Jive at Five

Jive At Five
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They never sound dated.

Jive At Five

I remember getting the Mosaic box set of Basie with Pres, and I kept having this feeling that listening to Lester Young among his contemporaries was like watching a lone gazelle romp among a flock of penguins. I had the same sensation hearing early Louis Armstrong—so limber, so free, so swinging, exuberant, humorous—almost shockingly so, among the comparative stiffness of his bandmates. No disrespect to the other cats intended Sweets always sounds wonderful, too …most of us, naturally, sound like products of our own times and surroundings, rather than like electrifying messengers from the future.

Maybe Herschel Evans and Buddy Tate are there to remind us of the state of the art for their time…we listen to them blow their half-chorus and we settle into their groove and concept…then, here comes Pres, and maybe just for a second, we feel that thrill—we catch a whiff of that new cool breeze that nobody had ever felt before, and up come the goosebumps….

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To read Mr. David Evans puts it well about the messengers of the future. There was Bird, and then there was everyone else.

Buck Clayton called Washington one of the three best baritonists in jazz the others being Carney and Mulligan. A very spirited session with everyone in fine form. Buck gets in some especially tasty solos. Mais acessados.

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Jive at Five is an album by trumpeter Joe Newman featuring tracks recorded with members of the Count Basie Orchestra in and originally released on the. Buy Jive at Five by Basie & Edison/arr. Roy Phillippe at irelytuqypov.ml Jazz Sheet Music. This wonderful Basie classic is played at about beats per minu.

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