Journal to Freedom: Activate Gods Anointing in Your Life

Free will in theology
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Happy Birthday, America! The WORD is your ticket out of every sin and sickness, and every condemning thing from your past. Brother Copeland shares a word of deliverance for those bound with cutting, cancer and liver disease. Spending too much time following your five senses?

Learn to see yourself as a new creation in Christ, free from condemnation. Plus, Brother Copeland shares an encouraging word of the Lord for those who have had abortions.

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Are you fluent in faith or do you only know a few words? Learn how you can build your faith to a level you never dreamed possible—all through the power of your own choices. Learn why the key is in believing and saying, then giving glory to God. Put it into practice and start receiving today! You can wash your cares away with faith! Are you being tormented by fear? Learn the steps to come against fear, and how you can move over into carefree victory! Do you cast your cares on Jesus, only to take them back again?

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The devil will bombard you with the temptation to hold on to your cares, but you can refuse those thoughts and live in perfect peace. Learn how much Jesus cares for you and how you can obey the command that appears 95 times in the Bible—fear not. He will exalt you above your cares because He loves you! It is a chance for people to be forgiven, as well as to strengthen and revive their relationship with Him.

The meeting concluded with a study that introduced the day Fast of Daniel, which prepared the people, advising them what to do during the fast.

Overall, the event was an uplifting meeting which left people leaving the place in a different way. Some may have come to the meeting full of sorrow, fear, or anxiety, but they were able to leave feeling peace, happiness, and the assurance of a brighter future. For the following two Sundays, a drop of oil from Israel will be added to your bottle of anointing oil.

How to Activate the Anointing

This oil is significant because it was cultivated in the Holy Land, and you will learn about how it can help you. If you were not present at the anointing oil event, you can still come to these follow-up meetings, as you will also be blessed with the anointed oil from Israel. The significance does not only lie in the oil but, most importantly, in your faith.


Be aware as a pastor that each new day you must first receive from God before you can give out in His name! We have room for a few more. Edwards believed that indeterminism was incompatible with individual dependence on God and hence with his sovereignty. Most of our problems begin with our passive attitude in confronting the enemy, and our failure to exercise our God-given right to run to the Lord and call on Him for help. It is vital that we remember that our vehicle has the capability of 4-wheel drive if indeed it does. Psalm 73 contains a long complaint by the poet about the intense pressure he is experiencing. As flawed and imperfect as we are, we sometimes bring these unpleasant responses from those we love upon ourselves; the hurt may be tampered to a degree by the justification that we deserved what we got.

God wants to help you come out of your problems and for you to live a great life. Learn how to use your faith in order to experience a great change: come to our next meeting on Sunday, 20 August at 10am, at your local UCKG.

If you would like more information, please call our hr helpline on Were you at the anointing oil event? If so, let us know about your experience in the comments below!