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Knight of the Silver Circle Your adventure begins bright and early when we collect you from your Reykjavik pick up location. Please note that this process can last up to thirty minutes depending on your location.


Upon arrival at Deildartunguhver, you will be impressed by its power and the clouds of steam that rise from its bubbling, seething waters. Deildartunguhver, is also a fully functioning heating system, for the towns of Borgarnes and Akranes, offering an environmentally friendly, natural way of delivering hot water for human consumption. It is a beautiful natural sight, ideal for anyone who wants to gain an insight into the awesome power of nature.

From there, we will travel to the natural baths at Krauma, which actually uses heated water from the heated spring at Deildartunguhver.

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This makes it the perfect place to relax in a natural spa, in a beautiful natural setting, allowing the nutrient-rich, geothermal waters to rejuvenate your body. From there, we will travel to the Hraunfossar Waterfalls a truly majestic place, known as the wide and gentle falls. What makes them different is that instead of being a single body of water, the falls are actually made up of many smaller streams, which combine to make a multitude of tiny white waterfalls, which run into the Hvita river.

It is an incredibly beautiful and surprisingly colorful sight, with gleaming black rocks, red, yellow and green plants, the deep blue river and brilliant white streams of water. Despite this slightly tragic urban legend, they remain an absolutely beautiful sight, where cloudy white water, runs across craggy rocks formed by volcanic activity over the millennia.

They are renowned for the amazing color of their water, which often has a slightly alien, foggy, grey quality. The final stop of the day will be Reykholt, one of the most important historical and intellectual centers in Iceland. It was the home of the famous poet and politician Snorri Sturluson, who is one of our best sources for the myths and legends that make up all Nordic folklore. His impact on both medieval and modern scholarship is profound and he also lived a fascinating life, twice being elected law speaker of the Icelandic parliament, while also becoming one of the richest men in the country, before his untimely end.

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His house and farm in Reykholt is well-preserved and his famous naturally occurring hot tub, can still be seen today. Disclaimer: This tour is operated by a trusted partner. Special Offers. Iceland Travel Blog.

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The Silver Circle is a group of elite corporate law firms headquartered in London, United Kingdom that has evolved significantly as the UK legal market has been. Silver Circle may refer to: Silver Circle (film), a American animated thriller film; Silver Circle (law firms), a group of corporate law firms headquartered in.

Ice Cave Tours. Northern Lights Tours. Find us on Details Description Map Book now. Duration: 8 hours.

Pick-up: Devoting a quarter-century or more to the broadcast industry, these remarkable media professionals have made significant contributions to the National Capital Chesapeake Bay community. With the induction of the honorees, the Silver Circle totals and the Gold Circle totals Nominees are not necessarily recognized for their work in a single market, but with emphasis on their impact in the National Capital Chesapeake Bay region. Chosen candidates will need to provide an edited three-minute video to be used during the ceremony.

For individuals only; groups, businesses, and organizations are not eligible. Individuals may be considered in future years if they are not selected in current year.