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About authors This version contains around new subject categories and new qualifiers of which around 85 are national extensions , plus numerous minor improvements to the wording of headings and notes, but it retains full backward compatibility with version 1. Upon initial release of 1. Most translations have now been brought fully up to date with the new categories.

Not all resources are available yet, but updated translations, mappings and other material will be made available here as they are completed or updated from 1.

Assessment and Recommendations

Mary Jane Curry. Previous Next. Other lessons learned will inform efforts as OCLC plans to reintroduce the program in By ensuring that MARC records exist for their titles, publishers can help libraries catalog titles quickly and accurately; this is particularly germane for publishers that sell e-books or electronic subscriptions directly to libraries. The Bestseller Code. In the ideal system, metadata is never altered between leaving the publisher and reaching the retailers, represented by the clean lines above, while information is shared both ways between partners.

Thema v1. Previous versions of Thema.

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The Thema project was launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair in , and a pilot draft of Thema version 0. Early development was guided by a Thema board and a technical group, and drew upon earlier work with an internationalised version of the BIC subject scheme.

Thema goes further than earlier subject schemes intended for commercial use to ensure that it is internationally relevant, by combining a robust selection of shared subject categories with an expansive list of post-coordinated subject qualifiers which can include national variants and extensions. It is available in a number of languages.

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Thema provides a structure that has global application while meeting local needs. An initial spreadsheet of the subject catgories and qualifiers in English , a set of basic user guidelines, a mapping from the BIC 2. Full translations of the scheme plus an extended multilingual version of the interactive picker including full translations in German, French, Norwegian and other resources followed.

Further translations became available during Version 1. This additions-only policy continues in place up to at least version 1. The number of available languages with complete or nearly complete translations reached 10 in mid, and a sizeable list of national extensions primarily geographical, but also covering national educational curricula was added in October It was again fully back-compatible with earlier releases and contained around additional subject categories and qualifiers, and around new national extensions.

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These additions increased the power and expressivity of the scheme. In , a further large tranche of new Educational and Geographical qualifiers were added to the scheme, to improve the precision of the qualifiers when used for textbooks, travel guides and so on.

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Every industry player engaged in the production and use of metadata basically wants the same thing — for readers to discover, read, and love books. Of course, this also translates into sales and a viable future for authors, publishers, and their downstream partners.

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All of the players have a vested interest in good metadata and the smooth flow of information between publishers and trading partners. But something happens when all this metadata is let loose in the world.

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Description. Success in book publishing continues to rely extensively on consistent preparation and use of product metadata. As digital products grow and . Through its Metadata Committee, BISG supplies the U.S. contribution to this important The Development, Use, and Modification of Book Product Metadata.

It must be used by each of the players in support of multiple consumer and business-to-business websites, services, and in behind-the-scenes commercial and analytic business operations. It is polished, enhanced, and manipulated by metadata professionals and by complex systems to make it work for the products and business needs of each supply chain partner.