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I sensed her life force curled up on the couch watching television as she nibbled on chocolate. I wondered why this supposed hero, this leader of people, would be sitting all alone by herself when the rest of her civilization jubilated and profligated in the streets? I warped into her room and stood behind the couch, absolutely silent. A chunk of kryptonite drawn from the asteroid field came easily into reality at my beckoning. I held the glowing green stone in my palm, now assured that Supergirl had no chance of resisting my corruption.

My telekinesis shaped the kryptonite hunk into a ring shape, then widened and ran the green through with gold drawn from subreality. The minerals I manifested spun together and created a beautiful gold collar with glowing green veins. As the collar snapped into place, Supergirl jumped up and faced me. She was so beautiful with her golden glow and her long, thick hair. I would love pulling that hair. I would train her rigidly, the little slut needed discipline. Supergirl winced, holding her fist. Then her hands came up to the collar around her neck and her face went pale.

I walked over to Supergirl in her pajamas. She was wearing a pale blue top that revealed the cleavage of her magnificent breasts above teeny tiny pajama shorts that clung to her asscheeks. Her hair felt so soft as I ran my fingers through the golden strands. She tried to kick me but I used telekinesis to block the blow and she gasped. My fingers wound tight into her silken locks and I squeezed, yanking her head in any direction I desired. I exerted pressure down and I forced her face down flush against the floor. I grabbed her wrists and held them together behind her back.

Manifesting cuffs into existence, I bound her. I dragged the slut up to her knees and undid my pants. She was looking up me with big, gleaming eyes - tearing over, and pleading. We both have power. Power lets us do good or do evil. Supergirl must have been surprised because she gagged as I thrust into her throat. Her plump lips felt soft around my cock as I pumped in and out.

Supergirl Vol. 1: Last Daughter of Krypton (The New 52)

Her eyes were horrified, and tears leaked out of her baby blues, trailing mascara down her cheeks. I pulled her off my cock and she gasped for air, bending over. I grabbed Supergirl and pulled her to her feet before holding her against my chest. Her breasts were heaving as she struggled to catch her breath.

I warped us both back to my base. I held her sexy body in place in front of me. I had her mightily outmatched. The cameras were motion activated and had started streaming as soon as we entered. I manifested the motion-activated recording mechanism. I started by modifying her outfit. Switched her pajamas out for her classic uniform but slightly tailored to my preferences.

Her leggings came up to just above her knee and left a few inches of leg skin exposed below the skirt. I shortened the tunic so it exposed her slim stomach, and I switched the shorts under her skirt out for a g-string. I made these changes by manifesting the items I desired into reality from the ether. A leash manifested into reality at my design; formed from beautiful platinum links. Desperation entered her voice again and her eyes threatened to spill tears.

I ran my hand down one of her smooth ass cheeks and slapped it hard, reddening the skin. A cum hungry animal who degraded herself to get more dick. That was what I wanted and I knew how to achieve the effect. I witnessed and observed slavers across a thousand galaxies. I grabbed a sugar bowl full of cocaine from my cupboard, a bottle of vodka, and a baggie full of mollies. Supergirl began to cry harder as she saw the drugs. Supergirl clamped her lips together and stared defiance at me.

I plugged her nose and waited. She struggled against me, squirming in my lap, but that just made it better for me. My dick got harder and she surely felt it for she squirmed more vigorously. Eventually, she opened her mouth to gasp for breath and I forced the pills past her lips. Pouring vodka into her mouth helped the pills go down easier, and she choked, gasping. I turned the cameras back on. I spit in her face and she sobbed, tears breaking down her cheeks.

I grabbed her tits through her costume and thrust into her throat. Supergirl gagged, coughing, and I forced my dick deeper into her mouth. I parked my cock and she kicked, struggling against my intrusion. She kicked, but her hands were trapped behind her back and underneath her body.

Finally, I pulled out of her throat and she gasped, breathing heavily. I manifested a vibrator and held it against her clit. She began to squirm uncomfortably, legs seizing as I starved her of oxygen with my dick. I pulled out and let her breathe. She breathed heavily and I could see her pupils starting to dilate. Her pussy was so wet, just leaking wetness through her g-string. Let me go. So, I ask again. I reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. A soft moan escaped her, followed by a look of horror. She seemed ashamed of her own arousal.

I continued stimulating her clit with the vibrator, and she started to gasp, shuddering with pleasure. Her voice sounded very turned on, and combined with her flushed cheeks, she looked very horny. I smiled to myself imagining that on camera. Or should I call you miss Danvers? It was so absurd that this hero would have an alter ego. She tried to headbutt me but her movement was weak, disoriented.

I flipped her over my lap and smacked her ass. I yanked down her g-string and spread her cheeks with telekinesis. She started sobbing again. Her asshole accepted the tip of the vodka bottle and I began pouring liquid inside her. I poured about half the bottle inside her, more than enough to kill a normal person, and then I siphoned some cocaine up her ass with a funnel. Supergirl bucked as I pushed the plastic tip of the funnel into her ass but I managed to stuff her full of coke. Then I warped her into the bedroom, preparing to fuck the Maiden of Steel up her tight little ass.

Chapter 2 I pushed Supergirl towards the bed in the big room I manifested and watched with pleasure as she stumbled and fell. The alcohol and drugs were taking effect and she struggled to get up off her knees. I laughed at her and removed my clothes until I sat naked at the foot of the bed. Supergirl sprinted for the open door, but I slammed it shut with telekinesis and she pulled helplessly on the knob. Her kryptonite collar, crafted by my mind, had reduced this powerful superheroine into an easily abused sex toy.

Supergirl turned away from me and faced the corner of the room, her hand lingering on the doorknob. Her shoulders shook with silent tears. Even though she was crying, she didn't want me to see, and she was muffling the sound with one of her hands. My voice took on a mocking tone. She had a very beautiful smile and she wore it now, but her wide eyes were filling with tears. The drugs were making her giddy and euphoric but her shocked eyes betrayed utter despair at her situation. The slut was taking too long to follow my commands so I used my telekinesis to bring her leash into my fingers, and pulled.

Supergirl stumbled towards me and fell to her knees. I chuckled as she fought back up to a standing position, wobbling with uneven balance. Most women would just stay on the ground, letting themselves be dragged, but not Supergirl. This resilient whore wanted to face me on her feet, even as the drugs took hold. As soon as she was standing, I yanked the leash again, and she fell to her knees between my legs. I ran my fingers through her long, soft strands of hair and she moaned, tilting her head to meet my embrace. The drugs were certainly taking effect.

I ran my hand up the back of her head and took a firm grip on her hair.

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I threw the bitch up onto the bed, face down, and then climbed up behind her. Supergirl moaned and her eyelids fluttered. I climbed across the bed and straddled her head, my knees resting beside her shoulders. She thrust her hands down to run her fingers over her sensitive skin. As she gasped with MDMA-induced pleasured, I plunged my cock down her throat, pinning her head to the mattress. The words came out mumbled and I pushed my cock deeper into her pretty face. My rod slipped down her throat up to the hilt. She swung fists at my thighs, but I used Telekinesis to deflect her pitiful attempts at escape.

I pulled my cock out of her wet mouth and a line of saliva strung between her lips and the S on her chest. Supergirl gasped, but her legs were quivering with pleasure. She was so high that even being forcibly fucked in the face was turning her on. I stepped off of her and stood beside the bed, looking down at my conquest. The bitch was gorgeous even with makeup, cum, and saliva painted across her angelic features.


I grabbed her by the hair and forced her up, then pushed her back down on the bed, ass-up. I took my fingers and brushed the back of her leg before I patted her pert behind. She was sprawled face-down ass-up and moaning with just the slightest provocation of my touch. A stream of liquid poured out of her pussy, and her g-string was completely soaked. I spread her cheeks and looked down at her tight back entrance.

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Her brown eye looked tight enough to cut diamonds, and I spit into the little crevice. Supergirl slumped to one side and slipped out of my hands. She collapsed sideways on the bed, her eyelids fluttering shut, and mumbled under her breath. I gave her too much alcohol, always a risk, but I had just the solution. I turned off the camera feed momentarily. I held her in an ass-up pose using telekinesis. Reaching around her, I grabbed the leash hanging from the kryptonite collar at her neck, holding tight on her reins, waiting for when she started to buck. Manifesting the sugar bowl from the other room into one of my hands, I placed the supplies on the bed at my side.

The sheets under her hips were wet with her juices. It was important to me that Supergirl be awake and conscious for her debasement. I pushed my dick between her cheeks and pressed against her asshole. Supergirl began to whimper at the intrusion and my dick pulsed at her pleading moans.

The head of my cock forced her ass open and I poised on the precipice; holding back. Fucking Supergirl in the ass could be a great training moment. I needed to give her a reward. I opened the sugar bowl and brought out a spoon filled with cocaine. A big coke spoon, not a dainty little one, the kind of livewire dose that would get a real addict excited. Wrapping her hair in my other hand, I pulled her head up and held the spoon under her nostrils.

Supergirl gasped as I plunged my dick into her asshole, and the cocaine shot up her nose. She screamed and came to life as if hit with a shot of adrenaline. I held her hair tight in my hand as I rode her ass with my dick, hammering in and out of her tightest hole with wild abandon. The fingers of her bound hands reached in vain to finger her pussy. The bitch was really enjoying being fucked in the bum.

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I disappeared the cuffs with my telekinesis and Supergirl reached between her legs, desperately fingering herself. I imagined how she looked to the world, wild with ecstasy and desperately fingering herself as she got fucked in the ass. I used my hold on her hair to pull her head up so I could feel the back of her uniform pressed against my chest. Her body felt so small against me, it was hard to believe she used to be honored and looked up to as a hero.

My lips pressed against her soft, pale neck and she shuddered with pleasure, moaning with an intense orgasm that made her whole body shake. I grabbed one of her shoulders and spun her face up. She blinked up at me with her big, blue eyes and I saw a strange mixture of horror and euphoria.

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Supergirl gasped, and her hands raked my back, unable to contain herself from the pleasure. Not loud enough for the microphones to pick up. She started to quiver beneath me again, her entire body shaking, and I saw an opportunity. I stopped fucking her. Supergirl moaned and tried to reach down and finish herself off, but I caught her hands and pinned them above her head. She wriggled beneath me, now desperate for release, and her eyes were wild with passion. I forced her legs apart with my knees and spat in her face. I brushed the tip of my dick against her pussy lips and she shuddered before thrusting up and trying to fuck herself.

She looked so irredeemably slutty with a glob of spit under one eye and insane longing in her eyes. Her eyes tightened, concerned, but then her lips parted and I saw her breasts jiggling with each bothered breath. Finally, she surrendered to a very physical change. Her body went limp and her eyes grew big, trembling. I leaned down and licked her cheek from chin to hairline.

She moaned and pushed against my tongue, desperate for my touch already. What a whore. I held my dick taut and ready at the entrance of her pussy, ready to slam inside. I slammed hilt-deep into the slut and she moaned loud, cumming instantly. Her body twitched beneath me, and her pussy pulsated around my dick. I felt my own release coming so I pulled out of her and straddled her chest.

Her legs were twitching, and her hands clenched convulsively. The beautiful slut opened her mouth and caught drops of my jizz on her tongue, desperate to engage her lust. A big slop of cum clung to one of her fine eyebrows. I stopped the videos from streaming with my telekinesis.

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I wanted to take advantage of her and deepen her degradation while she was in the slutty M state. Chapter 3 I warped Supergirl across my base and into the bathroom to give the filthy whore a shower. I disappeared her dirty outfit, stained with spit, white powder, and her own pussy juice, and held her underneath the nozzle. The warm stream cleansed her body and she moaned with the sensation. Mollies really turned Supergirl into the perfect fuck toy. After scrubbing my fucktoy with soap, cleaning all of the stickiness off her body, and drying her off with telekinesis, I sat the naked blonde on my lap.

I sat on the toilet with the lid down.

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She snuggled against me, fucked up beyond thought, and I decided to delve her a little deeper to learn more about her. In her mind, I found a girl who grew up without a real family, except for a distant cousin. The young woman felt an extraordinary amount of pressure. She felt the need to be the ideal version of a girl. Every Sunday Supergirl sat with her adopted sister around the kitchen table and they shared tea and coffee while reading fan mail. Hundreds of letters, too many to read, from girls and adoring mothers. Women loved Supergirl, and Supergirl loved being a model for them, but she felt so much pressure to be perfect.

To be an ideal. Not everyone loved Supergirl, of course. Lex Luther, the man who told me about kryptonite, drew angry memories from her mind.

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The Supergirl is a Fantasy Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for. The Adventures of Supergirl Episode 5 Supergirl's Undercover Assignment Email : [email protected] Chapter 1 Assignment Metropolis.

She hated the super genius and considered him a truly repugnant human being. It would be fun to whore Supergirl out to Lex. Let him do what he wants to her for a few hours, get it all on film, and broadcast the results to the world. Supergirl leaned up and pressed her plump lips to mine, her finger working between her legs to pleasure herself further, a slave to the sensations. Supergirl went still, and she looked up at me. Her eyes were cloudy but the drugs were starting to wear off.

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Collecting my thoughts, I could feel a strange clarity in my mind that hadn't been there before. Yes ma'am they replied and quickly stripped and did as she had said one of the men slid beneath her as the boss continued to fuck her putting his hardened dick up her now well lubricated anus. Far above, heavy clouds prepared to start raining. She moved with frightening speed and punched with terrifying power. And, well, super-hero. Supergirl squealed as Daveo fisted her, stretching her pussy until it was loose and sloppy, and the men cheered.

Despite her growing sobriety, she was still exceptionally fucked up. Her fingers trailed my lips, and she looked at me with longing and confusion. Supergirl moaned, her tits pressing against my chest as she twisted to straddle me. I could feel my dick getting hard again. Do you like your Master? The romance between Supergirl and Mistress X continues. And finally, a review of Gabriel Argonne's Summoning the Succubus.

Snow authorscorner bisexual eroticromance goodreads: Across Worlds: Collision. A pretty human all alone , a hungry vampire catches its prey Mistress Syllable , haiku. Sheridan Le Fanu classic. Addicted to Dissonance. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It was rude and stupid of me to have even considered such a thing.

You are right. I do have fears about such things. It is sickening the way they play up every sordid detail they can think of when it comes to superheroines. Goodness knows there have been more than enough filthy rumours connecting me to Batgirl and even to Superman. And calmly this time.

Give me your reasons. You know of him? We have evidence that he is behind the largest Ponzi scheme in US history. And what about federal regulators? So much cash that he is having trouble laundering it. That is where you come in. We need to get someone on the inside of his organization.

Deep inside. Surely the FBI must have someone. They were all able to get a certain distance into the organization and then they disappeared. Cronfeld is absolutely paranoid about security. Anyone who is hired for any of his businesses at any level is given a thorough screening. No one with super powers would have the faintest chance of getting in. Why me and not her? E discovered, during its kryptonite research, and that was a way of immediately restoring your powers in an emergency.

One pill makes you taller and the other makes you small. They waited while he poured and left before continuing. As the door closed Wayne took a small vial from his jacket. He handed it to Kara. The superheroine looked at it, butterflies fluttering in her stomach. It should take effect almost immediately. She had lost her powers on more occasions than she cared to think about.

And it had always been a devastating and demoralizing experience. The only parallel that occurred to her to explain it to a person who had no special abilities was that it was like having a limb amputated or one of the senses like sight taken away. It almost made her ill just to think about it. Inside an innocent blue-green liquid gleamed glowed. Lowering it she unscrewed the lid and held it to her lips. And then she took a deep breath and drank.

It is a little different in that Supergirl essentially traps herself. Load All Images. Prev Next. Add a Comment:.

More from Lespion Sooner or later DA is going to start pulling it apart so I might as well move it now. Let me know if you want a link to it. View Gallery. Featured in Collections super by eckman Some unusual sounds break into my ear, apparently urging me to wake up. And whatever it is, it's touching me too. I slowly open my sleepy eyes. When the blur lifts, I see my girlfriend.