Iron Horse Rider Trilogy (Special Edition)

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They each wrote a novella connected to their larger series, as I did. If not, this is a great introduction to their work. You know what? Grist of Bees , by Delilah S. Dawson writing as Lila Bowen, follows Rhett Walker, who has given up his destiny as the monster-hunting Shadow to settle down with his beloved Sam. But when the call to action grows too strong, Rhett saddles up to follow a peculiar bee into the unforgiving desert.

And up until now, it has been her mission to kill those killers, to remove them from the pattern so that they may not murder again. We wrote this collection around bees and dead bodies because we did a collection a few years back called Three Slices that centered around cheese wizards. One just naturally had to follow the other, right? Dawson for No Country for Old Gnomes! Dates, times, and details on my Appearances page. The Princess Beard will be out in October! I just got back from a location scout in Glasgow and loved it there; what a great city and country!

Thanks so much for reading. Dawson writing as Lila Bowen from her Shadow series. What stuff? The grand prize winner chosen randomly and announced March 1 will get signed copies of Scourged, Wake of Vultures, and a signed hardcover copy of Vultures with a handy-dandy customized death prediction! Plus signed posters of cover art from Scourged and The Purloined Poodle.

Five more winners will get the signed Scourged poster. This is open to readers in the US and Canada. So yay! It includes exclusive cover art and three color illustrations too including one of Oberon and Starbuck! Sorry, no Kobo or Google Play. You can preorder the audio from Audible. Again: Preorder before Feb. Take a screencap of your confirmation.

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Send to info at kevinhearne dot com. If you already preordered, yep, you can enter! Thank you, please send your proof! We wanted to do a thing to thank you for preordering. Hope you enjoy these stories! Every month for me is novel writing month, but I participated this year via the NaNoWriMo website to try to reach that 50K-word goal on my current project and just document my progress. Well, you probably will believe it. Especially since I have pictures. That average per day is the key takeaway for me, because going into this I told folks, including myself, that I average a thousand words a day without any proof.

Nice to see that confirmed. But lookit, I can break it down! So yeah, I started out strong! First five days were all over the 1, average you need per day to hit the 50K mark. And then…the election happened on the 6th and even though I voted by mail a month earlier I just worried about it all day and the next as results came in.

On Nov. My kid was home from college and I spent the day with family. Then the tough part of November arrived with a double whammy.

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I got page proofs for No Country for Old Gnomes right before Thanksgiving and I needed to turn those around quickly and send them to my co-author, Delilah S. That basically began a week of lackluster word counts, but I recovered in the last few days and wound up with an average word count of about words a day. Great time to get some books signed for gifts, eh?

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Adelle Laudan is a multi-published author, living in Special Edition of Iron Horse Rider Trilogy - Books 1 2 3 in one book! After losing his wife in a terrible motorcycle accident Shane flees from everything . Iron Horse Rider Trilogy Special Edition: Special B&W Edition [Adelle Laudan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ***Special Edition in Black.

Or you can call FoxTale and ask them to have me sign whatever you want and they will ship to you! Click here to snag one or five or whatever you need. Right now you can preorder the signed limited edition by Subterranean Press, which includes interior illustrations as well as novellas by NYT bestsellers Chuck Wendig and Delilah S. You can also preorder the ebook on Kindle and Nook , which has a different cover but the stories inside are all the same. The audio is coming too—Luke Daniels narrating Oberon!

Since my blogging is sporadic at best, let me wish you warm fuzzies and hot sauce to you and yours over the holidays. Friends, I have stuff to shout about. Lots of fun things happening. As you might guess from the cover, each novella will involve bees somehow. This cover and interior illustrations are exclusive to the print edition.

If you go check out that link above, you can read the first 1K words of each novella. Starbuck is a bit more verbal and he starts to give Oberon some gas. Good deal all around. A quest: Get the print edition and then collect the signatures from all twenty-seven authors! This is pretty much available now-ish; I believe it releases Nov. Coming Feb 5: the trade paperback edition of Kill the Farm Boy!

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If preorder links are available for it now at your favorite retailer then yay! You can get caught up on that before the second book comes out in April. This book has everything: Goth gnomes! Dirty halflings! Clean halflings! A religion based on cabbage! Hot Nut Pudding! And a heck of a lot more. You can read the preview goodies here and preorder.

Many thanks to everyone who came to see me and Delilah on our tour for Kill the Farm Boy. Please spread the word to friends and family if you are—word of mouth is still five billion times more powerful than the Internet! We also have the cover and preorder links for the next book, No Country for Old Gnomes , which will be out April 16! TheraPlate has helped horses from almost every discipline stay sound and conditioned. Testimonials come from veterinarians and trainers of dressage, reining, jumpers, hunters, barrel racers, cutters, eventers, racehorses, driving horses, saddle seat horses and more.

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Dawson, Chuck Wendig ;. Even in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, Tolkien never explicitly stated the age of Legolas. They set out with the farm's owner the next day to return the Weirdstone to Cadellin before it can fall into the wrong hands. You cannot pass," he said. Despite their escape, Frodo was stabbed in the process by the Ringwraith leader with a Morgul-blade. For their own desperate reasons, they hope to avail themselves of the secrets Vitrielli left behind at the time of his death.

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Iron Horse Rider Trilogy (Special Edition)

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