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Patents are intellectual properties and some can carry enormous value. Search for more papers by this author. Royal College of Anaesthetists, Anaesthesia. British Journal of Healthcare Management Vol. News Briefings Responses to consultations Press.

The main goal of the journal is to publish high-impact original work in all branches of anaesthesia, critical care medicine, pain medicine and perioperative medicine. In addition, the Journal publishes review articles, important case reports, correspondence and special articles of general interest.

The Journal seeks a balance between innovative scientific reports and definitive clinical and management investigations. Deshmukh, Yasha Tiwari.

The Science of Pain Management

Author : P. Karthik, Arun Kumar Alarasan, B.

Balamurugan, Lailu Mathews. Author : Shruti Ghodageri, G.

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Author : R. Amutharani, T.

A simulation design for research evaluating safety innovations in anaesthesia*.

Manoharan, P. We describe anaesthesia and postoperative management, and the problems encountered, during the course of seven facial composite tissue grafts performed between and in our hospital.

The reasons for transplantation were ballistic trauma in four patients, extensive neurofibromatosis in two patients, and severe burns in one patient. Anaesthesia for this long procedure involves advanced planning for airway management, vascular access, technique of anaesthesia, and fluid management.


Blood loss quantification was difficult because of diffuse bleeding to the drapes. The management of patients with neurofibromatosis or burns involving the whole face was more difficult and haemorrhagic than the patients with lower face transplantation.