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That shift in my perspective why am I not loving this book? That was an extremely valuable gift and forever changed my direction. I like the first tip, go deeper into yourself. That is exactly how I get the stories for my books. To go deeper into my writing, I also find it helpful to write an emotional scene when you are experiencing that same emotion. Like if someone made me angry today, then I would harness how I feel and pour it out in a scene where my character is angry.

Great tips, Joanna. I especially believe in setting the writing aside and coming back to it. But whatever I write, I proofread better, see the line of logical thinking better and find new ways to say things when I come back to a work after a respite from it.

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Thanks Joanna for the advice, I find taking the rest of work helps. I find the trickiest part of the whole writing experience is getting past the blank page. I go deeper into my writing by sitting there in deep thought for a short while after reading where I had left off from my previous session then I create better sentences. Some great tips Joanna.

I especially love the idea of actually copying and writing out by hand the work of great writers. I really like the idea of learning by doing, rather than by reading! It has both wise words and a lot of humour. I have to admit that what scares me the most when it comes to writing has become feat. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, feat of putting into words the darkness that is sometimes inside myself.

So maybe you are write, I should learn to put it out there. Thanks for a great post. AH I identify with you there! I write mostly about superficial things, for the same reason: fear of rejection!!! Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

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Dogs of all shapes and sizes love it — experienced dogs run an entire course by themselves while the owner stands in the middle of the ring. Some animal shelters and dog parks have permanent agility courses set up so dogs accompanied by their owners, of course can practice at will. If your dog walks fallen logs across swollen creeks and leaps tall buildings in a single bound, this just might be the activity for you. Suite Raleigh, NC United Kennel Club E. Kilgore Rd. Kalamazoo, MI Dog Agility Association P. Box Richardson, TX Flyball You have to see this one to believe it.

Flyball is a hurdle relay race for a team of four dogs of any heritage. Each dog in turn jumps four jumps, spaced ten feet apart. At the end of the jumps is a flyball box. When the dog touches the pedal on the front of the box a tennis ball shoots out. The dog catches the ball and goes back over the four jumps to the owner waiting at the starting line. Then the next dog goes. The team that finishes first wins. Flyball is a very competitive sport, and great fun to watch. Dogs with an affinity for retrieving tennis balls adore this game.

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Herding When you think of sheep or cattle dogs, you tend to visualize Australian Shepherds and Border Collies. But the list of dogs that can be taught to herd includes multi-purpose breeds with herding ancestors way back in their bloodlines, and mixed-breed dogs with some herding blood.

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And the list of breeds that are officially designated as herding dogs is much longer than most people think — some 30 breeds, including the Rottweiler, Tibetan Terrier and the Samoyed. Multi-purpose dogs that can herd includes another dozen or so, including such unlikely breeds as the Kerry Blue Terrier, Poodle, Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, and Schipperke. But, of course, herding is the perfect outlet for the high-energy Border Collie and the other intense herding breeds, as it makes full use of their extreme intelligence and obsessive herding behaviors.

Watching the miracle of a trained herding dog working a flock of sheep helps us understand and appreciate those obsessive behaviors — such as rounding up the kids or staring for hours at the cat — that can drive us crazy.

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This is not a get-rich-quick book. In fact, while you may decide to monetize your blog, and I mention some effective ways to do that, you may not have any interest . Are you search Blogging Just Beyond The Basics (english Edition)? Then you definitely come to the correct place to get the Blogging Just Beyond The .

Francis Raley, Secretary Anderson Ln. Crawford, TX For those who like to get serious, there are Frisbee competitions almost everywhere, up to and including national canine Frisbee championships. Alpo, a major sponsor of these contests, will send you a booklet on how to train your dog to perform Frisbee dog basics like the chest vault, front flip, and back roll, in order to prepare for Frisbee competition!

Alpo Canine Frisbee Disc Champ. Animal Assisted Therapy When all is said and done, we value our dogs most highly for the unconditional love and loyal companionship they give us.

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There are national organizations that provide certification for therapy dogs, and many local humane societies offer therapy programs. These programs always welcome new volunteers because the demand for animal-assisted therapy is so high.

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Those on the human side of the animal-assisted therapy equation talk of miracles — of non-responsive patients who move, even speak for the first time in months when a therapy dog greets them; of faces that light up when a furry friend arrives. With all that our dogs give to us, it is only right that we give some of that back to others. Delta Society, Pet Partners P. Box Renton, WA