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denspacomnightil.ml/a-level-revision-notes-for-enduring-love-by.php This curious dating app is a playful pictographic way to connect with that guy or girl across the bar without actually walking over to talk to them.

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Diggidi , available on iOS and Android, lets you pull up a unique pictogram—the founder showed me a turtle—to flash at that special someone across the room giving you the eye. If they so choose, they can then open Diggidi and search "turtle" to start a completely anonymous chat that doesn't reveal personal information or connected social accounts until the users decide to.

Can you diggidit? This talent acquisition and job-hunting platform treats job seekers like rock stars. Woo is positioning itself as a LinkedIn alternative where still-employed job seekers list their skills and experience and put together a personal wish list of what they want out of a job salary, location, culture, etc. It's free to use, so on its face the value proposition sounds rather lopsided for the companies paying to "woo" this top talent. But that hasn't stopped the likes of Microsoft, WeWork, Wix, and others from joining the platform.

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BotFactory , based right outside Manhattan in Long Island City, Queens, manufactures printed circuit board PCB prototyping machines you can plop atop a desk in your home office and start creating circuits as easily as a 3D printer. BotFactory uses print-conductive ink and pick-and-place components to help universities, labs, manufacturers, and DIY nerds create a fully assembled circuit board in as short as 30 minutes.

The 25 Weirdest Gadgets of All Time

Want to start an on-demand service with Uber-like mobile functionality? This start-up encourages "Uber-izing" everything from maid service, food delivery, and laundry to—as the show floor representative excitedly explained—"Uber for strippers or weed delivery! Chatbots are all the rage lately, from more advanced AI like Viv to the machine-learning messaging bots we've seen lately from Facebook and Microsoft.

While not exactly a start-up, Modiface was in the show's Startup Alley showing off its augmented reality app that acts like a magic mirror for skincare products. The tablet app functions similarly to Snapchat's hidden animated filters, except with far faster facial mapping and dozens of makeup options you can toggle on and off and customize with the specific product line of a makeup retailer, like Sephora.

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Possibly the cutest start-up at the conference, Parihug creates digitally connected teddy bears that can give people hugs from any distance. Two paired Parihug bears, each with fabric-based embedded sensors, can send haptic vibrations back and forth so loved ones can virtually hug each other across the country or the world.

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Another interesting note about this start-up, its founder and CEO is a year-old engineering student, and it's the only start-up in this roundup based out of Cleveland, Ohio. The Startup Battlefield runner-up, WaterO is a countertop water purifier that uses reverse osmosis to filter particles 5, times smaller than typical bacteria, including chlorine, copper, mercury, asbestos, benzene, and—demonstrated onstage by filtering tainted water from Flint, Michigan—lead.

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VicoVR is a full-body motion control sensor for virtual reality. The start-up manufacturers a Bluetooth sensor bar that tracks motion in 19 different joints in the body with positional tracking and a mobile head-mounted display HMD.


I've written about Dispel and its Privacy-as-a-Service cloud security tech before, but the company has since reinvented itself as a plug-and-play security platform enterprises can integrate into any part of their infrastructure for fully encrypted data and metadata protection, malware-blocking, and air-gapped cloud computing.

Artveoli is a chic solution for in-home air pollution. Rhymes aside, the start-up's mosaic-like air panel improves indoor air quality using a microfluidic high-density photo-bioreactor to essentially simulate natural plant-based CO2-to-oxygen conversion. For the highfalutin elite in the penthouses and mansions of major cities with polluted air, Artveoli may be the solution that jibes with the interior design's feng shui.

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It remains one of the grandest light guns yet produced. And FYI, she definitely is your first cousin. Technology historians will look back on as the period in which technology bloggers and enthusiasts thought it would be a fine idea to wear a Borg-like mounted computer on their face, then go about their day as if nothing was out of the ordinary. You're not following any authors. Image credits: details-produkte. Ignace Mystery Spot's website , three "surveyors" from California happened upon this spot "where their surveying equipment didn't seem to work properly" in the s.

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25 More Weird Ideas eBook: Benny Phisheraree, David Wright: irelytuqypov.ml: Kindle Store. 25 Bizarre Products Sold On Amazon That You Need to Know About .. If you think about it, it's a little more weird to wear a ring of precious metal worth a smartphone to an autogyro is a great idea if you don't want video that.

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