Gabrielle dEstrées (Biographies Diverses) (French Edition)

[March 1785]
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In he was living in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

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London , 6 Brownlow Street, Long Acre In he received the Society of Arts's silver medal and premium, for materials including crayons "which are greatly superior to any in use"; the recipe consited of bone-ash powder mixed with spermaceti, to which the pigment was added, together with white chalk if softer pastels were required. He was portrayed by Reynolds and Opie.

A colourful character, in he was tried for murder but acquitted. During the First World War he served in the German army's Kunstschutz, and was responsible for the removal to Maubeuge of the La Tour pastels in , and for the printed catalogue. Paris , pastel supplier. An advertisement in Lloyd's evening post , His stay will be very short. In a letter of However in pastels were damaged during transport from Basel to London. Returns thanks to their friends who have favoured them with commands, and informs them that they continually keep on hand, a general assortment of goods in the above line.

Any orders sent will be executed with Punctuality and dipatch. They have for sale, a few sets of the beautiful crayon colour pencils, of 36, 24, and 18 different shades, neatly made and put up in paper or wood cases, to be used as Swiss Crayons He also had 26 Portland Place built c. His son John was a captain, RN. Nottingham MSS collection. The true Swiss crayons, prepared by Mr. Hudsons, No.

Sur deux orientalistes français du XVIIe siècle : F. Petis de la Croix et le sieur de la Croix

Pool [James Poole q. They are sold in sets at 10s. These Crayons are almost one half less in price, than they have hitherto been sold for. Always ask for the Crayons prepared by Mr. Hudson as above. His sons George and William were recorded as carvers and gilders, 36 Dawson Street, in but are absent from on. Robert Hulbert, presumably a third son, is recorded in The business was continued by his sons Louis-Claude c.

He advertised in the local newspapers from to , offering to paint portraits and other genres, to teach drawing and to sell materials. By he was living at quai de Gesvres He was probably the Joly who supplied a number of frames to the pastellist Boze. Dictionary , artists; Genealogies, Jurine. London See also "Regarding Mrs. Keeting and her Swiss-style crayons", 3. Thomas KEYSE was awarded a bounty of 30 gns "for the discovery of his method of painting in fixed crayons" by the Society of Arts in Dictionary , artists Lit.

Salzburg made the gilt frames for a series of pastels of the abbots of St. Peter by J. Troger q. Articles on pastel by Blanquart de Septfontaines, q. VI, Previous publications included Le Doctrine militaire , A summary of the technique appeared in L'Avant-Coureur , He published his influential study on the La Tour pastels at Saint-Quentin in Perhaps this was his idea of sealing the pastel between two sheets of glass.

He was married to a Marie Gouble who died in , leaving three minor children; in he married a Mlle Cartier. The name may have been misread; perhaps Leithmann, a Bavarian name. Dictionary , collectors; salons critiques, Dictionary , artists; collectors. The firm's origins date to c. Around the business passed to his son Louis-Robert Laclef —p.

He invented the Lepeltier box, a form of mounting applied to some pastels in the Louvre. Some photographs from his studio survive recording his work. He produced numerous works on subject ranging from music to dyeing and the fabrication of beer. He appeared as an ami at the tutellage conference for Claude Infroit's minor son in Dictionary , salons critiques, Paris , pastel maker, presumably a misspelling of Lundberg.

Dictionary , artists, Lundberg. Boston Dictionary , collectors. His recipe, offered because Loriot kept his secret, involved vinegar and sugar-candy, to be applied with care and experience. He was then living Grande rue du faubourg Saint-Denis. Boucher premier peintre du Roi de France. Emile Maylander — , gilder to the firm, set up with Mercier fils.

While it is clear that they did not specialise in pastel, there were six "boetes a pastel asortie" valued at 8 livres each, and "trois cent crayons de pastel a deux sols chaque", 30 livres in total. In L'Avant-Coureur for Christian MICHEL , pipemaker in Ruhl, supplied pastels of a new kind, which could be mixed with water and applied to supports prepared with oil paint.

A box of 36 sticks cost one ducat. Although an early 19th century trade card refers to "crayons" these were "de plomb noir" and probably not pastel. He was asked to return with specimens on 5. In he was colonel en second of the Royalist infanterie illyrienne corps in Koblenz. Perronneau, documents : he called on Perronneau and Maelrondt, and sold a box of assorted pastel crayons for 84 livres. He was born in Linas but settled in Paris as a child. In the Salon de , Vivien exhibited a lost pastel of a Mlle Moule.

An English translation of his Encaustic, or, Count Caylus's method of painting in the manner of the ancients: to which is added a sure and easy method for fixing of crayons appeared in Colour makers; in their trade card advertised "crayon pencils equal to the Swiss". Leading supplier of artists' materials, including "fine soft crayons" Times , 5. Edward NORGATE , artist, musician and author of Miniatura or the art of limning , —28, revised correcting the confused account of extracting ultramarine under the heading "The Pastil".

The treatise provided directions "to make Crayons Repaired and copied G. A large family of vitriers of this name existed. Pastel maker; nephew of Lewis Pache q. In Pache wrote to the Society of Arts, sending four boxes of his crayons for their approval. Pache presented these to the committee in person on Advice was sought from "the most eminent artists" in the field of pastel: Liotard issued a certificate that they were as good as Stoupan's, the browns even more beautiful; Russell and Milbourne concurred.

Some thought Moreland's better. Bonhote q. Soon after Pache advertised London evening post , This was the amount of twenty guineas for preparing crayons, and "establishing a manufactory thereof in England. Pache, successor to Mr. Roubelou, and J. Davis, from Mr. Wilmot, the corner of Norfolk Street, The firm supplied imported Swiss fabrics as well as artists' materials, including "The noted Swiss Crayons called Pastels Assortie, the Box being a compleat Assortment of Shades and Colours" Public advertiser , The firm was succeeded by John James Bonhote q.

Constant and continued after by his pupil Joseph Panier, specialising in watercolour in dry cakes. Paillard defended his rights to the Lambertye and Panier trademarks in an action in against Albert Allmayer and Jacob Schloss who had sold colours in breach of his trademark. His granddaughter married the collector Alphonse Mennecher de Barival q. His antipathy to pastel is neatly summarised in his note on Russell Pasquin a : "To investigate the merits of miniature and crayon painters, is scarcely a toil worthy the pen of a biographer.

There is no province of the polite arts so thoroughly gulling and imposing as crayon painting; it capivates the vulgar eye, by a smoothness and gaudiness which should render it disgusting; and even a bad artist may pass muster in this pursuit, who would be scouted in any other. It requires a great portion of skill not to make the tints too garish for nature; and that species of knowledge no man possessed in so eminent a degree as Mr Coates, and even he was not strictly correct on this essential point.

His notices read "Paulmier, peintre, vend pastelle, couleurs et vernis". He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge and became travelling tutor to the sons of the Earl od Arundel. His treatise on drawing and watercolour, Art of drawing , was published in , exapnded as Graphice , wtih a dedication to Sir Edmund Ashfield and reissued the same year as the Gentlemans exercise ; there were further versions in and It contains a brief reference to making "pastils". Peacham's Compleat Gentleman of directs readers to the Gentlemans exercise , but lists among materials for drawing "dry pencils made of what colour you please by grinding it with strong wort, and then rowling it up pencill-wise, and so let it dry".

His workshop specialised in de luxe sculpted giltwood frames. Two sons, born , , are recorded, but do not seem to have been menuisiers. He described the manufacture of pastel sticks in his Dictionnaire portatif de peinture, sculpture et gravure , , pp. Pernety claims to have seen La Tour fix his pastels between two sheets of glass, acknowledging however the greater convenience and popularity of the method designed by M.

Lauriot [Loriot]. In he discovered the process of making molten glass flow onto smooth iron tables where it was rolled and cooled; a necessary process before large scale pastels could be made. He was still at that address in according to an advertisement in the Journal de la Haute-Garonne. He may have been the Peyronnet at that address, variously described as a chapelier and musicien, whose wife Marie-Anne Latreille aged 38 in was cited as a witness in the Calas case.

He is first recorded in , making black and red sealing-wax. He travelled widely, Rome, Naples, Paris, Moscow etc. He invented a Farbentriangel, containing 64 discs, in a treatise Versuch einer Anleitung zum Mischen aller Farben Wehrs, Vom Papier He was married to a Louise-Madeleine Frontier — before , and was succeeded on his death by his son Pierre-Alexandre Phlipault, whose inv.

A daughter, Marie-Julie — , married the son of Jacques Neilson q. Phlipault supplied pastels from Lausanne presumably by Stoupan, q. His full name appears in the act of naturalization, Saint-Cloud, Venice : An entry in Rosalba Carriera's diary for He described pastel manufacture. He also recommended buying ready made pastels from several suppliers in Paris. Amongst her stock were pastel cut-outs by Nathaniel Bermingham q. Her Memoirs are a useful source of gossip.

He traveled to Italy and the Levant, and translated works in various fields. Among his journalism was a letter on the state of the arts in England, summarised in the Journal d'agriculture in Arthur POND , pastellist and supplier of copies, prints etc. Artists' supplier; he advertised Swiss crayons in He stocked Swiss crayons made by Mr Hudson q. Poole was a major supplier of artists' canvases, obtaining the freedom of the Weavers' Company in Following the new Linen Act of , artists' canvases were brought into the charge for linen duty, and were stamped accordingly as British Linen; stencilled numbers included the year in four digits, running vertically at the right edge.

Poole's stamps appear on numerous oil paintings and at least one pastel. Jourdany, L. Lamaison en F. Feyh, Makelaars, te Amsterdam, voor 't Huis op de Heerenragt over de Warmoesgragt" advertised i the Amsterdamse courant , London , colourman, St Martin-in-the-Fields, father of Edward —?

The father presumably was the Powell in Pond's accounts in , while J. Powell was presumably the author of a letter to Copley of He was named by Fleury among the copyists of La Tour. An inv. Trade cards and advertisements e. Morning herald , Nevertheless, according to advertisements in the Times on 1. By the heading of the advertisements had changed to Swiss Crayons, Reeves having "lately imported a quantity of exceeding fine Swiss Crayons in setts.

Advertised Daily courant , Celeste appeared in the Westminster rates books until Roubiliac's death in under her maiden name, and as Celeste Roubiliac until The firm exhibited pastels and ordinary crayons at the Exposition de ; they were exported to France and England. The manufacture of crayons in Bavaria was widespread, resulting from high quality of the naturally occurring seams of graphite.

His workers rebelled in A document from In The World 5. Riley, sole Patentee"; these crayon pencils were made to the patent of the late Thomas Beckwith q. Riley described these in A concise treatise on the elementary principles of flower-painting and drawing in water-colour Advertisements appeared, such as his letter to the Newcastle courant , Engraver and publisher, landscape painter and drawing master.

His trade card British Museum from c. The firm claims to have supplied La Tour, Perronneau, Chardin and Carriera, but details of the 18th century origins remain obscure. It was followed by L'Art nouveau de la peinture en fromage , an investigation of ways of painting worse than those already existing. He died insane at Charenton. He died in at rue de Charonne, leaving five minor children. Paris , pastellist, inventor and vendor of new crayons. They had married in , and had six children. Active in the first half of the 19th century, some sources suggest the business was originally established in The firm's stamp is found on the canvas of a later copy of La Tour, Marie Leszczynska.

It reached its fifth edition in The text largely matches Browne's Appendix. Around he or a homonym was briefly associated with Coiffier q. It is unclear if he was the printseller Salmon of rue des Bons Enfans, passage Radziwille , , later at 1 Boulevard Montmartre.

Letter 2: Olivier-Georges Destrée to Laurence Binyon

He may be the chemist who successfully defended an action for nuisance from his neighbout at Green Lane, Sheffield in His son Thomas was admitted to Manchester Grammar School in Martin Hardie, Oxford, , p. According to J. Muntz the firm was the source of "perfect sets" of crayons. Chaperon; Saint-Michel. Oil and colourman, house painter and gilder, advertised materials including "fine crayons" The gazetteer and new daily advertiser , John SCOTT , of Strand, London, from , sold materials for watercolours and drawings; advertised "Crayons in sets, ditto of Swiss Crayon Pencils, a curious article, being in wood after the manner of Black-lead, in sets of 50 and 70, of all different tints" General evening post , Other advertvertisements in the Sun , 7.

Listed as "crayon manufacturer" Wakefield's directory , William SITTENHAM — , restorer, including apparently 18th century pastels, art dealer and real estate investor, active in New York, known from a printed sheet "Crayon and pastel portraits : restoring oil paintings a specialty".

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A pastel by Carriera was among those he restored. William Smith was declared bankrupt in The firm was unrelated to the London colourmen. Textile History Guildford , v13, 2, Autumn Pp [] MILLS on framework knitters, 17th - 19th c; textiles in late 18th c trade; the 18th - 19th c linen trade in England; plus book reviews, etc. Textile Museum Journal Washington , D. Reprint Edition. Paper; plastic binder; photocopy. Includes 5 articles: J. RICE on textile conservation of historic textiles; C. ROWE on a Nasca weaving technique. Fifty Masterpieces of Textiles. Barcelona Important study of important collection.

Includes the entire issue, p plus plates, with 15 other texts, including by W. The Synagogue Treasures of Bohemia and Moravia. All works from the Jewish Museum in Prague. Footnotes, p Early Decorative Textiles. One of the most important historical surveys of early decorative silk textiles.

Die Burgunderbeute und Werke burgundische Hofkunst. Bern : Bernisches Historisches Museum , The Hague Includes a catalogue of linens described at length, particularly their inscriptions; works shown. Bibl, p; index, p Important work on subject. Alte Textilien. Karlsruhe Includes introduction on weaving techniques, p[]; glossary, p[]. Indonesisches Kunstgewerbe. The Hague [ca s? Includes photocopy of inserted addenda p with list of lenders.

Keep Me Warm One Night. Early Handweaving in Eastern Canada. Bibl, p[] Major work on subject. Tissus Directoire et Empire. Paris [s]. Paris [s? Treasures of Indian textiles. Concludes with a bibliography Pp[]. Weaving Arts of the North American Indian. London ; New York : J. Kery, Includes bibliography, p; index.

Important survey. Florence Tessuti Preziosi del Giappone. Storia, Tecniche, Analisi, Restauro. Genoa The map shows the entire Polynesian region. Master Dyers to the World.

Sur deux orientalistes français du XVIIe siècle : F. Petis de la Croix et le sieur de la Croix

Washington , DC Published to accompany a traveling exhibition of the same title. Includes glossary, p; extensive bibl, p Important work. Monographie du Tisseur Lyonnais. Etude Historique, Economique et Sociale.

Catherine-Henriette de Bourbon

Lyon Like new; mostly uncut. Only v1 published; the 2 other planned volumes, on the period through , were never published. El Panteon Real de las Huelgas de Burgos. Madrid Still the major study of these important medieval Islamic textiles. Istanbul: Redhouse Yayinevi, Major work. The Turkish edition of "The art of Turkish weaving.

Zurich silks; an issue of: Ciba Review Basel , , March Osebergfunnets Billedvev. Facsimile Reprint. Deutsche Textilkunst in ihrer Entwicklung bis zur Gegenwart. Includes indexes, p The Navajo Blanket. NY; Los Angeles And Eagles Sweep Across the Sky. Indian Textiles of the North American West. Navajo Blankets and Rugs. Baskets of the West. Baltimore Bibl, p[2]. Benfleet Brief bibl. Die Darstellung von Seidenstoffen auf italienischen Bildern des Extensive references throughout; bibl, p West African Narrow Strip Weaving.

Halifax Extensive bibliography, p Important study. Taipei Includes a glossary of Chinese characters, p[]-5; bibl, p[] The Linen Industry of St. Gall; an issue of: Ciba Review Basel , 91, April Chinese Silk Tapestry. From Private and Museum Collections. New York : China House Gallery, Numerous footnotes thoughout. Brief Guide to the Peruvian Textiles. Lima Bibl, p[43]. Ancient Civilizations of the Andes.

The map shows the major archeological sites. Extensive bibl, p; index, p Peruvian Textiles. Examples of the Pre-Incaic Period. With a Chronology of Early Peruvian Cultures. Includes introduction by J. Spanish-American blanketry. Its Relationship to Aboriginal Weaving in the Southwest. Santa Fe Includes introduction by K.

KENT on recent research since the s text, p Old Glascow Weavers. Being Records of the Incorporation of Weavers. Glascow Dress and Ornaments in Ancient Peru. Archaeological and Historical Studies. LIPP Md Fabrics From the Han to T'ang Dynasty]. Peking Textiles and lacquer. Tokyo Popular edition".

Orientations Hong Kong , v26, 5, May Cosmic Raiment. Daoist Traditions Of Liturgical Clothing. Pp; V. The Silk Road. From China to Tibet - and Back. Pp, On Chinese embroidered votive panels; R. Early Bronze Age Dress. Pp; E. Pp; A. PERI, Paolo, ed. Bordi Figurati del Rinascimento. PERI, Paulo, ed. Tessuti al Bargello. Donazione - Tessuti del Rinascimento nei Repertori Ornamentali. Il Tessuto in Sicilia. Includes Bibl, p[] One of the only works on the subject.

Textile Traditions of East Newfoundland. Ottawa Mercury series. Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies. Paper no 29". An ethnographic study on the production of textiles in the St. Footnotes, p; bibliography, p Tessuti Italiani. Milan : Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Concludes with a list of textiles which were used to illustrate each lesson, p; bibliography, p No works shown. Edition of Tiahuanaco Tapestry Design.

New York : Museum of Primitive Art, Augsburg Includes bibliography, p Still the major work on subject. Chinese Textiles. Fabric Traditions of Indonesia. Pullman , WA Footnotes, p; glossary, p Nga Puna Roimata o Te Arawa. Wellington , NZ Includes brief glossary. Pasy wschodnie. Eastern sashes. Cracow : Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie, Muzeum Narodowego w Krakowie. Tom IV. Pasy kontuszowe" 1. National Museum in Cracov. Volume IV. Contush sashes" 1. Important documentation on subject.

Volkskunst und Gewebe. Stickereien des tschechischen Volkes. LIPP Ebc Paris ; Includes bibliography, p[xxi]-xxii. Old Textiles. Budapest Labors of Love. America 's Textiles and Needlework, - New York Concludes with a section on native American "Indian" textiles, A total of circa works shown with captions, over in color.

Indonesische Textilien. Cologne []. Paper; mimeographed. Pp[], Caves of the Thousand Buddhas.

Politics and Religion in Early Bourbon France

Chinese Art from the Silk Route. XIA Nai. Jade and Silk of Han China. Kansas City Murphy Lectures" 3. Two texts on early Chinese art, including one on textiles: "Silk and the Silk Road of Han China", p, with 53 textiles shown with weaving diagrams. Rutland , VT Translation; original Japanese. Includes list, with ill, of 22 Japanese dyeing plants, p; glossary, p The author was an important Japanese textile scholar. Brief bibl, p[].

Koptische Stoffe. Berlin []. Includes introduction, p[].

Le R. P. Gabriel de Castaigne et l' « Or Potable »

Madame de Montespan (Biographies Diverses) (French Edition) und über 4,5 Millionen weitere Bücher . Gabrielle d'Estrées: Le grand amour de Henri IV. Catherine-Henriette de Bourbon (11 novembre - 20 juin ) est une fille illégitime du roi de France Henri IV et de sa maîtresse Gabrielle d'Estrées. Par son mariage, elle entra dans la maison princière de Guise. Sommaire. 1 Biographie diverses raisons, notamment pour un procès à l'encontre de son frère César.

Boston : The Byzantine Institute, L'Arte Copte. I Grandi Cicli dell'Arte" Bibl, p[7]. Zwischen Morgen- und Abendland. Hildeshiem Koptische Gewebe. Gallen Pp[2] [73] An offprint from: Archaeologia London v23, [? Scattered references to textiles throughout with 20 works shown. Important work on Coptic art. GARB With table of contents. Byzantine silks; an issue of: Ciba Review Basel , 75, August Vienna : Verlag Des K. No illustrations. Includes bibl, v1, p; v2, p; v3, p Major documentation based on major collection. Koptische Kunst. Christentum am Nil. Zurich Includes a detailed technical analysis of the variety of weaving techniques by D.

Coptic Textiles. Athens Includes introduction, p; glossary, p; bibl, p Major documentation of major collection. Weavings from Roman, Byzantine and Islamic Egypt. The Rich Life and the Dance. Urbana-Champaign , IL Wiesbaden Mainz ; Wiesbaden Collection of Coptic Textiles. State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Moscow Important documentation.

Textiles of Late Antiquity. Includes an introduction by A. Coptic Textiles in the Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn , NY Brussels Includes an important section on textiles, p, , with 37 textiles shown. Extensive bibl, p; index. Coptic Art. Extensive bibl, p; index, p[]. Homage to Kalamkari. Bombay July Cloth Decorated Printed Cotton. Anthology of 14 scholarly texts on all aspects of Indian printed textiles, especially during the 17th - 18th c period, including texts by P.

HALL, et al. Azerbajidshanskie Vuishivki. Azerbaijan Embroidery. Islamic textiles. Although Islamic textiles is well-researched subject, this is the only general historical survey except for some museum catalogues. Islamic Textiles. La Casula di San Marco Papa. Sciamiti Orientali alla Corte Carolingia. PERI, S. Islamische Teppiche und Textilien. Hanover LEIX, Alfred. Masterpieces of Indian Textiles. Hand Spun - Hand Woven - Traditional. Bombay Includes introduction on the main regional types of textiles, p[1]; a list of regional textiles, p[48]-9; bibl, p[51]-2; index, p[53] De Soie d'Or et d'Argent.

Pp[2]-7, with 2 BW ill. A general survey of early Islamic embroidery in Egypt. The Catalogue of the Elsberg Collection. All works found at Fostat or Fayoum , Egypt. Persische Seiden. Die Gewebekunst der Safawiden und ihrer Nachfolgers. Leipzig Most of the textiles are from east German museum collections. Major visual documentation. Paper; dj. Brief English translation, p Numerous footnotes. Materials for a History Up to the Mongol Conquest. Beirut Buckram; dj. Includes extensive footnotes; indexes, p[] Basic reference work on the history of early Islamic textiles, originally published in several parts in Ars Islamica, - The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection.

Carpets and Textiles. London : Philip Wilson, Cotton; an issue of: Ciba Review Basel , 95, December Pp[] [1]. The History of Wool and Woolcombing. Foxing; cover soiled. A detailed study of the techniques of wool preparation, mostly in 19th c England. The Spinning Mule. Newton Abbot A history of the spinning jenny from its inception in midth c England through the late 19th c, especially its technical development. Includes glossary, p; bibl, p; index.

Document No 1". A theoretical text with speculations on the possible origin of weaving, especially its relation to basketry. Enkele Niet-Westerse Textieltechnieken. Amsterdam Ppr; spiral bound; mimeo. Ophalergetouw en enkele van zijn variaties" Pp[43], with 2 BW pl. Edinburgh Facsimile reprint; 1st edition: Edinburgh Methods of Hand Spinning in Egypt and the Sudan.

Bankfield Museum Notes. Il Filatorista Serico. Turin Art de la Soie. Major technical documentation on 18th-century silk weaving. Die Materialien der Textil-Industrie. Pencil notes. Textile Machinery. Complete Guide to Hand Spinning. Teasing, Carding, Spinning. London [s? Stockings for a Queen. The life of the Rev. William Lee, the Elizabethan Inventor.

South Brunswick; New York Includes an appendix with Lee's papers, p; extensive bibl with many 16th - 18th c titles , p; index, p Mischgewebe; an issue of: Ciba-Rundschau Basel , v13, , Dec Nonwovens; an issue of: Ciba Review Basel , 1, The Warp-Weighted Loom. Studies in the History and Technology of an Ancient Implement. Oslo Section: A. Includes extensive footnote references, p[93]; bibl, p; glossary, p; index, p Major study. HOLT, J. Fabrics and Clothing. A school textbook. Glossary, p[62] KUHN, Dieter.

Literaturverzeichnis zur textilkunde Chinas und zur allegemeinen Webtechnologie. Kunsthistorisches Inst. One of the very rare bibl on the subject. An Introduction to the Study of Spinning. Par J. Tome IX. Boards; Leather backed; Marbled endpapers; Red edges.

Includes the P. Also includes a new edition of P. A 7th section, in 3 volumes, was only published in the folio edition. Forme et Tecniche nell'Arte Tessile. Pordenone , Italy : Canova, Most of the color illustrations show early textiles from the Guggenheim collection in the Museo Correr, Venice. Sabbathday Lake , ME The Weaves of Hand-loom Fabrics. A Classification With Historical Notes. Philadelphia Includes a table of weaves, p4; index, p Paper folder; plates untrimmed. P; Liege , p Hand Card Making. Halifax [ca ? Series 1" The construction of carding tools in the 19th c; 11 works shown.

The loom; an issue of: Ciba Review Basel , 16, December Gewebe und Gewand zur Bronzezeit. Von der Faser zum Stoff. Cologne Damask; an issue of: Ciba Review Basel , , June A Classification of Techniques. Bathurst , Australia Contribution to the Early History of Textile Technics. The Faithful Fibre. Spinning Wheels. The John Horner Collection. Belfast Spinnen und Weben. Textilverarbeitung am Niederrhein.

Cologne ; Bonn Spinnen als Handwerk. Antwerp A general social history of spinning, mostly in Europe , with much technical detail. Wiltshire Included extensive bibl, p; glossary, p Unique work on subject. Van Linnen en Linnenkasten. Bibliography p LXXX []. Boards Modern. Includes 2 title pages. The author does not propose a theory of color, but argues that color is the result of the modification of white light caused by the nature of the materials themselves, an idea which was later developed by Newton.

Katoendruk in Nederland. Tilburg ; Helmond : Navajo Native Dyes. Their Preparation and Use. Office of Indian Affairs. Education Division, Palmer Like Plangi - tie and dye work; an issue of: Ciba Review Basel , , June Includes a list of the different types of plangi dyeing techniques practiced in ca 30 countries, p Patola und Geringsing. Basel Exhibition catalogue. Bibl, p, Tentoonstelling Exotisch Textiel. Etnographisch Museum. Paris; Brussels Includes bibl, p Bont en Blauw. Tien Eeuwen Bedrukte Stof. Enschede, NL Dyeing; a disbound article from: The Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Volume 6, Part 1. BT Dyeing and tanning in classical antiquity; an issue of: Ciba Review Basel , 9, May JAIN; H. Zeremonien, Herstellung und Ikonographie gemalter und gedruckter Stoffbilder aus Gujarat. Bibl, p[]. William Morris. A brief pictorial survey of the work of Morris, especially his printed textiles. Alchemy and Colour; an issue of: Ciba Review Basel , 5, Includes ill drawn from contemporary sources.

Roller printing; an issue of: Ciba Review Basel , v11, , March Ausstellung von Antiken Bedruckten Stoffen. Boards Printed cotton. Origins of Chintz. Major work based on 2 major collections.

Au cœur de l'histoire: L’affaire Byng et la Guerre de Sept ans (Franck Ferrand)

GLAH P with contents. Mittelalterlicher Textildruck am Rhein. Kevelaer Bunter Traum auf gewebten Grund. Aus der Wunderwelt des Stoffdrucks. A romantized history of textile printing, mostly in Europe, with much material on the preth c period. The drawings are by E. Tapa on Moce Island Fiji. Leiden: E. Brill, Bibl, p[]-6; index, p[] Kurume Kasuri. Kurume, Japan March Kurume was the city where the technique was invented ca Ancient and Medieval Dyes.

Brooklyn, New York BIRD; A. Javanese Batik Designs from Metal Stamps. Chicago Das Batiken. Oldenburg i. LIPP Yb The Melliand. Model Heidelberg Some foxing. Catalogue of a Loan Exhibition of English Chintz. Leiden One of the very first scholarly works on the subject. Unknown to Howard. Formen und Verbreitung eines Reserveverfahrens zur Musterung von Textilien. Printed Cottons of Asia. The Romance of Trade Textiles. Tokyo; Rutland, VT Boards; printed cloth; dj.

A Sixty Year Journey 1896 — 1956

In he committed suicide in a fit of insanity. The use of the iconographic theme of the "preux" the valient hero during the early period of tapestry production, ca 14th - 16th c, with a detailed study of a 16th c Flemish series; all 6 extant parts shown. In he married Elizabeth Williams — , a poet and novelist; she published an article on "The golden age of pastel" in the Century magazine , Drevnerusskoe Shit'e. LIPP Ebc

Hong Kong Printed Cottons at Old Sturbridge Village. Sturbridge, MA A History of Dyed Textiles. Painted bark. Further Sources for Research. Cambridge, MA GLAH P Notandissimi Secreti de l'Arte Profumatoria. Venezia Commento e note di Vicenza A complete re-publication of the first printed book of recipes used in the preparation of scents, cosmetics, perfumes, medicines, etc, containing over recipes used through the midth century.

Unique historic work. The Earliest Chemical Industry. London: The Folio Society, Batiks; an issue of: Ciba Review Basel , 58, July Extensive bibl, p Indian Pigment Paintings on Cloth. Ahmedabad Includes glossary, p; bibl, p; index, p Major study of major collection. Altrincham Unknown to BT. English Chintz. Der Blaudruck in der slowakischen Volkskunst. Le Drap "Escarlate" au Moyen Age.

Lyons Major work, still cited. Over Patterns of Sarasatic. Design Collection. Popular Edition. Tokyo [ca ? Textile and Embroidered Bindings. Also includes a general history of the types of embroidered bindings in Europe, p Tapisserie de la Reine Mathilde. Queen Matilda's Tapestry. Paper; an accordion-style color foldout. Crete, Dodecanes, Cyclades Embroideries.

Epirus and Ionian Island Embroideries. Skyros Embroideries. Guide to the Bayeux Tapestry. Cover stained; corner bumped.