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On the execution side, I owe it all to Vincent Rubino for being a part of this and even customizing his escape room with some ideas I dreamt up. After our first conversation, I knew I could entrust the details of this life-changing moment to him. And, my photographer Beking Joassaint of Beking Media for the beautiful footage.

To add some merit to my alibi, he was actually in town and we met up the night before, but Amy was working.

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A few hours prior, I had Neil send me a text apologizing that he got stuck with work colleagues. They did end up meeting a month later. After sharing the news with Amy, I played it very casual. I took a big risk with that last part, but fortunately she agreed and I think this helped aid in the surprise.

A:I had a number of ingredients I wanted to combine when I was dreaming up our proposal. She is incredibly smart and clever and always looking for clues. I also wanted to find an intimate venue that could host a 2-person escape, and after discussing my idea with Vince, I knew FITB was the perfect place. As the proposer, you have a relatively predictable and a bonus for Chicago, temperature-controlled environment, an opportunity to personalize your own details and control the timing of when you propose, and you also get to enjoy a really fun and intimate date before you even get to the proposing.

Working together to solve tough problems is a fun way to connect with your partner and admire their smarts and creativity. A: Our first date was at an escape room! This was before escape rooms were as prevalent as they are now, and I remember being impressed he came up with that as a first date, and how good he was with the clues!

That was one of the first things I was attracted to in Dan —his skill at deduction and putting complex problems together. Getting engaged at an escape room was something so inescapably haha! When Dan and I started dating, that was a big thing between us — we were always trying to surprise each other, which is difficult on both sides! We both fancy ourselves expert sleuthers! When we arrived at Fox In The Box, though, and we were the only ones there, I started to think that was a bit odd, but Dan had a good explanation for it that it was just a private booking.

A: It was funny because it was a bank vault, and at the end there was a giant jewel. Then the music suddenly changed, and I turned around and Dan was down on one knee with a jewel of his own! A: Nope, it was perfect.

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We got to spend the rest of the night celebrating downtown in the city where we first met, and then departed the next day to a engagement-moon of sorts about Europe! Now these two did their proposal at Fox in a Box - Chicago, who are equipped to handle proposals, but any adventure anywhere can bring the thrill of romance so get out there and have one this February.

Solving puzzles may not sound like the sexiest activity, however your adrenaline will increase when you do so under a time crunch; that adrenaline is strong enough to keep you going through the rest of the night. If it sounds like an interesting idea for a date, or to take the next step, rooms at Fox in a Box are reserved for one party of up to six guests. Send the letters as needed for a dose of romance. The set comes with nine cards and matching envelopes.

When boredom strikes, let him break out this gorgeous-smelling shower gel or bubble bath!

The formula, which comes in a 9. And the gentle lather is suitable for sensitive skin.


By the way, the body wash is made in New York State by handicapped adults at nonprofit workshops. So you can feel even more better all over. Booze and candy. Some folk consider booze to be a vice; and some folk you know, a lot of those healthy eaters think that candy is, too. In the set, there are three varieties, which pair dark chocolate and fine-quality liquor.

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Included are: single malt Scotch cordials, Cuba Libre gummies, and maple bourbon caramels. This neat box of romantic coupons is a fun and right-to-the-point way to put in an order for a bit of romance. Each of the 24 cards is printed on heavy cardstock. If what his world needs now is love, sweet love, this poster will tell him how much he is loved over and over again.

A romantic choice for any man who loves languages, geography, or, well, love itself. The poster, which is made in the United States, is printed with archival ink and measures 18 inches high by 24 inches wide. And there are no small parts, only small actors. This pro-sheep tee will tell your favorite overlooked shepherd—or muttonchops wearer, weaver, cheese maker, or Aries—just how much he means to you. The shirt is made from cotton not wool, shockingly , and it comes in three color choices: black, white, and heather grey.

Available in sizes XS to XL. Ships from the United Kingdom. Winter mornings can test the human spirit.

Get wrapped up in three fantastic romance novels every month.

ROMANCE STEP BY STEP BOOKLET. 10 page booklet that gives you step by step instructions on how to have the best romantic night ever. Fun and Romantic Game for Couples: Date Night Box Set with Conversation Starters, Flirty Games and Cool Dares - Choose from Talk, Flirt or Dare Cards. The Original Romance Box is designed specifically to facilitate a fun, flirty, and sensual evening together. Included are some classy items and activities to facilitate passion, ensure entertainment and infuse romance! Talk about a great gift for any husband, wife, boyfriend.

The darkness and the cold are forces to battle. Let him take on the challenge of the weather and the day ahead by outfitting him with these warm, cozy, tough slippers. Leather uppers with a cheery Buffalo plaid lining are warm and sturdy, and the rubbers soles allow for quick trips to the wood pile or the street to set the trash out.

The shoes are available in whole sizes only, from 8 to Narrow and medium-width half sizes should order the next size down; wide-width half sizes should order the next size up. Is your guy, shall we say, a little on the fussy side when it comes to condiments? The candle burns for over 50 hours with a wooden wick that crackles like a wood fire; the company recommends burning the candle for two hours at a time. Comes in a lidded metal tin. You love him, but you might not know everything about him. And the things that he hopes to do, too.

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The set comes with nine cards and matching envelopes. Please wait. Ships to Only certain countries. Here are some of the things Dan and Amy, a couple who proposed in a room escape had to say: To Dan the Proposer : Q: What was the significance behind proposing at an escape room? And, my photographer Beking Joassaint of Beking Media for the beautiful footage. Eventually they drift off to sleep with their laptops open only to wake up hours later, dazed and bleary-eyed, whereupon they tap their screens back to life and say a warm hello to their e-lover in another time zone.

His life story will become a record that you and your children and their children will hold on to forever. The page do-it-yourself tome comes with adhesive photo corners, so he can include visual memories, too. Yes, propose that you share and wear these best-friends pins over your hearts. Because the two of you go together like a burger and fries. Heck, have it your way! The fun duo is made of enamel and metal, with rubber clutch backings. Sleek good looks, a witty outlook, and all-American!

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Elevate the ordinary moments by stuffing his stocking with an inspiring ballpoint pen—or two or three. Pens available in blue, maroon, white, and black. It relieves your mental block, but then you can take the sentiment wherever you want it to go, be it thoughtful, racy, or somewhere in between.