Awakenings in America and the Jesus People Movement

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In December of , Jonathan Edwards sees the spark of revival one Sunday through five or six conversions at his Northampton church in Massachusetts, so he calls the people to start praying. The revival quickly spreads throughout the Northeast by the preaching of Edwards and three brothers named Tennent.

Lasting twenty-six years, the awakening transforms the moral character of the American people and prepares them for the miraculous birth of their nation.

First Great Awakening

The Great Recession was a global economic downturn that devastated world financial markets as well as the banking and real estate industries. He believes America is in desperate need of spiritual revival today and that the apparent divisions in our country over race, economic status, politics, religion, etc. Simple living. March In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, a group of "progressive" Protestant Christians emerged and embraced theological diversity, eclectic spirituality, and social justice. Combining these two, we can attract record crowds like Obama, yet we can effect real and true change in hearts and minds with the truly transformative message of Christ. I believe that inclusivism must govern the Awakening.

On January 1, , John and Charles Wesley, George Whitfield, and other friends are gathered in prayer with a group of Moravians when the Spirit overwhelms them with revival power. Six months later John Wesley and George Whitfield are preaching in the open fields to crowds of fifteen thousand or more from all levels of society.

George Whitfield travels to America thirteen times, sparking revival through his preaching in both countries.

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John Wesley secures and spreads the revival for the next fifty years by organizing his people into small weekly cell groups. Barton Stone, a Presbyterian minister, witnesses a work of the Spirit at a small outdoor camp meeting in Logan County, Kentucky. A year later in , at Cane Ridge in Bourbon County, he holds a camp meeting that explodes on the American scene as the largest, most spectacular revival in the s. The attendance, estimated as high as twenty-five thousand people, is made up of non-believers and believers from all denominations.

The Presbyterians end up tossing away this revival hot potato with its unusual physical manifestations. The Methodists and some Baptists pick it up and start running with it. Over the next thirty years the camp meeting becomes an effective delivery system for revival, transforming many parts of the nation, particularly the South.

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The revival is marked by countless salvations, experiences of heart holiness, and strong manifestations of the Spirit. Three revival streams converge to become another American Great Awakening, peaking in , with a million people converted in that one year. The first stream is Charles Finney, a lawyer saved and filled with the Spirit on October 10, His powerful experience in the Holy Spirit launches him as a revivalist in the northeastern United States from to , culminating with a move of God in Rochester, New York, that spawns revivals in fifteen hundred towns. He gives some lectures on revival and later publishes them in a book, increasing hunger for revival and triggering many outpourings over the world.

The second revival stream is a Methodist couple, Walter and Phoebe Palmer, who preach an experience of holiness through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They help bring revival to Canada in , and in portions of the United States and England. The third stream is Jeremiah C.

Where’s the Third Great Awakening?

Lanphier of New York, who starts a prayer meeting with other businessmen in After a market crash in October, the noon prayer meeting goes daily, and similar prayer meetings spring up in cities across America, with some having attendance of six thousand. New York sees fifty thousand converts and the prayer meetings spark as many as two thousand local revivals across the country. Three Methodist pastors—J.

Wood, John Inskip, and William Osborn—determine to revive the camp-meeting movement as a delivery system for the waning holiness experience as preached by John Wesley and earlier Methodists. These on-fire-for-Christ teenagers will be unleashed to have gospel conversations all throughout their cities.

‘A big if’

Awakenings in America and the Jesus People Movement [Kent Allan Philpott, Katie L. C. Philpott] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Jesus movement was an Evangelical Christian movement beginning on the West Coast of Members of the movement were called Jesus people, or Jesus freaks. In Central America, Pentecostal churches under the Charismatic Movement began to compose spiritual music called "coros" (fast-paced hymns) which is.

After the outreach portion of the day teenagers will gather once more in these satellite sites to collectively call out to God for revival. They will all leave with a plan to reach their schools, cities and friends with the Gospel message. Pray with us that God does something amazing on October 13 and that it becomes a rally point for revival across the nation.

What it takes is ordinary people, on fire with the love of Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, who are willing to tell their families, friends, and casual acquaintances what God has done for them.

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Holy discontent is that which takes ordinary people and sets them on fire. It is the refusal to accept things as they are.

Awakenings in America and the Jesus People Movement

It is the determination to make a change in this culture and in the church through the power of Christ and for the glory of God. It is fueled, not by selfish ambition or financial gain, but a passion to make Christ known to a world that desperately needs it. As I talk to youth leaders, pastors and ministry leaders across the nation I am sensing a holy discontent like never before.

If, as you read this blog post, something is stirring inside you, then join this ever growing movement of Gospel Advancing , disciple multipliers. Revival is not something out of reach! God wants it more than we do! I believe we are on the brink of what could be the Greatest Awakening in the history of the church. I am convinced God will not let his church leave the scene with a wimper but with a bang!

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Over the course of the last 25 years, Greg has spoken to and trained over 1,, teens and youth leaders how to share their faith and heard countless stories of their struggles and triumphs. Greg is an author and is widely viewed as an authority on teen issues and adolescent spirituality, and a leading voice for reaching this next generation and mobilizing them for THE Cause of Christ.

I feel we are on the brink of the next Awakening! See Article History. Read More on This Topic. United States: From a city on a hill to the Great Awakening. The part played by religion in the shaping of the American mind, while sometimes overstated, remains crucial. Over the first century and….


Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Over the first century and a half of colonial life, the strong religious impulses present in the original…. The millennialism of the Great Awakening was also part of the general trend in American history that originated with the Puritans and would influence the American Revolution. The Great Awakening c. Both the theological underpinnings of the Great Awakening s and their emphasis on collective penitence, public weeping, and hymn singing reflect the….

The 18th-century Great Awakening —led by Calvinist preachers Jonathan Edwards, Theodore Frelinghuysen, George Whitefield, and Gilbert Tennent—encouraged an evangelical Christianity often at odds with establishment attitudes. Hence revival-seasoned clergy learned to fight for the free expression of religion. These evangelicals joined with deists in supporting religious liberty in….

AWAKENINGS in AMERICA and the Jesus People Movement

Calvinism , the theology advanced by John Calvin, a Protestant reformer in the 16th century, and its development by his followers. The term also refers to doctrines and practices derived from the works of Calvin and his followers that are characteristic of the Reformed churches. While Lutheranism…. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox! By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice.

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