Hausa Folk-Lore Customs, Proverbs, Etc.

Hausa Folk-Lore, Customs, Proverbs, Etc, Vol. 1 of 2
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  • Hausa Baka is a set of 3 videotapes comprising about 5 hours of natural interaction in Hausa.

    Filmed in Kano, Nigeria Music from the Villages of Northeastern Nigeria. Includes, praise songs, war chants, etc, performed by various local musicians.

    Call Number: GR D48 House, The text is on the social dynamics and worldview in Hausa society. It is one series of the travels and memoirs publications by the Paris Ethnology Institute.

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    N5 K64 Publication Date: Lagos: Dept. N54 B45 a.

    Hausa proverbs pdf

    This is a photocopy of a University of Wisconsin-Madison Ph. Call Number: DT H38 H38 Call Number: BL H3 B47 Publication Date: South Hadley, Mass.

    F8 S K57 A85 Z77 We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant. Hausa Folklore: Customs; Proverbs; Etc.

    Traditional African Nigerian Music of the Yoruba Tribe

    Maalam Shaihu. This design was to compass two ends at once-to obtain trustworthy linguistic material, and to explore the inner secrets of the Hausa mind-by giving a somewhat novel turn to an old and approved method. As regards the collection of folk-lore, the approved method -in fact, the only method likely to satisfy the demands of science-is this: the observer must draft word-for-word reports of what he hears; and must further give the original words, when a foreign tongue is used, so that it may be possible independently to control the version.

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    Such a method, however, is more easily prescribed on paper than followed in the field. When the witness is illiterate-as commonly happens when there is genuine folklore to be gathered-its application proves exceedingly troublesome, for reasons that may readily be divined.

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    A more or less formal dictation lesson has somehow to be given and received; and the several parties to it are only too apt to conspire each in his own way to render it a failure. Thus the story-teller, on the one hand, is probably shy and suspicious at the outset; is put out of his stride by the slightest interruption; and, becoming weary all too soon, tends to take short cuts, instead of following to the end the meandering path of the genuine tradition.

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    The reporter, in his turn, is incessantly puzzled by the idiom, more especially since in such a context archaisms will be frequent; boggles over a pronunciation adapted to a monotonous sing-song delivery, or else, perhaps, to a dramatic mimicry carried on in several voices; and is likely to be steadily outpaced into the bargain.