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Man-machine interface and human factors engineering pilot switching, egress issues were highlighted for improvement. The current flight clearance allows an operational envelope for EO operations to the aircraft velocity-never-exceed VNE airspeed of knots. Over water operations as well as laser operations outside of Canada are currently prohibited.

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Andrew R. Kelsen E. Wake characterization of a free-flying model helicopter in ground effect. Aerodynamic investigation of a helicopter rotor hovering in the vicinity of a building. Avionics Open Systems Architecture Standardization. Lavern D. Fetty, Aviation Development Directorate. Mark R. Peter F. Effect of sweep on a pitching finite wing. Sikorsky 24 Hour Hover Challenge. AHS Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition.

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John Moffatt, U. State of the Art of Helicopter Hybrid Propulsion. Vijaya Kumar, D. Thenarasu, R.

Gears and Spears

Parallel Evolutionary Optimization for Rotorcraft Design. Alternate Characterizations of Fatigue Load Spectra. Jung, Konkuk University. Marc Takahashi. Forum 71 Army Utility Overview. Forum 71 Supplier Perspective - Northrop Grumman. Forum 71 Army Apache Overview. Forum 71 Supplier Perspective - Honeywell. Forum 71 Supplier Panel Questions. Forum 71 Sikorsky Perspective. Forum 71 AgustaWestland Presentation. Forum 71 Keynote Presentation.

Forum 71 Army Cargo Overview. Forum 71 Airbus Helicopters Presentation. Forum 71 AgustaWestland Perspective. Forum 71 Army Aviation Systems Overview. Forum 71 Supplier Perspective - Lockheed Martin. Forum 71 Supplier Perspective - Triumph Group. Forum 71 Supplier Perspective - GE. Forum 71 Supplier Perspective - Eagle Technologies. Justin D. Littell, Karen E. Jackson, Martin S. Seal, Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc.

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