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https://chrisatarendo.cf/chinese-medicine/the-best-of-leo-tolstoy-annotated-including.pdf Okay, I admit that this is a bit of a princess preference, but having an incompatible pillow throws off your sleep and could ruin an entire trip.

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Some hotels, such as most Westins, solve this problem by including 7 or 8 different pillows to choose from on your bed. Other hotels keep a spare pillow in the closet that sometimes is slightly different than the ones on the bed. Extra points to the Holiday Inn Express in Regina for not only offering firm and soft pillows, but even labeling them! There were no other rooms available so the front desk sent someone to make up the room. Assuming that the comforter covers are changed for every guest, I see that as a good thing. I wish I could remember where I saw this, but right next to the TV remote was a sanitizing wipe.

I always try to wash my hands after touching the remote, which brings me to the next item:. Usually I find the menu button right on the TV can be used to access the sleep timer but some places even have that locked out. Adequate water pressure is one of the this big items that hotels must have, but the ability to adjust the water flow and the height of the shower head makes a good shower great.

Great point about the duvet cover. I have always felt icky about the bedspread or duvet on the top of the bed. Australian hotels from across the cost range were tested and most were covered in semen and other things. From memory there was only one that was clean and it was not from a top of the range place. On This Day in History. Dan Snow.

Midnight in Chernobyl. Adam Higginbotham. Tom Phillips.

Exceptional villas, local knowledge and personal service.

Yuval Noah Harari. East West Street.

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Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Thanks for pushing and aiding us! I love this list and I would also add that people try to do so much on trips that they can miss the point which is to be in the moment.

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I had to talk to a friend of mine who was hosting me once and he was so concerned that I do everything that he thought I should do while in his town. Totally on board with not planning. I remember the first time my husband and I travelled to Europe, we planned things almost down to the hour! It was enjoyable, but 12 years later, we fly into SEA with only the first night arrival booked and just kind have a general idea of what we want to do. Any guidebook is almost always 2 years out of date, so although the maps and history infor are valuable, we usually look to the hostels BESIDE the ones recommended…usually much better prices.

My packing idol is Jack Reacher the herol of so many Jack Reacher novels who travels with only a toothbrush and a passport.

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Anita Hendrieka. There is nothing worse than landing and then searching for somewhere to stay. There are really some simple pleasures in life that sometimes you have to do without during travel. I still use the duvet but make sure that the flat sheet is shielding me from it. A perfect beach with white sand, turquouise waters and loads of coconut trees.

He just buys clothes as he goes! Great post! When you stop to take a picture, please take time to really look at what you are seeing. Friends were amazed that I traveled for 2 months across Europe with NO camera. I am a rare one because I am an artist whose memories are caught on watercolor paper or in my sketch book. Take fewer pictures and LOOK around.

A good way to really see a new place is just to wander, get lost, who cares? Have a map of where you are staying and meet locals by asking directions. It will be amazing the interesting things you will see that are not i. Any guide book. Matt good advice, especially to slow down and relax. Is it so hard to write a letter or just call to check up how and where are they? What do you think? Why people are so static sometimes?

I would totally agree on no. I just had my first ever solo trip last year and I would really recommend these two to my younger, untravelled self.

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Eventhough I prepared my itenerary in full details before the trip, these two just fall into my experiences and these advices made my journey truly memorable. I even got lost in an unfamiliar city where most people dont speak english for an hour or two and not remembering that I have a guidebook at hand to bring me home.

I just let my senses take in the new sights and sounds until the sun sets at twilight and until i miraculously found a familiar place that guided me back to my hotel. Wow, this article could not have come at a better time. Matt, an excellent article. Was it scary to take him out of school and go on a trip I had four months to plan? I had a general outline of where we wanted to go, and just planned the first step. The rest naturally followed. And we can attest to all your advice in the article.

I do agree completly, to rush through a bucket list makes the memories fade away. Relax, lean back, talk to people, remember the view, the food, the smiles, the warm winds, the snow, or whatever you are exploring. Great advise for new travelers and season travelers as well. I particularly like the Travel Slow suggestion. I have been on trips with a fast pace and it was not very satisfying. I find that it is better to take more time on your trip or do less things so that you can immerse yourself in them and enjoy yourself better.

I feel very lucky because my parents took me on trips overseas since I was 3. Those are very great tips. My god this is a great post! Exactly the kind of things I try to get across in my own blog. Traveling is the best thing in the world, and you can never have enough experiences or meet too many friends when on the road.

I absolutely agree regards you are never alone. I was shy when I started travelling and people asked how I could travel alone to new countries all of the time. The truth I told them is that you are always with other and new people. You stay in the local youth hostel and within minutes are already talking to new fellow travellers. There is always a great community to become a part of.

When the first time you travel alone, your entire purse is stolen… you quickly learn most of the above. Met a girl named Mel, who kept me entertained and my mind of my troubles and helped me get money from overseas. We exchanged info. Turned out, we were both heading to Paris right after London, so we met there and wasted and entire afternoon in a park just because we wanted to have a little picnic.

I added a day in Paris because she wanted me to go to Disney World with her, so I did. We still keep in contact 3 years later and are still trying to plan a reunion that will include a Disney World somewhere, as we share a love for Disney and I have already been to the 2 in the US. I now make a list of things I definitely want to see, but I leave most of my time for sleeping, wandering, making friends, and seeing things the locals and other travelers suggest.

After losing everything on your first trip out.. Excellent post.