for a sound compliance in terms of involved colleagues, processes and tax filings.

In the view of current developments around software based solutions for tax compliance, an automated solution for this might also be considered. Contact: cn. Contact: sarah. In , Mr. Under his management, the unit grew from a representative office to a formal company. During his tenure, Mr. With over 20 years of experience managing businesses in this region, Mr. Dear Mr. What led you to this decision? This was a rather personal decision as that my second child finished high school in Shanghai last year and both my kids are now off to university in other parts of the world.

Shanghai is a vibrant and exciting city. Nevertheless, after 14 years in Shanghai with the kids in the house, this marks a new chapter in life that allows my wife and myself to be the master of our free time during the weekends. We go on regular hiking trips again and just in general, are out in nature more than was possible in Shanghai.

From a business perspective, nothing has changed for me as I am still traveling a lot within the Greater China region during the week so it doesn t really matter whether I start my trips from Shanghai or from Hong Kong. How is your business in China developing and where do you see major opportunities? The business could always be better but we do not really need to complain. For the past two years, we had double-digit growth both in revenue and EBIT, and the start of this year also looks quite promising.

China is improving its product quality and wants to evolve from being the extended work bench of the world to an advanced industrialized nation. Take WeChat payment for example, almost anywhere in China, you can easily pay for anything through WeChat and Zhi Fu Bao from products, food or even your share of dinner with friends in a restaurant.

I would say digitalization is one if not the most important opportunity in China. The scope of digitalization and its implementation is quite wide; we are talking about smart factories, smart manufacturing to Industry 4. The second opportunity I see is green energy: the level of air pollution in China is not news anymore, the government is determined to improve it in the near future through the June - July.

Subsequently solar, wind power, smart grid and electric vehicles will continue to be growing applications. What about the challenges? As long as there is a challenge, there is an opportunity. And without opportunities, life would be less interesting and fun. Despite the recent developments in various countries such as the USA with a new president; UK deciding to leave the EU; Brazil and Venezuela with stalled governments; uncertainties in the relations between Turkey and the EU and the subsequent changes in the nations relations, I believe that for the TIC industry Testing, Inspection and Certification , chances and opportunities will come from what is seen now by many as not only a challenge but a threat to global economy.

As mentioned above from a technology point of view, I believe cyber security is one of the biggest challenges especially when new technologies, e. Internet of Things IoT , autonomous driving or highly automated driving HAD , industrial and private use of drones as well as e-commerce, are to be widely implemented. It must be ensured that no danger is associated with such use for mankind or the environment. The world is changing fast. Our challenge as an organization is: are we changing fast enough to meet the requirements that come with those changes?

Recently I found a saying from Albert Einstein, If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. We have to bring the right people together in our organization and form teams the members enjoy participating in and can genuinely contribute to. My greatest satisfaction is bringing together individual performers or smaller groups of people, who sometimes don t see eye to eye with each other, to form one big working team.

To be able to see how these teams develop and continuously perform better over a period of time is the biggest joy and achievement at work for me. I have lived in Beijing and Shanghai for a long time. I know China is developing these urban areas through its national fiveyear plan. In the latest five-year plan, go west is the strategic direction and up to now, China has built 22,km high-speed rail HSR to connect 29 of the country's 33 provincial-level entities which makes it the longest HSR system in the world.

In other words, other regions are developing with a rapid speed. Midwest cities such as Chengdu, Chongqing and Chengzhou are some good examples. The competition among regions is stronger than before, especially as the wage gap narrows and some labor forces are choosing to move back to their home provinces after Chinese New Year. This change has already had some negative impact on Dongguan where many factories have either closed or moved to other locations with lower production costs. However, there is also a lot of positive development i. This 55km long bridge is estimated to be completed by the end of this year.

By then, people will be able to travel between Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao within one hour. Hong Kong with its international finance center, and Shenzhen and Guangzhou with their innovation industries, will work closer together to create higher value products rather than the labor-intensive industries in the early 80s.

What does the upgrade of the Chinese industry mean for your company? As I mentioned earlier, China is no longer just the cheap goods manufacturer of the world but is offering products of higher quality as well as developing a local market where consumers demand products that are state-of-the-art.

As with all new fields of technology, the identification of the right people is not easy. And the fast changes in the industrial landscape in China have become a strain for the employment market with experts and specialists in several industries becoming very scarce. What will this trend mean for your industry in general? This is a very interesting topic and our Greater China management meeting last week in Xiamen also discussed big data and digitalization to a great extent. Working alongside our clients in Germany and China, we are actively shaping this trend. The future trend of digitalization and automated factories or smart factories means that an incredible amount of data will be generated and the production processes and procedures will be re-defined.

We think the enhanced crawler technology to analyse big data will allow and support the restructuring of China s industry, especially the high-end industry. Cyber security issues will also become more and more important. In smart factories, many productions are done by robots which are controlled by data and could become a target of malicious attacks.

The IEC standard on cyber security will be applied across the board on almost all industries. Also, the wave of digitalization requires the whole organization to change its mindset accordingly. Will testing and certification fall victim to artificial intelligence in the future? As mentioned above, the world is changing fast and the use of data becomes prevalent. I do not see our industry falling victim to but rather we will use AI to support our work to i. Furthermore, AI could be seen as a next step in supporting the processes in our line of business - predictability of the quality of materials used for a certain product or the long-term mechanical effect on certain product usage.

In the industry, AI will most likely have a profound effect on the service schedules of machines where through predictive maintenance, one would only need to work on such equipment if and when it is really needed. How does your company cater to the trend of e-mobility in the Chinese market?

We provide a wide range of services to e-mobility in the Chinese market e. The Chinese government is giving priority to the new energy vehicle NEV development and driving the whole industry to a higher ratio of electrical vehicles in the OEM s fleets. With the sheer size of China and the relatively inconvenient logistics of battery transport, we will soon have several test centers for the largest batteries including the ability to perform abuse testing.

But it certainly doesn t stop at the electrification of cars. Assisted driving is relatively common in today s car models and the next steps of highly automated driving HAD and fully autonomous driving are already in sight. We are actively supporting manufacturers in these areas as well. Customers are aiming at increased efficiency, time-to-market and quality on products and services, how does your company deal with this demand in terms of organizational structure?

But how did people in the 19th century, for instance, listen to music? Besides this, the Museum of Music Automatons is one of the most popular getaway destinations in North-West Switzerland and in the Schwarzbubenland, as it also offers, next to the exhibitions, a varied annual programme with many cultural highlights. Different rooms can be discovered during the tour. In the foyer, one can marvel at three different organs, which play alternately every half hour. The Werkstattsaal workshop hall offers a glimpse behind the scenes of music automatons.

In the Salon Bleu blue lounge , enjoying the musical impressions is paramount as different music boxes are played to the guests. Finally, in the Tanzsaal dancing hall , one can get to know music boxes. Above that, the museum is proud to possess the organ of the Britannic. The Britannic — a sister ship of the Titanic — also sank and its organ was listed missing for a long time.

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A special guided tour of 20 minutes lets one learn more about the history of this extraordinary instrument. The guided tour starts at 1. Find out more on the following website that is also available in English. Links: Das Symphonieorchester Vorarlberg. Die abwechslungsreichen Konzerte ziehen ein breites Publikum an. Somit hat es auch als. Why are London and Berlin your chosen places of residence?

Patrick Bühler

I moved a lot and had to always orient myself in new surroundings and cultures. Today, I feel at home in many different places. London, Berlin, Tel Aviv. After five months of shooting Sankt Maik in Cologne, even Cologne feels like home. I have special connections with Berlin and London. Both were places of new beginnings. My parents moved from Russia to Berlin — the free world - in , shortly after my birth to enable their child a better future. Later I moved to Israel with my mother where I lived for almost six years. After finishing school, Berlin was calling again — yet another new beginning!

The Stock Price of the ThyssenKrupp AG - A Time Series Analysis Using the Box Jenkins Approach

But this time as a curious, chaotic student for media management and biology. And therefore, the next new beginning was moving to London in where I got a scholarship at the renowned Arts Educational School. At the moment, I enjoy both cities. I hope that I can continue to be present in both markets. Actor and producer — is that your dream job or did you have others? Donskoy: Of course, there were always ideas. Marine biologist at the Maldives or a top surgeon. Today, in my late 20s, I can say that I arrived where I feel most comfortable and where I can evolve.

Preferably all! You can be admired in British and German productions. What are the biggest differences between the film and theatre industries in both countries? Donskoy: First and foremost the things that are based on the different social structures. British society is much more internationally positioned which is also reflected in the productions. On the other hand, British material gets developed for an international audience from the start as the entire world speaks English.

German series or movies are thus more limited. Of course, there are exceptions such as Deutschland You were and are seen in Sankt Maik, Victoria or Tatort, amongst others. Which role and which production do you remember most? When you suddenly get what you dreamed of for so long and have prepared for so meticulously, it all seems surreal. The most beautiful thing was to work with laid-back colleagues. They immediately made me feel comfortable. The set of Victoria was also very impressive. Buckingham Palace was recreated in an old aircraft hangar.

I have now worked in Germany since , Sankt Maik is my first big project in which I play a lead role — a great opportunity! What else is planned for this year? What can we look forward to? I play alongside the fantastic Russian diva Renata Litvinova. Does that one absolute dream role exist for you?

Donskoy: The Bond villain! I hope that a German, Russian or Israeli villain is soon up for grabs — please contact me! Healing Measures The Walliser Alpentherme Valaisan Alpine Thermal Pools offers a comprehensive range of wellness treatments at the renowned spa town of Leukerbad, with an emphasis on Valaisan healing traditions. The unique quality of the Leukerbad resort lies within both its location and the universal range of treatments available at its spa hotels.

The thermal water at Walliser Alpentherme includes calcium, magnesia and strontium, as well as more than 20 additional cations and anions. Combining traditional Swiss rituals and classic Ayurveda-based treatments, the hotel is a space where guests can feel both comfortable and inspired. With a choice of either outdoor activities or peace and relaxation, the Walliser Alpentherme has it all and strives to make guests of all ages feel right at home.

Wellness with tradition The spa first opened its doors in with the aim of creating a truly modern wellness experience. The mountain spring treatments at Walliser Alpentherme, based on regional rituals, include for example a grape seed peeling, an Alpine herbal treatment, a goat cheese full body mask, or the Valaisan apricot ritual during which the fruit enzymes boost both skin texture and micro circulation, accompanied by lovely scents.

They know about the healing powers of the degree-warm thermal water which, by the way, also provides the perfect relaxation after an energizing day of skiing. Enjoy a stroll through the Valaisan sauna village, special all-inclusive thermal nights with cold-warm buffet, or the Roman-Irish bath, and indulge in Swiss-themed natural cosmetic treatments — all at the heart of the Valaisan Alps. Durch Massivholzbauweise sind sie garantiert sturmsicher. Designed by an Amsterdam based design office, the hotel combines great decorations and styling with all the comforts guests can expect of a high-class hotel: A relaxing spa area which will open in April, tasty food and drinks, and comfortable private rooms.

The public spaces are composed as pieces of a larger puzzle. The entrance lobby for example has brass finishes and two sheer curtains along either side. The layout is very open and the zones are only loosely defined by sheer curtains and Bardia Torabi, General Manager of Roomers Munich. The larger rooms even have a free-standing bathtub in front of the bed. Some of the upper rooms have a separate jacuzzi on a private terrace and a bar in the living room. The restaurant is inspired by small traditional Japanese restaurants but fuses it with South American inspirations, creating a unique culinary experience.

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If guests are looking for a bit more traditional food they do not have to walk very far. The restaurant concept was created by the team around Bardia Torabi as well. Both the bar and the restaurant were also designed by the Amsterdam design office Concrete: The IZAKAYA restaurant is composed of an array of black materials contrasted with light oak lamellas on ceiling and walls, reflecting both a traditional Japanese and modern style. It can be found in the basement and from April provides new exciting features like an extra large infinity jacuzzi with a bar at one side, the design is kept in dark stone and gold.

The large wall opposite the jacuzzi features a cinema screen. The design of the five treatment rooms and relaxation zone here is kept in warm tones using, for example, oak for textures. Was alle vereint ist die Suche nach dem perfekten Hotelerlebnis. Professionell organisierte Konferenzen sind im Hotel Frankenland besonders beliebt. Sportbegeisterten bietet das Hotel ein Sportschwimmbecken und ein Fitnessstudio. Man darf also gespannt sein! Around years ago, the first summer visitors came to Usedom and transformed the farming and fishing villages into a relaxation destination for city dwellers.

Far away from the architecture and promenades, Usedom shows off its natural side. On Usedom, guests of all ages can find what their hearts desire — whether summer or winter, whether a five-star hotel or a cosy holiday apartment, holidays are always extraordinary on Usedom. Since then, visitors have flocked to the island to dis-. After all, the sunny island is a paradise for relaxation seekers and health-conscious holidaymakers.

While the climatic conditions alone are pure wellness, the mild bracing climate and the Baltic Sea breeze are a blessing for body and soul. Many wellness hotels can be found in Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf, Bansin and all over the island. Or why not try a sea buckthorn massage or an algae-mousse mask?

Another tip: head to the spa forest in Heringsdorf. Here, the combination of salty sea air and the scent of pines is especially beneficial to the health. A paradise for quiet-seekers and gourmet aficionados Besides the diverse wellness offerings, Usedom enchants visitors with its multifaceted natural beauty that spreads across 59, hectares. Directly behind it, visitors can find the coastal forest with its majestic beeches and pine trees. The hinterland is coined by the terminal moraine scenery with impressive steep banks.

Here, moorlands and idyllic lakes alternate with blossoming salt marshes and hilly fields. No wonder Usedom is a paradise for bird enthusiasts. In total, types of bird call Usedom their home.

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Of course, good food also belongs to a successful vacation. Thus, Usedom offers tasty Pomeranian dishes, regional products and. Tradition meets art Culturally, the island of Usedom also has a lot to offer. Traditional handicraft, for example, can be experienced first-hand in the thatched roofing company, at innovative goldsmiths, ceramicists and at potters.

A highlight not to be missed is the international cabaret festival in Heringsdorf from 18 until 21 May which will transform the promenade into a lively festival stage. It will celebrate its 25th anniversary in and will showcase concert highlights and great musicians. What are you waiting for? Visit Usedom and experience the diversity it has to offer. Tyrolean property dreams In close vicinity to prominent ski areas and at a much better price per square metre, Kristall Spaces AG serves those savvy buyers who are looking for highquality holiday homes in prime locations at agreeable conditions — also as an investment.

Freshly fallen powdersnow, gemstone-like icicles and majestic alpine panoramas with picturesque views: Tyrol is always worth a stay, due to both its extraordinary wellness offerings and ideal winter sport conditions. However, latest Austrian laws ask for a year-round use of holiday homes and this is where Kristall Spaces AG, sales and marketing arm of the British project developer VenturePlus AG, comes in: In addition to helping with acquiring a property, they also offer a professional rental service during times of absence.

At the same time, the restricting laws create a continuous increase in the value of ski property. The background for these new restrictions are for example maintenance issues regarding local infrastructural investments like ski lifts or the expansion of skiing facilities which need to be financed by continuous use.

The rapidly dwindling numbers of available building plots naturally also play a part. The new regulations can make the acquisition of property a complex issue, especially for buyers from outside of the EU the purchase takes place via founding a EU-registered company. It is therefore all the more important to know and avoid possible pitfalls.

Working in cooperation. The rental income pays off both financing and maintenance costs. A new apartment complex in Fieberbrunn forms the latest Kristall Spaces project. In addition, the Fieberbrunn and Zell am See areas will soon be connected via Saalbach-Hinterglemm und Viehofen and thus will super-. Situated in the heart of town, the new complex consists of 36 exclusive, fully furnished holiday apartments. The project has received positive support from the local council and gives owners the opportunity to achieve an average rental return of 4.

An eight percent return can be expected when taking out a 55 percent mortgage. Apartment prices start at , euros and offer one to three double bedroom flats, from 43 up to square metres of floor space respectively. The comfortable interiors combine warm, natural materials with a minimalist design. Triple glazing and floor heating underneath parquet floors create general cosiness in wintertime, while floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of light.

Each apartment features Italian ceramic floors, exclusive Hansgrohe bath designs and Miele kitchens as well as All-Suite Resort Fieberbunn. There is a choice of a modern and a more traditional decor, with alpine elements dominating all interiors. The saying goes that the town achieved its name in , when the Tyrolean Countess Margarete Maultasch was healed from a powerful fever by drinking from the sulfur waters of the spring right below the parish church.

As sales and marketing arm, Kristall Spaces holds representative offices both in London and Switzerland. Through decades of experience in building developments in Austria, Germany, Ireland, the UK and the Balkans, VenturePlus develops and sells more ski apartments in Austria than any other company — making many lifestyle investment dreams come true. Pop-up stores to go Overseas containers that fit through every door, mobile brand spaces that can be moved by one person, or high-quality promotion stands that are located in no time at all elsewhere. Pop-up stores to go for temporary communication at eye level.

For example, large, heavy overseas containers. With mo systems they are light, flexible and manoeuvrable. Thanks to their sophisticated technology, they can be dismantled into individual parts and moved through every door. Mobile communication A well thought-out design and smart technology allow the pop-up stores to be set up and dismantled autonomously by just one person within 45 minutes.

For transport, mo systeme consistently relies on lean. This saves not only costs, but also personnel and time. Modular communication Due to their construction, all modules can be used modularly, combined and designed. In no time at all, the systems unfold into a large presentation area that can be adapted to the modularity of the floor space. The product range extends from two to square metres. From mobile bar counters to large mobile brand rooms that adapt flexibly to every idea and message in terms of size and equipment.

Whether indoor or outdoor communication, the right product for temporary communication is quickly found. Individual communication Five systems — a thousand looks. Perfect for events, roadshows or product presentations. And then people came inside and had their minds blown with an immersive VR brand and product experience. Thank you modulbox for seriously kick-ass equipment. Mobile pop-up store for target grouporiented and location-independent communication at eye level. The experience gained from more than individualized, mobile pop-up stores stretches from the beach to the glacier, from South Africa to Norway.

It also predicted that, in , the two billion turnover hurdle would be overcome for the first time. In , approximately 7, recruiters, as well as 3, permanent researchers, worked in around 2, consultancies in Germany. In total, more than 14, employees were employed in the recruitment sector.

The numbers reveal that the sector might be small, but it definitely has a great deal to offer. After all, with the help of these recruiting experts, around 62, leading and expert positions were filled in companies in the industry, economy and administration. As a comparison: in , 57, positions were filled. For , a forecasted increase in turnover of eight per cent left market participants somewhat confident. Another finding of. Regina Ruppert, BDU vice president. Forecasts for Similar to the previous year, additional jobs are said to have been created in the recruiting sector in In general, recruiters were positive about — also due to a good economic situation and labour market data.

The average revenue forecast lies at eight per cent. With a revenue of 2. The market participants are on the same page about the fact that digitalisation changes their own business models and that it makes them more efficient at the same time.

Digital interconnectivity, such as considering social media channels or IT systems for the daily operations, becomes a substantial success factor of the occupation. Jahrhundert Seit zeigt die KDS in Mainz zielsicher, dass Personalberatung nicht immer steif und trocken sein muss. Wir berichten wie Popcorn und Personalberatung zusammen passen. Wenn wir an Personalberatung denken, kommt oft ein sehr verstaubtes Bild auf. Dynamisch und smart sollte es sein. Einfach Regeln brechen. Standards setzen. Und heute ist klar, dass Steffen Andreas damit voll ins Schwarze getroffen hat.

Neben der effizienten Zeitarbeitervermitt-. Einmal die Woche wird ein Teammeeting angesetzt. In meinem Team sind alle authentisch. Genau das spricht sich rum. Und warum das Team um Steffen Andreas herum das macht? Und damit soll er Recht behalten, denn 90 Prozent seiner Bewerber- und Kundenkontakte entstehen durch direkte Empfehlungen. Interim Management und Outplacement runden das bestehende Service- und Beratungsangebot inzwischen ab. Active Sourcing hat bei Pharecon schon fast Tradition: Seit werden verschiedene Netzwerke intensiv genutzt, um Kontakte anzubahnen, zu pflegen und auszubauen.

Eine geringere Fluktuation bedeutet: geringere Kosten bei der Gewinnung neuer Mitarbeiter. Dabei ist eine schnelle Reaktion auf sich andernde Bedingungen umso wichtiger, je abhangiger die Geschaftstatigkeit des Unternehmens von der aktuellen konjunkturellen Lage ist. Ein Industriezweig, der sich traditionell stark konjunkturabhangig entwickelt, ist die Stahlbranche, zu der die ThyssenKrupp AG zahlt. Auch dieses Unternehmen wurde in der Vergangenheit wiederholt von tiefen Einschnitten erschuttert. Deshalb wird einem ausgewogenen Krisenmanagement gerade in dieser Branche hohe Bedeutung zugemessen.

Die Optionen, die sich einem Unternehmen im Rahmen des Krisenmanagements bieten, sowie deren tatsachliche Umsetzung, sollen in der folgenden Arbeit anhand der ThyssenKrupp AG aufgezeigt werden. Begonnen werden soll mit einer wissenschaftlichen Betrachtung des Themengebiets Krisenmanagement. Zur spateren Analyse strategischer Handlungsmoglichkeiten in der aktuellen Krisenlage werden verschiedene Klassifikationen von Krisen und Handlungsempfehlungen, die einen erfolgreichen Weg aus der Krise aufzeigen, behandelt.

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