Redeeming The Prince: The Meaning of Machiavellis Masterpiece

Machiavelli Was Right
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In Redeeming "The Prince," one of the world'sleading Machiavelli scholars puts forth a startling newinterpretation of arguably the most influentia. In Redeeming "The Prince," one of the world's leading Machiavelli scholars puts forth a startling new interpretation of arguably the most influential but widely.

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Article activity alert. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Related articles in Google Scholar. Spanish translation, La sonrisa de Maquiavelo, translated by Atilio Pentimalli, Barcelona, Tusquets, republished in ; also published by Barcelona, Folio, Portuguese translation, O sorriso de Nicolau.

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Arabic translation, Projectemirati. Italian translation, Per Amore della Patria. Patriottismo e nazionalismo nella storia , Roma-Bari, Laterza, paperback edition with a new Introduction: Spanish translation, Por amor a la patria: un ensayo sobre el patriotismo y el nacionalismo , translated by Patrick Alfaya MacSchane, Madrid, Acento Editorial, From Politics to Reason of State.

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Italian translation, Dalla politica alla ragion di stato , Roma, Donzelli, Italiano English. Campus map. Search for contacts, projects, courses and publications. Accompanying these traits is a marked arrogance that is apparent among not only politicians but also ordinary citizens. Demolishing popular misconceptions that Machiavelli is a cynical realist, the book shows that he believes republics can't survive, let alone thrive, without leaders who are virtuous as well as effective.

Among much other valuable advice, Machiavelli says that voters should pick leaders who put the common good above narrower interests and who make fighting corruption a priority, and he explains why the best way to recognize true leaders is to carefully examine their past actions and words. On display throughout are the special insights that Machiavelli gained from long, direct knowledge of real political life, the study of history, and reflection on the political thinkers of antiquity.

Recognizing the difference between great and mediocre political leaders is difficult but not at all impossible—with Machiavelli's help. So do your country a favor. Read this book, then vote like Machiavelli would. Account Options Sign in.

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Maurizio Viroli October 27, In Redeeming "The Prince , " one of the world's leading Machiavelli scholars puts forth a startling new interpretation of arguably the most influential but widely misunderstood book in the Western political tradition. Overturning popular misconceptions and challenging scholarly consensus, Maurizio Viroli also provides a fresh introduction to the work. Seen from this original perspective, five centuries after its composition, The Prince offers new insights into the nature and possibilities of political liberation.

More by Maurizio Viroli See more. Machiavelli's God.

Maurizio Viroli. To many readers of The Prince, Machiavelli appears to be deeply un-Christian or even anti-Christian, a cynic who thinks rulers should use religion only to keep their subjects in check. But in Machiavelli's God, Maurizio Viroli, one of the world's leading authorities on Machiavelli, argues that Machiavelli, far from opposing Christianity, thought it was crucial to republican social and political renewal--but that first it needed to be renewed itself. And without understanding this, Viroli contends, it is impossible to comprehend Machiavelli's thought.

The Liberty of Servants: Berlusconi's Italy. Italy is a country of free political institutions, yet it has become a nation of servile courtesans, with Silvio Berlusconi as their prince. This is the controversial argument that Italian political philosopher and noted Machiavelli biographer Maurizio Viroli puts forward in The Liberty of Servants.

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Drawing upon the classical republican conception of liberty, Viroli shows that a people can be unfree even though they are not oppressed. This condition of unfreedom arises as a consequence of being subject to the arbitrary or enormous power of men like Berlusconi, who presides over Italy with his control of government and the media, immense wealth, and infamous lack of self-restraint. Reviews Review Policy. Published on.