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This coffee date with Elizabeth Hack was the result. Elizabeth, age 55, was brilliant, interesting, energetic, curious and shared many of Charlie's interests. She'd been divorced seven years and had yet to meet someone she really connected with. Her daughter had gently pushed Elizabeth into considering the online site.

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Elizabeth had been impressed with Charlie's profile and his title, "Spirit Soul Seeker. When she asked what he liked to do, he mentioned listening to music, attending theater, visiting with friends and volunteering for the Alzheimer's Association.

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Elizabeth knew nothing about Alzheimer's disease. She asked, "Does someone in your family have the disease? He wanted to say more but the words stuck in his throat. He had never envisioned this casual meeting could possibly turn into a romance. Yet he was already comfortable with Elizabeth and felt their relationship was meant to be. They arranged to meet each other at a restaurant the following weekend, and then go to a blues club. Soon they were seeing each other every week, meeting at concerts, going to plays and exploring new restaurants.

They talked daily. As their friendship deepened. Charlie knew he had to share his diagnosis with Elizabeth and he worried she wouldn't be able to accept it. Six weeks into the relationship, eager to learn more about Charlie's interests, Elizabeth visited the local Alzheimer's Association website. There she saw something that stopped her cold: a picture of Charlie as a volunteer and as a person who has Alzheimer's. She felt shocked, dismayed and disappointed. And she felt sad, wondering if she'd lost him before they'd even really started their relationship.

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With this theme, I gathered images of mandalas, beautiful tiles, and other middle eastern inspired images while keeping in mind her original logo colors of teal and purple. For that I am so thankful. Search for:. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The date was going better than Charlie Miller, age 60, could have ever imagined.

That disc, an EP called Amor Frio , brought together Pfeiffer's varied musical interests, from jazz to reggae, indie rock to rap. By the end of , Pfeiffer had grown tired of city life and longed to escape. It was then the stars aligned once more. They began a relationship, which led to Pfeiffer visiting the Green Mountain State. She moved here for good in the summer of , even though her romantic relationship had ended. Pfeiffer rented a house in Westford just before the Great Recession hit. She scrambled for work, teaching voice, piano and yoga.

The music lessons caught on, growing to 35 students a week, and Pfeiffer's economic situation stabilized. She also brought the Discarnate Band to Vermont for gigs.

An Insider's Look at True Love: Kismet Trumps a Difficult Diagnosis

A booking error at Tosca's at Trout River Traders in Montgomery gave Pfeiffer her next cosmic nudge toward the jazz world. The owner of the eatery had double-booked Pfeiffer and the Discarnate Band with PoJazz, a Vermont group that mixes jazz with spoken word. She sat in with the group, which led to an invitation to join the band. Pfeiffer also began to step out on her own as a jazz singer, making regular appearances at Vermont clubs and the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival.

Which brings us to and Stampede of Love. The EP, Pfeiffer says, came out of "a desire to take the next step in expressing what my jazz identity is, [and] it's not necessarily what it was when I started singing with PoJazz. To make the record, Pfeiffer mined the world of jazz standards. But, she says, "I wanted to give them a fresh feel, without going overboard stylistically.

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The arrangements, she says, "were more spontaneous. They came out of discussions we had as a band rather than as notations I asked them to play. The result is what Pfeiffer was hoping for: a group of tunes that are instrumentally inventive but not frivolous or flashy. They perfectly match Pfeiffer's melodically fluid, casually restrained vocal style.

Pfeiffer doesn't just possess a gorgeous voice; she knows how to sing — when to lay back, when to cut off a phrase and when to let the band speak for her. A recent record-release show at Radio Bean with Morse, Hardiman, and Jarrett showed that their album doesn't lean heavily on studio magic. Pfeiffer and the band seemed completely at ease as they spun out cuts from the EP and numerous other jazz standards. And this is part of Pfeiffer's new path, one she came to by happenstance, persistence and her own talent. The original print version of this article was headlined "Love Notes".

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Set apart in time and distance, spirits within— Still unfulfilled, unknowing of self, unknowing of others. Closer they loom but continue to wander, thru time and thru space with nothing to ponder. Then a fire starts to burn. There is something. A light. A spark.

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Journey of Kismet - Kindle edition by R.N. Shular. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Search for The Northern Lights. Sat, Oct 19, - Thu, Oct 31, This 12 day Dance Cruise begins in London (Southampton) and ends in London.

Spirit knows life and begins to evolve, with wonders and mysteries yet to resolve. Now being, now joining, Each has become, part of life here on earth. Each morphs into a part of the soul of a child. Each has one life and each grows to a person… with love and with needs, and all that should follow. What was that fire? Where did it start?

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Both still in the universe, but no longer apart. Each gradually feels more awake, more abiding, Each strives on and on, to be with one who is living. The specks found common goals, one mission in life, to find something missing, the whole of it all.